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Great Florida Outpouring

August 30, 2008

I received this today from Patricia King’s Extreme Prophetic. I am posting it here to encourage those who are walking to a different drum and refusing to become vultures that are picking the flesh of the wounded in the Body right now.

Dear Friends,

Just the other day, a friend sent me this prophetic word from respected prophetess Dr. Sharon Stone of CI-Europe. It is such an encouragement in the light of many things that have recently transpired. May it encourage you today as it did me. You will notice that she received this word from the Lord on June 22/08 – one day before Todd Bentley was blessed by the Revival Alliance.

Patrica King

June 22, 2008
Dr. Sharon Stone
Belfast, Northern Ireland

As I left my hotel this morning, My spirit was pulled to the building across the street. And I began to prophesy. The building turned out to be the BBC.

Media Revivals have just begun. You have not seen anything yet. Major cities and obscure villages will be a part of My demonstrations in the earth. This is an updating across nations, living rooms and those on the internet. The experiential truths will be the topic of conversations in government buildings, business offices and university campuses. The sick being healed, those in bondage being delivered and the dead raised will infuse believers with faith to do the works of believers. Hope will arise in those needing My miraculous power.

Rory and Wendy Alex have gone through this gate in 2008, now many will follow. Rory and Wendy the Lord says you did not make a mistake, regardless of the criticisms that will come at by the end of the summer.

God says to His church, I have used the most offensive means to break religious taboos. I will allow men to fail that the nations will look to me not man alone. Do not be a part of vultures that eat upon something once it is dead. If your feet get dirty I will wash them, but you will have seen me.

This September 2008 let my cleansing winds blows over My global church. Encourage yourselves, I am bringing My Revival of Spirit and Truth.

Dr. Sharon Stone
Christian International Europe

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  1. Tineisha permalink
    November 6, 2008 11:01 am

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!! Brothers & sisters in Christ, Let’s BUILD UP & NOT tear down. God is able to restore anyone who truly repents.

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