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Paul Cain in Lakeland

May 12, 2008

There has been all sorts of trash-talk about the fact that Paul Cain was on the platform at Lakeland. Rick Joyner has posted a piece about it on his site as part of as special bulletin on the revival. Here is a big quote from that bulletin, containing the entire section on Paul Cain.

What about Paul Cain?
When Paul Cain appeared on the platform of the revival in Lakeland it caused quite a reaction, jamming my personal emails to the point where I thought for a while it might be impossible to answer them all. Some were disconcerted about Paul’s appearance, others by some of the things he said, and others were simply asking if Paul had been restored yet.

The reason why Paul was invited to the Lakeland revival was that he had prophesied that “the last-day ministry” would begin in Florida. I have personally heard Paul say this many times over the years and questioned him about it in depth. I believe it is a true prophecy, and when I heard that Paul was saying that what was happening in Lakeland was the fulfillment of this prophecy, I was very interested to hear what he would say about it.

I also felt that Todd Bentley was right to honor Paul by bringing him to that meeting and letting him share the vision he has carried for so long. As I have shared in the previous Special Bulletins, I think it may have begun with a devotion to honor the fathers as I was shown in a dream. As I was later shown, this was because it was by the dishonoring of fathers and fatherhood that a gate of hell was opened that released much of the evil which has taken a grip on the nation. I consider Paul Cain a spiritual father to us personally and to a number of the important works that have been raised up in these times for “the last-day ministry.”

The commandment to honor our fathers and mothers does not say they have to be “perfect” ones or there would be none to honor. We have all fallen short of His righteousness. Some of the greatest heroes of the faith in the Bible made some of the greatest mistakes. Paul Cain has had some serious failures in his life, but even when Mike Bickle, Jack Deere, and I were compelled to release some of these matters publicly for the protection of the church, I never ceased to consider Paul Cain a hero of the faith, and one who possessed one of the greatest prophetic gifts. Even so, we all knew that if Paul did not submit himself to a real restoration process, he would be a serious danger to himself and others. We could not be true shepherds or watchmen if we allowed that to happen without sounding the warning that we put out.

Later, Paul submitted himself to a restoration process and they declared him restored to ministry. When those who had led this process explained how they had accomplished this so fast, it set off more alarms in me. Some of the communication I had with them and with Paul only solidified my doubts. Even so, I had a great hope that I was wrong, or even if I was right about the validity of their restoration process, that the Lord would intervene some other way so that Paul could be delivered from the powerful strongholds that had taken such a grip on his life.

I kept that hope until Paul spoke in Lakeland about “the allegations” about him and his assertions of having lived a celibate life. That was pretty overwhelming evidence that he has still not repented of these serious transgressions. What Paul called “allegations” are abundant and overwhelming evidence, which Paul has admitted to. However, admitting something is not the same as repenting of it. As long as there is blame-shifting, an attempt to cover them up, or dilute the seriousness of them, the restoration process has at best fallen far short of its purpose.

As it has been reported that Todd would not let Paul come back on the platform after he asserted that he had lived a celibate life is a credit to the integrity that Todd is trying to maintain in his ministry. If Paul had even just said that he had made serious mistakes in his life and owned them just a little, it would have given me hope, but it seemed quite clear to me that not much has changed with Paul, and in fact, they are getting worse. Even so, I am resolved to not give up on Paul for as long as he is with us. I long for the day, as I know Jack and Mike do also, when we can assert that Paul is free of the serious strongholds in his life and should be restored to ministry. Presently, my concern for him grew considerably after his night in Lakeland.

I agree with Rick’s assessment. I, too, believe that Todd was right in honoring Paul for the stewarding of the vision. Paul’s own words raised an enormous red-flag regarding his restoration that needs to be heeded by the Body of Christ. I truly want to see Paul Cain healed and restored (and I have spent many hours crying and praying for him because Jesus loves him), but that cannot happen until he gets honest and transparent.

In case no one noticed, Todd did a smooth transition when Paul began to assert he had been celibate. He was able to honor the man for his past faithfulness without publicly humiliating him for his transgression. Paul revealed where he really is to an enormous segment of the Body of Christ (the segment most likely to support his ministry) all by himself, without anyone having to say a thing.

I rather think that is like Jesus. He gives us enough grace to hang ourselves with.

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  1. June 16, 2008 12:02 pm

    “As it has been reported that Todd would not let Paul come back on the platform after he asserted that he had lived a celibate life is a credit to the integrity that Todd is trying to maintain in his ministry.”

    Well that’s simply not true. Cain was ON the platform when he claimed he had been celibate all his life as he gave his goofy “prophetic” word to the intern. He remained on the platform. The next thing that happened was Todd Bently asked and recieved an impartation from Paul Cain. Cain also ministered in a word of knowledge regarding 300 people with heart problems. He stayed in the Platform an additional 7-1/2 minutes after he finished prophesying to the intern.

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