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The Reward of Serving Him

September 1, 2007

Here is another post from my pastor.


The average person who lived in Jesus’ lifetime understood that the earth and its people are captives of Satan and in need of being freed from that bondage. People of our time, however, need to be reminded of how God’s creation fell under Satan’s domination, and to see how Jesus’ mission on earth fulfilled God’s plan to win back the earth. Adam and Eve were the very apex of all God’s perfect creations (Gen. 1:26). Only Adam and Eve had the capacity for a relationship with God, and part of God’s plan for them was to give them dominion over all the plants, fish, birds, and animals (Gen. 1:28). The teaching of the first chapters of Genesis is this: through disobedience and sin, Adam and Eve lost for all of us our original innocent relationship with God. They also lost for all of us dominion and authority over the earth (Gen. 3:17).

What had been created as a place that was only to benefit and bless people, now became a hostile environment, subject to calamities, famines, parasites, violent storms, and all of the other things that we now view as “natural” disasters. Mankind became victim to Satan’s whims and death loomed as the ultimate victory of darkness. Satan had tricked man out of this place of dominion and had established his own evil influences and purposes on earth. Man is now prey for all forms of evil– including sickness, hunger, natural calamities, demonic attacks and death.

This is why God initiated a plan to reclaim his beloved creation and place the original stewards back into authority over it. In 1 Cor. 15:20-24 we see Jesus as the Second Adam who came to live a sinless life, die on the cross and rise again from the dead. In this way he fulfilled all righteousness as the perfect atonement for what Adam and Eve had done, and for all of the sin that we have fallen into since then. Jesus destroyed Satan’s power and earthly dominion and took it from him. Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the Devil and has now called us to walk in that same calling. He has given us the authority to partner with him in this mission: confront and destroy the works of the Devil everywhere we see them.

Satan and his allies, the demons, stubbornly hang on to the earth to work whatever evil they can upon mankind who are objects of Gods love. Jesus has won absolute power over the works of Satan, but the moment that he calls in the chips and the dominion of the evil kingdom comes to an end, all of the people who are still lost in its influence will be lost. So lets go for it in the name of Jesus and win for the lamb the reward that he gave his life for: all people everywhere in a fresh innocent relationship with God, walking in the authority, wonder, and power that he has given to all of us who love and serve him!

Pastor Randal

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