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Great Florida Outpouring – Todd Bentley’s Interview on Fox News!

June 15, 2008
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UPDATE: New post on Lying Signs and Wonders!

This video is from Geraldo at Large on Fox News. Todd was interviewed 6/14/08 live from the revival. Patricia King is preaching for him while he does the interview.

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  1. June 16, 2008 4:06 am

    This is the real deal.Come on now people, get into the water….

  2. Coral permalink
    June 17, 2008 6:41 am

    Thank you Giraldo for being fair. My daughter was healed from near death experiences with Scarlet Fever through Todd in Jan 2000 when he was in our city.

  3. June 17, 2008 7:10 am

    Why did he have to stop preaching to do the interview, couldn’t he have just translated himself to Fox Studios?

  4. tom permalink
    June 18, 2008 2:48 pm

    umm todd doesnt preach. i don’t even think he has a bible.

  5. rahabsplace permalink*
    June 18, 2008 3:01 pm

    You obviously don’t watch the meetings. He has done some fantastic teaching in the last few weeks. Todd is a man well acquainted with scripture. I’ve been listening to him for 4 years.

    To say he doesn’t preach and that you doubt he owns a bible just displays your own biblical ignorance. Many of the things you have objected to are in the scripture, just probably not on the guided tour you have taken. Try reading Dr. Greig’s Biblical Reasons document (the link is in the sidebar). I realize it is probably over your head, but it is a great place to start in trying to understand the theology of miracles.

  6. John permalink
    June 19, 2008 12:41 am

    I’ve been to many meetings with Todd Bentley, he has an amazing testamony for those that have been in a hard place, and God has radicly saved him and is using him in an amazing ministry. In one of the meetings in Redding Cal. at a Jesus Culture conferance several were healed, one was a little girl with inverted knees-not an intent of God-and she was completely healed! She was running all over the place, up stairs and jumping! Another lady from my town in Grants Pass Oregon had at least twenty tumors on each leg that she could feel, after she was slane in the Holy Spirit a few times, all the tumors had shrunk away. It has been so cool, because after many of the meetings, many of us new to miracles-at least having God do them through us-would see healings through our own prayers, acurate words of knowledge that we could pray for, and cool prophetic visions that totally lifted them up. Yes God cares about living phisicaly, but He also cares about us being supernatural through a literal relationship and literal encouters with Him. We need to be supernatualy natural-able to work in the spiritual relm with Him, and do our daily tasks through His streangth-enduring and doing our very best. These revival meetings are ment for those who are spiritual hungry for a new reality-something that outwieghs the emptiness and deadness of their day to day lives and the religion(s) that have been pushed on them. The only satisfying anwere is a real, tangible experiance/relationship with a real, loving, powerful God that radically changes their very existence on earth to a firery pursuit after God and to see these miracles and all that love of God in their own lives as well as all that they meet. God loves YOU! No matter who you are. I greatly incourage you to find a way to watch these meetings and/or go there.

  7. John permalink
    June 19, 2008 12:59 am

    To the comment on Todd Bentley not being translated (moved from one place to another-like the movie: Jumper): I know that God can translate people… in fact, He does it quite a lot. But there have been very few people-if any in church history who could tranlate themselves at whim, God does the translating where and when He pleases and it is often quite sudden–from what I’ve heard–before the person even knows what just happened. One story I’ve heard in present day, was a man–I don’t remember his name–who walked into an Amercan airport bathroom stall just doin his business, and came back out in an African bathroom stall! He did what God wanted Him to, walked back into the stall and came back out in the American stall, isn’t God funny! Why Todd wasn’t translated, I don’t know, but we can’t expect to know exactly what God is going to do all the time, or why He does or doesn’t do them, perhaps it was timing, or a person God wanted Him to meet along the way, ‘we may never know :)’

  8. intuition11 permalink
    June 20, 2008 9:58 pm

    on the translated comment from fo – God translated Philip in the bible – Philip didn’t do the translation himself or will it to happen. God may use Todd Bentley but God still is in charge & God is doing the miracles not Todd. Todd is a wonderful man of God & always gives God the glory – not himself. If only non-believers would stop saying Todd is healing people – it is like they will go to every extreem to avoid the reality of God. God is real & He is confirming His gospal thru Todd by signs & wonders Just as the Scriptures said that He would. Don’t these people read the bible? What church do they go to if any?? If your church isn’t preaching the God of the book of Acts you are in the wrong church! God never took the Holy Spirit away!! Who told you people that? a man that’s who – not God. The bible doesn’t say anywhere that the gift of tonges or prophecy or any of sign or gift of the Holy Spirit ended when the first apostles died – & it doesn’t say anywhere that their are no more apostles either! It does say that you will ‘know them by their works’ – Todd Bently has only ‘good works’ he has tons of fruit – it is a serious thing to bring accusation against God’s elect when God is clearly working with him in the exact way He said he would work with those that believe. God is dropping jewels from heaven during meetings in various places – he is sending gold dust and oil is coming from some misters hands – He is showing forth great signs in this day – wake up!!! Check out His wonders – people are putting them on utube now. God is real!! ‘He is the SAME yesterday, today, & forever’….’I am the Lord I CHANGE NOT’ – God doesn’t do His wonders for one people & then suddenly stop. He said His followers would do GREATER works than He did but the apostles didn’t do greater works because He was talking about His last days people – that is US & now! He said that the outpouring at the end would be greater than what is was at the beginning! That is NOW….He is coming back for a mature bride – the church in the books of Acts was the baby bride!! We will do the greater works.

  9. tom permalink
    July 4, 2008 11:42 pm

    rahab why don’t you try reading your bible instead of false teaching books. oh i forgot you don’t want truth, you just want what tickles your ear aka signs and wonders.

  10. rahabsplace permalink*
    July 5, 2008 12:02 am

    Gee, Tom, your powerless Christianity bothering you?

    Honey, I’ve probably been saved longer than you’ve been alive. Been to bible college, I’ve pastored, healed the sick, cast out demons, just normal Christianity. Probably led more people to Jesus than you have as well.

    I know why I believe what I believe. More importantly, I know who I believe in. I don’t know about Him, I know Him, and He is my best, most intimate friend. He is always there, and the Holy Spirit is my constant companion as well.

    But since all you do is make accusation without backing anything you believe up scripturally, I will just have to assume that you are one of the many shallow, powerless quasi-believers who have nothing better to do than hurl accusations at the brothers, like satan always does.

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