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God Encounter

August 31, 2007

Here’s a post from my pastor giving some insight on what the Lord is doing.  This is the first post he’s done, so we would greatly appreciate your feedback.


To represent the good news of the Gospel as being fully expressed by God’s love for us, or even Jesus’ incredible sacrifice for us, is to fall short of Jesus’ full message and mission. There is a theme that contains these elements of truth, but goes on to explain the works of Power that Jesus demonstrated.

The powerful supernatural working of the Holy Spirit through Jesus was in the context of a war with Satan. Recently, I was telling a friend about what the Gospels reveal of Jesus’ worldview, and to my amazement, he told me that his church taught him that there was no personification of evil! No wonder the church is becoming irrelevant today. Jesus’ message and everything he did was designed to reveal the kingdom of God in the context of freeing people and creation from the dominion of the evil kingdom. Each time we see Jesus heal someone of disease or free someone from an evil spirit we see the Kingdom of God defeating Satan’s kingdom of evil. Jesus’ miracles of healing and deliverance, and his power over nature and death demonstrate his passionate love for us and his provision for us to walk in the same things that he did–and even greater. The same Jesus who healed the blind man and delivered Mary Magdalene of seven demons also walked on water, stilled violent storms, and raised at least three people from the dead! What could be greater than these things?

Are these dramatic examples of “God showing off?” Is Jesus merely flexing his divine muscles? No! Jesus was not just performing these things just for shock appeal. These startling miracles are an invitation for you to go deeper in your own God encounters. If your faith is not founded on your experience of God destroying the works of satan in your life, then you are a candidate for the most amazing and wonderful upgrade that you can imagine, and even more than you can imagine. God is looking for people who are ready to say to him, “you are everything I want, I renounce the world, the flesh, and the devil.” Living in radical love and commitment to Jesus will automatically propel you into his mission to reclaim and restore the earth and its inhabitants to wholeness and destroy the perverse works of Satan. That means that the anointing is not for your enjoyment, but it is given to you for the sake of others! As Bill Johnson says, “you owe the world a God encounter!”

Pastor Randal

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  1. BWA permalink
    August 31, 2007 11:32 am

    The goal is to be changed by the Lord whether we encounter Him through the word for he is the Truth and the Living Word or a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. The religious spirit will always take the Word and reduce Him to a theological system and try and lead us into a rigid phariseeical mindset where we are not changed.
    The religious spirit will also take the work of the Holy Spirit and reduce it to a “power or a force” thus removing us from the chance of being changed by encountering a personal and living God. I believe this is substantiated by the scripture that speaks of a people that performed miracles and healings and were turned away by the Lord because the Lord said that he did not know them. The experiences and manifestations are of God but the person experiencing these things is not changed. This is the other side of the fence. The Lord wants to change us in order that we are a reflection of him to a world that does not know him. The religious spirit will always try to obscure the true nature of God to both the believer as well as the lost. The religious spirit knows that humanity is susceptible to the temptation to seek after power be it the power of knowledge or the power of the supernatural for power feeds the old nature. The goal of Christianity is to seek to personally know the Living God through both the Word and the Spirit for in doing so we are changed to be like Him. This is my goal.
    I like this blog site, thanks.

  2. rahabsplace permalink*
    September 1, 2007 11:22 am

    BWA, you are exactly right. Glad you are enjoying the site.

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