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Great Florida Outpouring: Prophetic Word Given to Todd Bentley

April 17, 2008

This is the word Todd was given in Australia concerning Lakeland, FL

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  1. Andrew Hooke permalink
    April 30, 2008 10:46 pm

    Isn’t God good!

  2. May 5, 2008 2:15 am

    Greetings to Rahab’s place, in this thread I linked you to my blog where a contributor did a post on Todd Bentley. I saw that you wrote a good amount to us concerning your views on Bentley, and how you feel about the Lakeland Revival. A few people have responded to you on our blog, and I would like to give you my response here, but feel free to continue a discussion at my blog also. I would like to go through your statements so nothing is missed, because it’s easy to see that we are on 2 totally different sides of the issue. Please don’t take this as attacks or anything, I mean no ill-will to you at all, I honestly feel like much of the teachings of Todd Bentley and others like him are dangerous, and I could even go far enough to call much of his teachings heresy, and be able to prove it biblically. So all that I ask is that you don’t take what I say to be an attack, or being done out of anger.

    I only responded to the lines that I thought were most relevant to the discussion.

    You said:

    “One of the people I met there is, I believe, one of Todd’s interns. I have been following her via the webcasts, as I have been watching since the second week. She has personally led about 1,000 people to Jesus in the past month. There was another group who were telling that they had led 220 people to the Lord in a single day. I believe them because I went out talking to people when I was there and there is an openness to the Gospel that I have not seen in other places.”

    My response:
    This is a part that I’m not sure if I’m behind it or not. Here is why, I am very happy when the gospel is spoken to people, and I really like people being converted. With that said, we have to bring into account many things. What is the gospel? We have to take that into account because it is obvious to see that there are many “gospels” in America, but only 1 Gospel in the Bible. So when I see revivals like the one in Lakeland, primarily based on supernatural occurances, i.e. healing, overwhelming laughter, travailing, uncontrollable body movements, tongues, prophetic words of knowledge, etc… It leaves me to wonder what Gospel is being spread there. Naturally, you feel that it is all God there, that God is moving on people, proving His power and existence to the people, showing His love. Honestly, what I see is people being worked up into a frenzy, and showing possible demonic behaviors, for example, extreme shaking, people being ‘slain’ in the Spirit, and frantic laughter. None of those things can be supported by the Bible, and especially not in what the Bible mentions about the Spiritual gifts. This is something that I can very easily show you 1st Corinthians 14:26-33 which mentions that God is not a God of confusion, and also speaks of orderliness. So I believe that is good grounds to have concern about Bentley’s ministry. This is something easily correctable, but my experience (so far) is that if I were to bring that up at a revival of this sort, I would be told to open my mind some more, or I would just get people angry at me because people are getting emotional, in a die hard way, about God. What could be wrong with that? People having experiences, and being told that Jesus is doing it to them, and they in turn believe that they are following Jesus. Are they? I can’t judge their hearts, I hope and pray that real conversions happen, whether they be in a bar, or in a non-biblical church function. Also, from what I have listened to from Bentley, I haven’t heard the Gospel. God healing people, making them have euphoric feelings, making them speak in tongues is not the Gospel. The Gospel is Jesus Christ, and Him crucified to atone for the sins of the wicked i.e. you, me, and everyone else who comes to Him. I can’t find anywhere in the Bible that says the Gospel is accompanied by frantic and weird behaviors. So if you could enlighten me on these things, and maybe point out things that I’m just totally missing the boat on, I would appreciate it greatly.

    You said:
    Branham had an amazing gift that was from God. It is documented. He was not a theologian and adopted beliefs that were not orthodox. God gave him time to repent of his errors, and when he did not, he took him home. Gordon Lindsay related talking to Branham about the fact that he was not qualified as a teacher, and Kenneth Hagin received a word shortly before Branham was killed that if he did not repent, God was going to take him home.

