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Xtreme Encounters

March 28, 2008

I have spent the last couple of months fighting with the Lord about what His call on my life is. I am a happy little evangelist with no desire to lead much of anything. I enjoy witnessing to people about the goodness of the Lord and His amazing, overwhelming love for them.

A couple of months ago, events in my life took an unexpected turn. I parted ways with the ministry I had been a part of for three years. There were a number of people who departed at the same time for various reasons. About the same time, I began to encounter people who had been disconnected from the church for various reasons. Some had been stolen from by brothers and sisters, some were needy individuals whom the church didn’t want, and some were people who, for whatever reason, fell through the cracks. Some of these people asked me to teach them what I know (that alone should tell you the desperation level of these folks), so I started a home group going through Patricia King’s Glory School.

When, O when, will I learn?

My little home group turned into two. The group that meets on Sunday afternoon has been amazing. We have new people show up every week (and they keep coming). I am doing CD worship because none of us have any musical talent. Last week I had to pry people off the floor at the end because the presence of the Lord was so strong.

They don’t want to leave when the teaching is over because of the peace and Presence. Last Sunday the meeting lasted 9 hours.

That’s right. NINE hours.

We were still praying for people at 11 pm after starting at 2 pm. My host is tickled because after we all leave, he gets to sleep in that atmosphere.

Now I have people running around calling me Pastor. They are giving money to the ministry. We are seriously having to consider finding a place to meet because we are running out of room in everyone’s home.

This is not what I signed up for.

I think anyone who wants to pastor should probably have their heads examined because at the very least they have a masochist complex. One of my former pastors told me that pastoring was laying your head on a chopping block, and handing someone you don’t trust an axe.

So I had a meeting with some of the people in this that I trust and we prayed about where this is leading. The name we came up with was Xtreme Encounters. God is encountering us and we are being changed by the experience. We don’t want to have a God encounter, we want to encounter Him continually, every day, in everything we do. We want those encounters to be extreme and life changing. And we want to share our experience with everyone we encounter, so that they will be changed by Him, too.

Axe anyone?

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  1. Sandra Martin permalink
    April 21, 2008 2:37 pm

    I found your website today when searching for info on the Florida Outpouring. You are doing an awesome job. I would love to hear more about the glories and challenges of hosting a home fellowship.

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