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Kingdom Culture – The Culture of Heaven

September 25, 2007

Culture is the thing that prepares you for what you are going to get. If you adopt the culture of heaven, it prepares you for the things of heaven. In other words God will fill that culture with the power of his Holy Spirit and visit it with angelic spirits and pour Himself out in it. The opposite is also true, if you adopt the culture of this world, which is heavily influenced by the lord of this world, whom Jesus said is, the devil. Then you are going to be the benefactor of all the things that that culture prepares you for. These things have to do with the power of the spirit of the air, that is the devil.

So if you have bad attitudes, they make way for you to be filled with bad things. They are a welcome mat that you put out in front of your life that says, “welcome, spirits of the air, come on in and play.” But heaven’s culture puts out the welcome mat that says, “welcome, Holy Spirit, welcome Lord Jesus, come on in and teach me to play with you.” And that is the one that we want.

The Apostle Paul touched on this when he said, “Be angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil (Eph 4:26-7).” Did you know that you invite the Devil to have a foothold in your life when you stay angry past sunset? That is what the Bible teaches, but it is not the only thing that gives that invitation: stealing, corrupt communication, grieving the holy Spirit, bitterness, wrath, clamor and evil speaking all run out the red carpet for the evil one.

Psychology tries to explain what happens to a person as a “mental state” that makes them curse, blasphem, and try to harm themselves. These well meaning doctors give such phenomenon “syndrome” names to classify the behavior, but they have no hint as to what cause them or how to effectively treat them. The problem is that by doing this they are sanitizing and excusing what the Lord does not. The Bible has a name for such behavior, and the answer to troubles like this is Jesus. He is still in the business of setting the victims of satan free.

It is really pretty simple. If it is from God it is good, and has good fruit. If is from the devil it is bad and has bad fruit. God…good, the devil…bad. Simple, isn’t it! So if you have graduated from bad cultural influence and your fruit is bad and getting worse, change your mind about the way you live, admit you made a mistake that has had bad consequences and start living for Jesus! When you seek Him and His ways, He will set you free from the holds that the devil has, and fill you with the real power of His holy Spirit, and your life will never be the same! That is His promise. The rabbit hole is much deeper… which pill will you choose the blue or the red?

Pastor Randal

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