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Kingdom Culture – A Culture of Faith

October 12, 2007

I remember the time that a lady called asking me to come and pray for her daughter who was on her death bed. I went to the hospital and layed hands on her and God healed her! That was in Tennessee when I was pastoring there. And I remember the time that God made my jeep run with a crankshaft broken in three places and then provided all money I needed to replace the motor–that was in Arizona. Or the time that God multiplied the cash that I was carrying on a trip–that was in Oklahoma a long time ago. And I remember the time that God sent Angels to minister encouragement to me and give me a crown…that was Wednesday at our prayer meeting.

Living by faith is more than a history that is growing old and dusty. It is an ongoing experience of encounters with God. That is why we take time for testimonies, and showing the prophetic art that is drawn here during worship. I want us all to live in the excitement and the dread of running with champions. Don’t you both love and hate hearing what God is doing with others? It should challenge you to the very bone because God is no respecter of persons, what he has done for someone else; he will do for you if you are chasing Him like they do.

There is a difference between living in a culture of faith and having some experiences with God in the past. Culture is descriptive of what the atmosphere you live in is like. Do you live in the place of having encountered God in the past but not really so much recently? God encounter is available today; you just have to know where to look.

Jesus is the bread of life, but did you know your bread can get stale? Just like manna, the bread of life is not supposed to be eaten when it gets old. Manna did not last more than a day! So what does fresh bread look like? It looks like the miraculous, the impossible invading your life–daily. When your testimonies come from months and even years ago, your bread is getting stale.

God wants us to keep going deeper with Him, from faith to faith, and from glory to glory, but the church in some places has taught that all Jesus wants from us is to make a decision for him. That is good, but it is not all that God wants. Can you imagine having a grand marriage, but no relationship afterward? You have the memories of the amazing event, but you have no amazing life with your lover. That would not be a marriage relationship, it would be just play-acting! Jesus is coming back for a glorious bride.

Look at the story of the feeding of the five thousand in Jn 6. Jesus is teaching his disciples what it is like to walk with him expecting fresh bread. His plan us not like the world’s. God is not asking for a plan based on an inventory of what we have in the bank, or our assets. He wants us to risk it all on what He has told us He has. Why was it that the people in this story had fish and chips that day? Because that is what a little boy brought for lunch! God wants us to offer him what we have even if it is not sufficient to address the need. There is No way that that boy’s lunch could feed everyone without God’s touch, but only the boy would have eaten if he had not offered it. He risked not eating the lunch he brought and was rewarded with fresh bread–the impossible–everyone ate as much as they wanted.

What God has called us to do is bigger than the resources that we have. That is His way of inviting us to live a life of faith. We have to invest what we have and trust him to multiply it–that is the way of the life of faith. We do our part by asking for heaven on earth, the impossible, and He does his part by bringing it.

Pastor Randal

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