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Love War

September 6, 2007

I was at the Growing in the Supernatural Conference that Extreme Prophetic hosted back in May and heard Patricia King preach a message on declaring a Love War. This message has tremendously challenged me and forced me to re-think a number of attitudes that I have held.

I was a part of an abusive ministry for a number of years and still carry scars because of it.  The Lord has been faithful to bring healing into my life, but there are still areas I struggle with.  One of the big ones has been a driving need to protect other people from the abuse that I and others have endured from this ministry.  Make no mistake, this group is listed on every cult/abusive ministry site there is.  I have engaged for a number of years in helping others who have been abused by this ministry recover from the experience.

I will be the first to admit that my attitude toward the leadership of this organization has been far, far, far from loving.  I will freely confess that there were points that I felt if I came across members of this leadership, I would cheerfully run over them with my car and back up to make sure that I didn’t miss.  I tried to hide that one behind righteous indignation.  The Holy Spirit didn’t bite on that.  He has consistently dealt with me about my hatred and has refused to let me call it anything else.

God is love and that makes love the most powerful force in the universe.  Everything the Father does is motivated by love, because that is what He is.  In order to be like the Father, I must be motivated by love.  I must love as He loves.  That is part of being holy as He is holy.  That can only happen when I yeild my life completely to the Holy Spirit and die to myself.

One of the things that Patricia King shared in this message was about the destruction of the two temples.  She was in Israel and saw a presentation on this.  The first temple was destroyed because of idolatry and sexual sin.  The second temple was destroyed by hatred.  The Jews had divided into factions, and the factions had allowed themselve to come to the place where they hated each other over their theological differences.  They were too busy fighting among themselves to be able to band together and fight the enemy on the outside, who eventually destroyed them.  There is a serious message in this for the church.

A number of years ago, I read Rick Joyner’s The Final Quest.  One of the things that struck me from that vision is what happened when they picked up the enemy’s weapons and tried to use them against the enemy.  It only strengthened the enemy. 

We need to look at not only what we are doing, but why are we doing it.  This has been my whole point about the doctrine police.  The weapons of our warfare are not supposed to be carnal, because to be carnally minded is death.  The weapons of accusation belong to Satan.  He IS the accuser of the brethren and we, as Children of the Light, should not model our conduct on his.

Jesus waged a Love War.  Scripture states that He made intercession with tears.  Who was He crying out to God for?  For the people who loved Him and followed Him?  Why would He need to weep for them?  No, He interceeded for those who opposed Him.  He longed to gather them up as a hen gathers her chicks, but they would not.  His heart was to redeem them, not destroy them.  I firmly believe if He had asked the Father to swallow them whole, the ground would have opened up before them.  But that was never Jesus’ heart toward those who ultimately killed Him.

We have to decide whether or not we are going to be true followers of Jesus and model our lives on His, or whether we are going to be agents of destruction.  I decided in my own life that it was more important for me to attempt to demonstrate the heart of Jesus than to be “right” in my own sight.  Loving those who have hurt you is not always easy, but the only alternative is becoming an agent of darkness and that is not something I am prepared to continue being.

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