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End Time Prophetic Words Author Sued for Fraud

April 1, 2009

It would seem that the self-proclaimed prophet over at End Time Prophetic Words has been sued in England on multiple counts of Business Fraud and Extortion. Rosalind Miriam Franklin owns the publishing house Diggory Press. At the current time, there are no less than 83 authors trying to recover royalties, manuscripts and other services. There have been two court hearings and the next is scheduled for October.

Miriam claims:

End Times Visions and Christian prophecy for the church and for the nations from a servant of God called to speak God’s word (Miriam Franklin): bringing prophecies and prophetic words of revelation, warning of End Times apostasy and lukewarm Christianity, and trying to bring people’s hearts, minds and souls back to the Lord their God.

Evidently, she’s called to speak God’s word, just not obey it.

Here is the nutshell version from one of the defrauded authors:

Dec 15th 2008

First of all, thanks to all the authors who have taken the time to email their experiences with Mrs Franklin these past months, and especially to those of you who have sent in statements of fact to be presented in Court.
Thank you.

We now have seventy authors who have engaged Mrs Franklin’s ‘services’ since 2006 who feel they have just cause for complaint. Most report non-payment of royalties; overcharging; rudeness and aggression; and (in many cases) being attacked and falsely accused in emails if they dare to air any concerns or make enquiries about the status of their accounts.

Several aggrieved authors have already taken independent action via the Small Claims Court in order to secure the monies owed to them, and despite Mrs Franklin’s increasingly desperate attempts to stall or circumvent the process, some are reporting success. Approximately three weeks ago for example, one County Court Judgment was enforced against Diggory Press to the tune of around £1,400 UK pounds. But when PayPal tried to refund monies to another aggrieved Diggory client recently, Mrs F made sure there was nothing in the account.

Meanwhile, Mrs Franklin continues to use every trick in the book to avoid being accountable to her clients; obfuscation; feigning illness; claiming not to have received recorded documents; and the usual litany of lies, exaggerations, and false counter-accusations levied at anyone who dares to stand up to her.

Most of you will be aware that both Private Eye Magazine and The Guardian Newspaper have written articles on the situation, and we have now had two Court hearings in Cornwall. At the first hearing in August, ‘The Seventeen’ presented their Small Claims together in the hope that we would be of mutual support to each other. However, amongst many other false accusations, Mrs Franklin accused several of us of ‘fraud and conspiracy’ etc., which, despite the evidence to the contrary, obliged the Judge to schedule our cases to be heard on a ‘Multi-Track’ basis. In effect, this means scheduling the cases to a higher Court that will cost remaining claimants £1,000 each to proceed.

Naturally (and quite understandably) under the advice of the Judge, several claimants felt more inclined to try to mediate with Mrs Franklin rather than pay another £1,000 – often much more than they were claiming in the first place. It is worth noting however, that of the four-or-five claimants who agreed withdrawal terms with Mrs F – none have reported receiving monies back, despite Mrs F’s promises to the contrary. In frustration, three of them had to reinstate their claims again in Court. It now appears Mrs F’s main intention was to use those mediation agreements to ‘run out the clock’ on Court deadlines, and thus have claims struck out by default.

As things stand at present, a small but determined group of us continue to press ahead with our claims – despite a withering flood of false counter-accusations and exorbitant counter-claims from Mrs F. At the latest hearing on Dec 10th, the Judge admonished Mrs F on several occasions–as well as in writing–for the rude and uncivil manner in which she referred to certain claimants. He also drew her attention to the absurdity (although he didn’t use that word) of her counter-claim for £1,045,185 against myself – especially all the undocumented ‘costs and damages’ she seems to have pulled out of thin air. The result of the latest hearing was that we are now scheduled for a full-blown five-day civil trial sometime in 2009, where (if we get that far) we fully expect an outright win to all the remaining cases. However, given the amount of ‘evidence’ Mrs F is going to have to magic into existence if she has any hope whatsoever of presenting a reasonable or rational defence… some of us will be surprised if we ever do get to trial. It is not unreasonable to anticipate Mrs F being unable to present a coherent case or defence at the document disclosure stage – and therefore being liable for all our costs, expenses, and damages…

As always, I have to be careful about how I present the information here, but in response to many requests by aggrieved authors, may I advise that you take the following steps if you wish to extricate yourself from Mrs F’s / Diggory Press / Exposure Publishing influence:

