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Kingdom Culture – Change Your Mind

September 23, 2007

Nothing is impossible for God and nothing is impossible with God on your side, but you can easily miss living in that reality. To start with, you need to get the issue of God’s goodness and mood settled: God is in a good mood. He is ready and willing to work all of the wonders that you read about in the scripture through your hands. The question is, are you ready for Him to do so?”Repent for the kingdom of God is near” could easily have been rendered Change your mind about the way you think thatGod encounters the World because He is closer than you think! Jesus illustrated the way that God desires to encounter the world through the supernatural every day of His ministry. You don’t experience these things happening because you have not had your internal reality adjusted to make room for them.Your internal reality defines and creates what is around you in the sense that it is the filter that interprets all that is possible, or likely, or happens frequently. Your interpretation of sensory data springs from your worldview or paradigm. That is the part of your mind that has to be changed (Greek word metanuao-translated: repent; literal meaning: change your mind).Secular thinking rules out the possibility of God’s intervention in any given situation, although God is still real, still intervening, it never enters that paradigm. No wonder the natural man cannot receive anything from God, he has ruled out the possibility from the beginning. That is why we need training to invade the supernatural–without training about the existence of and the ways of the supernatural there can be no encounter of it with us or from us.Eph 3.20 is one of the places that we can begin to learn about the way of the supernatural: “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” Notice that the starting place for this verse is “more than we ask or think.” How do you get what is more than we know to pray for and more than you can reason out by study?Encountering God concerning a subject makes what think we know real. I say “think we know” because experience renews of your mind. Consider the experience of salvation. You may have studied it before coming to Jesus and giving Him your lifes, but when you actually meet Him, there is experience added to what you thought you knew.Once you actually receive Jesus, there is a new high water mark for both your understanding of scriptures about salvation, and the reality of experience with Jesus. The same is true of all of the scripture, before you actually walk in any particular promise of spirituality, you have only theories.Once you invade the supernatural, however, your encounter with God takes you above all of your previous prayers and theories and into the power of the supernatural. That is what the scripture above is talking about: encountering Jesus involves you in thinking and doing abundantly above all that you ever asked or thought according to the power that works in you.If there is no power of God working in your life, there is no renewed mind, no invasion of the supernatural, and no real relationship with Jesus. If you find yourself there, just ask Him to help you to receive Him the way He is, rather than the way that you have theorized He must be.Pastor Randal

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