    My response:
    There are miracles done by demon possessed people in the Bible, and there are false prophets mentioned in the Bible as having supernatural powers to deceive people. Does that mean they have an amazing gift from God too? Unorthodox beliefs about God indicates to me in a great way that the man probably did not know God, and did not teach rightly about God, therefore making any miracles he allegedly performed… not from God. We can’t just lightly brush over the sort of false teachings Branham had because of some miracles. What about Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, apparently he did some supernatural stuff, so he had time to repent before his death, and since he didn’t, he was just taken home? That excuse can’t be applied anywhere, or else everyone claiming Christ can believe whatever they want, whether it be blasphemous about God or not (which Branham was blasphemous in that area). You don’t have to be a theologian or a teacher to be a believer, but knowing God is mor than saying you believe in God. You must know who He is. If you read in 1st John, before fellowship is mentioned, the person of God, and the identity of Christ is mentioned. That’s a big deal. On a side note, Kenneth Hagin is another issue altogether.

    You said:
    You can honor what God does through a man without agreeing with everything that man teaches. Martin Luther is the reason we are all not Roman Catholic, yet he he hated Jews and had some beliefs that many protestants disagree with. Yet we honor him for what he got right.

    My response:
    There are many things that Christians can disagree on, but there are some things that, if disagreed upon, fellowship cannot happen. One of those things is the Doctrine of the Trinity. The person of God cannot be disagreed upon, and no fellowship can happen if those views aren’t orthodox. Branham was deceived, and openly said that God told him that the Trinity is a doctrine from hell. To apply that more, many charismatic preachers like Bentley promote Branham to the hilt. Heidi Baker’s husband said Branham was the most anointed person to live since Jesus. That makes me want to urge strong biblical warnings to those who promote those teachers. Especially if they are aware of Branham’s blasphemous falsehood.

    You said:
    I met a girl who had been healed in the meetings of Fibromyalgia. We (the church plant I lead) prayed for a woman who was healed of deafness and another young man who was partially deaf who was healed. I have seen genuine healings in this outpouring. I have seen genuinely changed lives.

    My response:
    I’m all about some healing, but from the ones doing the healing, as I’ve shown in earlier responses. Not all that glitters is gold. I’ve seen healings, and have been healed before. I’m not against that, but if it comes from the hands of people teaching far out weird things about Jesus, I’d just take it as the devil working a little extra hard to make us think we know Jesus, when in fact we’re being lied to about Him.

    You said:
    By the way, Jesus never said that all men would know you are my disciples by your doctrine. He said that all men would know you are my disciples by your love.

    My response:
    But you must see that Jesus’s doctrine was that His disciples will be known by their love for one another. All that doctrine means is teaching. We can’t simply ditch doctrine, or be slack about it in the name of “love”. True love telling the truth. If some guy comes up to me, tells me that he is a prophet, and then denies that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not one, what would be the Christian thing to do? Let him go on deceived and deceiving others? No, love him, and try to show him and explain to him the importance of the Identity of God. Fellowship does revolve around love, and doctrine. Or else the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” teachings wouldn’t exist.

    Again, please consider my words, because these are all said to you with a warm and concerned heart. God bless you as you read God’s word, and share the Gospel of God’s work of reconciling sinners to Himself.

    in Christ,
    Devin Murphy of The Grey Coats

  3. tommy council permalink
    June 17, 2008 10:48 am

    i see on your blog that you say laughter is not recorded in the fruit of the spirit.when i read my bible joy is a fruit of the spirit and laughter is a fruit of say that being slain in the spirit is not in the revelation did john say that he was as a dead men,in danial when the angle of the lord appears to him he fall down as a dead man.these are just a few examples from the word of God that backs up some of what is going on in the outpouring of his spirit in florida.and as the message of the cross being preached as long as they are lifting up the cross of christ then all men will be drown to unless you have gone door to door with them do not judge them.


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