  1. Write or email to RF formally cancelling your contract
  2. Request a full account statement and payment of royalties due (you should not have to pay for this).
  3. If you are not happy with the response, then write to Lightning Source (printer-distributors) with a copy of your ‘cancellation’ notice to RF, and advise them you are ‘in dispute’ with RF, and that she no longer has your permission to publish your copyrighted work. Lightning Source should NOT print any more of your books under these circumstances.
  4. Contact Neilsen Bookdata (UK-Europe) and Bowkers (USA) and advise you wish to have that ISBN ‘suspended’ or ‘abandoned’ as per 1 and 3 above. Their options are limited if Mrs F actually owns the ISBN – but every complaint counts, and they can eventually stop selling her more ISBNs.
  5. Lodge a Small Claims Court action via the HMCS website (Her Majesty’s Court Service).
  6. Once you have done this, feel free to contact me and I will advise as best I can how you might republish your book at minimum cost and inconvenience.
  7. Tell as many people as you can about your experiences.

Meanwhile, we are investigating why Mrs F publishes titles under different imprints. Although illegal in the US, and a ‘highly irregular’ practice in the UK, we will have to wait for more data before sharing any conclusions.

Finally – I paste below a couple of Internet links that will take you to a couple of other ‘manifestations’ of our good Mrs Franklin. On one site she poses deceptively as an ‘independent author’ who just happens to believe that Diggory Press is simply the most wonderful thing to have ever tumbled from the heavenly realm.. and, whilst repeatedly denying she is affiliated with Diggory, advises all who will listen to take their business there..

And the second site – only recently discovered – is where Rosalind claims to be an end-times prophetess no less – in direct touch with God Himself! Given our knowledge of who ‘Miriam Franklin’ really is, I believe it’s fair to say that the posts on that site (many of which condemn liars, false prophets, charlatans and the like) beggars belief. The scary part is that the site has apparently registered over 2 million hits – on the prophetess’ words of wisdom, prophecies and revelations, as well as many ‘divinely-inspired’ judgments on various individuals and religions whom she personally deems to be apostate / heretical / or downright demon-possessed..

For example, the prophetess says..
“The charlatans a-plenty who do not fear man, God or Beast are out to fleece the vulnerable and undiscerning for every last dime… Then there are the more sinister ones who intentionally prey like vultures – …who disguise themselves as angels of light… Satan knows scripture, (and very well), albeit he twists it for his own ungodly purposes. He is a good counterfeiter, looks, walks and talks almost like a real Christian.”

Trust me, this is even better than fiction folks.. (if any link doesn’t work because Mrs F has already taken them down – then please try the others in the following message, including the archive pages…)…-biblical.html (Editor’s Note:  This site has now disappeared.)

Then there is her latest ‘enterprise’–Kingdom Come Publishing–where she has again received a ‘mandate from God’ to take as much money as she can from unsuspecting Christian authors I suppose? See for yourself folks.. (Editor’s Note:  This site has now disappeared, but the DIggory Press site clearly says Diggory Press and Kingdom Come Publishing.)

Hopefully there is enough material here to help those of you who need to, to make some speedy and informed decisions.. And please feel free to pass on this information on to any who need to hear it..

Finally, the list of the first 18 complaints (now 70) from authors on my personal website – and other related evidence. I apologise that I haven’t updated it in quite some time, but I have moved the site to new servers, and need to work out how to get access. Please scroll down the page to the Rogue’s Gallery.

Thanks again for all the encouragement and support. Next general update when we hear of any developments.

Best wishes – and a happy festive season to all..


I came across an article regarding this in the UK paper The Guardian. Here’s some screenshots so no one thinks I’m just just making this all up:


And here is a PDF of one of the compaints that has been filed in the UK courts.

So it would appear that this particular member of the doctrine police is not nearly as upright she has portrayed. Since she has failed to act in an godly fashion in her business dealings, I would strongly urge those who are following her blog to reassess how much validity they place in her “discernment” of the sins of of others. There are over 1500 posts on her site railing against minister after minister for their “ungodly” behavior and their “lack of accountability.” I would ask you to consider who does Miriam Franklin hold herself accountable to? Apply the same standards to her, that she has “applied” to others.

