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March 17, 2009

Rick Joyner has responded to J. Lee Grady’s attack in Charisma against Todd Bentley and the restoration process Todd has only just begun. Rick responded as follows:

(Rev. Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries sent this response on March 12, 2009)

Lee, I think what you call “the Lakeland disaster” would be disputed by multitudes of people who got healed or touched there. If you are such judge of this what gives you the credentials? What moves of God have you led? What have you built? Paul the apostle claimed to have authority for building and for tearing down, but what gives you authority to tear down the work of others is having built something yourself.

I, Todd, Bill and Jack all know this is a very serious matter, and are treating it as such. I am deeply offended that you would call our work “a travesty.” The Lord had far more grace for sinners than for the self-righteous, who He had no grace for at all. I am personally far more concerned for you than for Todd.

Lee, I love some of the things you write, but I also feel that some are straight from the mouth of the accuser. I do think you have done at least as much damage to the church as Todd’s fall has by your unrighteous and unfair judgments. I don’t think you have earned the credentials for it, and you’re putting yourself in far more jeopardy by trying to be such a self-appointed judge.

I’m quite sure you will misunderstand what I’m saying, and I’m definitely not implying that we want to cover anything up, or promote cheap grace. We have just started the process and its being judged negatively. Give us some time, and some grace. Grace is, by the way, something we are supposed to be giving to each other.

If you care to follow this, Todd and I will be doing Video Special Bulleting each week that will be posted on our website, U-Tube, and carried by many others. These will be short, like the first, only about 10 minutes, but we want to cover the mistakes Todd has made, and as much as we can in the time we have, how he fell into some of the traps he did, strictly for helping others to not have to go through what Todd has. He will no doubt be doing a lot of public apologizing during this time because the public deserves these apologies.

I think you owe Todd, myself, Bill, and Jack apologies for your presumptuous judgments. I think they should be as public as this letter was. If not, I feel that I will have to address this publicly, and I don’t think that is in your best interest.

I also think you need to come down and spend some time with Todd and me. If you have problems with someone we have Matt.18 as a guide to how we should deal with them. Read the first part of that chapter. This was given to help protect people from becoming stumbling blocks, which the Lord made quite clear was something we do not want to be. If you think being a journalist exempts you from complying with Scripture, I would like to know what philosophy you have bought into that trumps Scripture.

Sorry if this comes across as harsh. I don’t mean for it too but I am quite busy and just don’t have the time that I would like to maybe be a bit more tactful.


I personally know people who were saved and healed through Lakeland. More importantly, I know people who were encouraged to go for it, to believe that God could use ordinary, imperfect people in extraordinary ways.

The Florida Outpouring was never about Todd Bentley. It was about the body of Christ connecting with the desire that God has of partnering with His people, His CHILDREN, in the work of ministry. Todd Bentley was not out in the parking lot of Wal-Mart praying for people. It was the Body of Christ out doing the works of the Kingdom.

People came from all around the world to get some and take it home. They got hope and fire. They got training in evangelism. Jeff Lewis was AMAZING in what they were doing down there, and what his is still doing. Roy Fields is in Australia leading revivals there. He’s had nearly 2,000 souls saved in his We Are the Generation tour. Jeff Gavin is tearing Iceland up right now in meetings there. Lakeland didn’t end with the departure of Todd Bentley. The fire just spread out.

I for one am grateful for what I received from the Lakeland experience in general, and from Todd Bentley in particular. It has been the cry of my heart that he would not be a casualty of the war as Evan Roberts was.

Todd has been at Morningstar only a couple of weeks. Mr. Grady has no idea what is going on there, and to write this off before it even begins as greasy grace is astounding to me. I have posted a study on divorce and remarriage, and it is plain that Grady has never taken the time to study the scriptures out and look at the Greek and Hebrew behind them.

It also appears that Charisma took an communication that was intended to be private and made it public. This was addressed personally to Mr. Grady. Rather than keeping this between brothers, Charisma has chosen to make this a public disagreement. Way to go guys! Scriptural guidelines evidently don’t apply to you.

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  1. david andrade permalink
    March 20, 2009 8:59 pm

    I rarely ever post anything, but I feel rather compeled this time around. I have a great deal of respect for Rick Joyner. He has proved himself a real father to many through the course of time. We all have are short comings. The religious selfrighteous out there often forget about the glass house they are living in until their sin is uncovered and its time for a stoning. I guess, I can be a bit bold since this page says it is not going to say who I am. But I remember Todd, when he got radically got saved and maybe he did not get a great foundation in biblical theology, but he certainly loved Jesus with all of his heart and went about serving him with all of his heart strenght and mind. Well the no nothings critisize with there big stones and radiant beams coming out from both eyes. I wonder which will be getting the affirmation from Jesus at his coming Todd or (XXXXX). Thank You Rick for being a Father and helping this brother on to the next teir in his reward walk with Jesus. Thank you for helping him streghten that which is weak so that he can once again emerge with the anointing and deposit of God placed by our Lord and Savior. Be a father to him so that when it is his time he will also be a Father so that the next generation can have knowledge that our God is alive. I have never been to Lakeland, but The Holy Spirit is not done with Lakeland, I Guarentee you that.


    • rahabsplace permalink*
      March 21, 2009 12:26 am

      David, I so totally agree with you. The word that Rob DeLuca gave Todd 3 weeks before Lakeland began said that after going around the world, this would come back to Florida. RIght now there are fires being lit literally all over the world by people who had ties to Todd Bentley and Lakeland. I fully expect another explosion in Florida.

      • June 15, 2009 8:06 pm

        My Friend,

        I not only expect it in Florida,but every town,city,and village in America.
        The church buildings will not be able to hold ,all the hungry souls for the moving of the power of God!
        I don’t have to remind you ,Jesus is coming back for a Glorious Church!

        Be Blessed,

        Pastor Dave

  2. June 15, 2009 7:56 pm

    Brothers/Sisters in the Lord,
    I appreciate the opportunity to speak about Todd Bentley. I too after being captivated by the Holy Spirit,by watching the outpouring on God TV,flew down to be a part of what God was doing “through Todd”. My own selfish reason if you will,
    was just to be apart of so many worshipers assembled in one place.Worshipers of my God Jehovah!
    When I arrived at that little airport I could not believe,such a small,obscure place
    packed with thousands of hungry people for the moving of the Spirit of God! It restored my faith,yes there may be hope for America!
    Now anyone who has been a child of God over 24hrs.knows,nothing in this life,but salvation is free! There is a battle to be fought,even though the war has been won. There are battles with the world,the flesh,and the Devil everyday,if this was not so,why the armor of God?
    Yes Todd may have been a casualty of this war,but how many of us were praying for him,how many are praying for him now? We all,even those who found fault from the start are subject to the same fall,
    There is no doubt in my mind that God uses imperfect men,for His perfect work,for he is using me!
    There is one scripture that always comes to mind,and I’ll share it with those who still criticize,and judge Todd Bentley. John 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world;but that the world through him might be saved.
    Jesus Christ didn’t tell us to take that job on either. If we as the body of Christ
    would spend as much of our time and energy,building up instead of tearing down,
    we would see more of our family and friends come into the knowledge of the
    faith! There will be a time for condemnation,but its not now,and none of us will be sitting on that Judgement Throne. For we all will stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ!

    Thank You,

    Pastor David Schneer



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