Miriam, you need to come clean and repent. And I am sure, in spite of all of the nasty and ungodly things you have said about the brothers, Rick Joyner and the Morningstar team would welcome you to Fort Mill and work with you for your restoration, too. That’s what true believers do. They desire your good, not your destruction.

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  1. hopesome permalink
    April 2, 2009 5:02 am

    Jesus exposed to us the eve – ill – will spirit.

    ie: a dislike of women (that gets at other women!)

    Be carefull when you expose you may find yourself in that position

  2. hopesome permalink
    April 2, 2009 5:08 am

    Jesus exposed the spirit and loved the person. He wasn’t nasty, the spirit that lives in some was.

    Setting the captives free is what it was about.

  3. hopesome permalink
    April 2, 2009 5:09 am

    Jesus exposed the spirit and loved the person. He wasn’t nasty, the spirit that lives in some was.

  4. hopesome permalink
    April 2, 2009 8:58 am

    Now I know what spirit you have. Fragmented.

  5. hopesome permalink
    April 2, 2009 3:00 pm

    You threw the first stone

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 2, 2009 3:26 pm

      Actually, I banned Miriam from this blog a year and a half ago because of her ungodly attitudes and refusal to follow Matthew 18 in dealing with all the accusations she makes against every ministry she mentions. She refuses to repent for her gossip and slander, and most of all for her outright hatred that she spews forth.

      She has been confronted personally by the people involved in this article and has refused to repent. She was confronted by the British press and refused to take responsibility for her actions.

      She has been throwing stones for a very long time, and now the judgment she has spewed against others, much of which has been unjustified, will now come home to her, as scripture says it will. She will have to deal with the results of her actions in a British court of law.

  6. April 3, 2009 5:08 pm

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  7. hey permalink
    April 5, 2009 1:15 pm

    I believe your post was in a bad spirit, not led of the Lord. It just doesn’t sit right. I don’t think you do the body justice either by many of your posts. You defend so many of the false teachers, but you in a bad spirit expose Rosalind. Why do you love the false teachers but act in bitterness toward her?

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 5, 2009 2:49 pm

      I banned her from this site because of her ungodly attitude and refusal to repent for gossip and failure to take her issues to the individual before posting. Her false accusations against many in the Body of Christ are truly sinful. I’m not bitter toward her. I am merely reporting on the fact that she is as much a false prophet as those she accuses. Her ungodly business practices show that she does not live a godly life, so therefore, by her own standards, you have to discount all that she says. Isn’t that the standard she has held countless others to?

  8. April 5, 2009 2:50 pm

    Hi Rahab – good to see the news is slowly getting out there about Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin.

    Judging by the tone and rhetoric, it seems that ‘hopesome’ above is also most probably another pseudonym of Mrs Franklin’s. We have listed over 25 different false identities she has used to either post false or misleading messages – or to promote herself / or attack others without disclosing her true identity.. no doubt there are many more..

    I paste here a link for any interested parties:

    Approaching 100 authors now who have contacted me directly with various complaints of wrongdoings and deception by our self-appointed ‘prophet Miriam’.. so I eventually set up that webpage as a practical alternative to sending out multiple emails to all of her victims.

    The current situation (in brief) is that we are waiting for what must surely be the ‘showdown’ Court hearing, after Mrs F has (we hope) now run out of tricks, deceptions and delaying tactics.. and has also failed to fulfil at least three Court directions since January 09.

    In the course of over three years dealing with this woman – including over two years engaged in this legal process, I can fairly say that I have never had the misfortune of encountering anyone quite so capable of brazen duplicity and hypocrisy. I can only hope that of the millions of well-intentioned visitors to her caustic blogs, they will, sooner-rather-than-later, become aware of who they are really dealing with..

    I too would urge Mrs Franklin to repent sincerely and urgently – for, to use her own rhetoric; God’s justice – this time via the British Court system – is surely on its way..

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 6, 2009 5:38 am

      Thanks for the information, Stephen. Please keep me updated as to what is going on.

      I know from my own experience, if you won’t repent, God has ways of jerking the rug out from under you. He will not be mocked. I would rather Miriam come clean, repent and make the appropriate restitution to you guys, but if she won’t, then she needs to pay the penalty under the law.

      And I wasn’t being snotty in my article. Some of those very ministries she has trashed would be willing to help her with her own restoration needs if she would humble herself and seek their help. That’s the difference between the Doctrine Police and the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom seeks the restoration of the fallen, not their destruction.

  9. goliath permalink
    April 6, 2009 5:13 am

    But I think you posted your article out of a wrong motive and heart. I don’t feel that over at endtimes. I think she posts out of genuine care for the body. Either way I forgive you. But I don’t think Miriam is a hypocrite, just in need of correction and repentance. I don’t feel like you exposing her was a God thing though. I think you’re mad at her and hate her really. I think you defend Todd, Joshua, Rick and the rest and really get mad at all those who oppose them or their doctrines. Anyway, I forgive you, Rahab. Just read the bible and you’ll see the deception in Rick Joyner’s ministry. I used to follow all these guys and then the Lord ripped me out of their deception. They do preach some truth, but they are off in many ways. Be careful.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 6, 2009 5:33 am

      I decided to post this about Miriam after one of my fellow bloggers began getting death threats from her, as she reports on her blog That’s when I decided to post the article. She was banned from one of Charisma Forums I occasionally post in by the mods because of her viciousness.

      If you find her posts godly, then you really need to look at how Jesus walked and the writings of Paul on meekness, gentleness and humility. Please send me a link to one of her posts that says something positive. The only positive posts I have seen is approval for a negative statement about someone who she was currently targeting.

      I have no intention of posting 200 articles on what a horrendous person she is, which is what she has done to numerous people. When the next chapter of this drama plays out, I’ll probably post on it.

      By the way, how can you support someone who is actively defrauding people while calling herself a prophet to the lukewarm church?

  10. hopesome permalink
    April 6, 2009 9:06 am

    Hopesome has no problem, she is witnessing to yours.

    And yours

    And yours

    When you walk in and of the Lord you never have problems. HE WOULD JUST NOT SEND YOU THERE.


  11. April 7, 2009 4:46 am

    Thanks for the Response Rahab. I do believe it is important that ANY ‘false prophets’ are exposed promptly – if only in recognition of the awful damage done to society by those who would so callously exploit people’s trust and beliefs.

    I cannot comment on any of the evangelists, ministers, or other individuals spoken about on ‘Miriam’ Franklin’s website, but in respectful response to ‘hopesome’, ‘hey’ and ‘goliath’ who posted above, (who appear to be defending someone who clearly operates under a cloak of misdirection and deception); may I once again point out that the supposed ‘prophetess’ Miriam Franklin is in fact Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin of Liskeard, Cornwall, UK – who has, these past years, operated several highly-suspect business operations which, to all intents and purposes seem designed to fleece unsuspecting authors using a range of premeditated deceptions. This includes fabricating false websites; using false identities to promote her own businesses; not filing proper accounts; systematic lying and deception on a daily basis; refusal to pay royalties due; charging exorbitant amounts for ‘smoke-and-mirrors’ marketing packages; and generally acting with supreme arrogance and contempt toward many, many decent, honest and hardworking authors who have trusted her to their bitter cost.

    Again, please go to so view all the evidence you’ll need to understand the calibre of this individual who has the incredible audacity to accuse others of the very same ‘sins’ and crimes she so ruthlessly visits on others.

    I do not wish to enter into a debate on side issues, but, if ‘hopesome’, ‘hey’ and ‘goliath’ are not in fact Mrs Franklin again posing deceptively in her own defence (as she does all over the web) – then may I simply and respectfully invite you to open your eyes at to the character and true intentions of someone capapble of such incredible duplicity, arrogance and self-delusion.. and then ask yourself what role you may be playing in supporting her..?

    As Shakespeare said; ‘The devil can cite scripture for his own purpose’ – please think about it folks..

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 7, 2009 8:57 am

      I do not rejoice in the fall of any saint and I whole heartedly believe in restoration, as I believe my posts on Todd Bentley have shown. Miriam needs to come clean and submit to godly leadership for restoration. Her prophetic gift is being distorted by the issues of her own life and has become a tool of satan to bring division, discord and hatred into the Body of Christ. God is offering the opportunity to repent and make restitution. If she continues to refuse, He will bring judgment into her life, as He does with all His children. It is better to fall upon the Rock in repentance than to have the Rock fall upon you in judgment.

  12. hopesome permalink
    April 7, 2009 10:48 am

    Miriams blog posts are giving us a chance to speak out on issues. The Prophetic industry (for the most part in and of America ) is in a shambles. The speak only or they ‘doom and gloom only’ and I have yet to see a prophet ‘move a mountain (of need, greed, or ‘feed’) they just seem to write about them or talk about them. Most of the time its profit talking not prophet. Theres money to be made out of the prophetic/Jesus industry and why should they care, they can use his name, its not at all as if he’ll pop in and whoop them now is it.

    Whether Miriam is a prophet or not was not the issue. She was giving us the chance to discuss the profit/prophetic and false prophecy. For that, I for one thank her.

    If Miriam has issues in business then I hope that they will be respectfully and I repeat respectfullydealt with by all parties.

    We are on the road to perfection all of us. Any one that says otherwise is in denial.

    Mr Manning, For me hope is of paramount importance for us all. There is much false hope out there and many who would steal what little we have or expect us to ‘pay’ for it or pay them for it.


    No I am not a voice of miriam or necessarily for her. She gave us one.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 7, 2009 3:00 pm

      So it doesn’t bother you that she is guilty of the same things she condemns others for? It doesn’t bother you that every single stand she is taking is hypocritical in the light of her own sin? The tone of hatred in her posts doesn’t bother you at all? The fact that she has over 1500 posts condemning people that mainly she just doesn’t agree with theologically in the most vitriolic terms and not any posts supporting the ministry of another Christian doesn’t strike you as unbalanced at all?

  13. hopesome permalink
    April 7, 2009 3:14 pm

    It obviously bothers you a great deal for some reason.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 7, 2009 9:54 pm

      Hopesome, you didn’t answer the questions, you just attacked me. Why didn’t you answer my questions?

  14. April 7, 2009 7:37 pm

    Thank you for your objective comments Rahab..

    Much as I do not wish to get involved in a distracting side-discussion, I must respond to ‘hopesome’ in the same manner I have responded to all of Mrs Franklin’s supporters (in her various guises) by asking ‘hopesome’ to email me privately with some proof of identity, so as to eliminate the possibility that ‘hopesome’ is in fact either Rosalind Franklin herself – or a close affiliate with motives other than the truth; for posting these inappropriately-supportive comments. (My details via the link provided)

    Rahab is right. The crux of the matter here is that a known and practiced deceiver is posing as a so-called ‘prophet’ – using the internet to cloak her real identity. Her only authority comes from her own delusional claims – the unqualified attacks she makes on others (who at least are active and identifiable) – and the attention she gets from well-intentioned but gullible believers.

    I know this woman first-hand, and I can assure you that nothing in her character, training, or personal circumstances qualifies her to be posing as an authority in religious, moral or ethical matters. Indeed, to the contrary, Mrs Franklin epitomises all she denounces in her injurious posts.

    Instead of trying to defend the indefensible, may I respectfully suggest that ‘hopesome’ (or any other unwitting supporters) contacts Mrs Franklin through any number of her affiliate websites, and ask her directly to comment on the contents of and then share that response with all concerned – not least of all, with the 98 authors so far (many Christian) that she has ruthlessly and contemptuously defrauded.

    I ask you respectfully ‘hopesome’; please do not respond to this message until you have at least investigated the facts of the matter, including articles by the Guardian Newspaper; Private Eye Magazine, and The Times – not to mention the evidence of scores of defrauded individuals..

    I regret the frankness of this post, but feel a need to be direct with anyone who gives credence to this utterly duplicitous individual. Swallow her ‘prophetic’ nonsense if you must ‘hopesome’ – but please, please, don’t offend us further by trying to defend the indefensible.

    I look forward to hearing your objective comments after you have properly investigated the facts.

    Thank you.

  15. April 7, 2009 7:59 pm

    Sorry guys – a brief last comment that I should have included above..

    ‘Hopesome’ speaks of the ‘profit vs prophet’ issue as discussed on ‘Miriam’ Franklin’s blog, as if to defend ‘Miriam’s’ presence on the web. Mrs F’s hypocrisy and audacity is incredible..

    ‘Hopesome’ should know that Rosalind Franklin has brazenly used her loudly-proclaimed ‘Christian ethics’ – as well as her declared ‘dedication to protect authors from being fleeced by rogue publishers’ as a tool to entrap and defraud many, many trusting clients – and no number of pleas, requests or persuasion can move her to surrender her ill-gotten gains..

    She literally (and I do mean literally) epitomises all the vices she denounces..

    Her greatest trick is to project all her own ‘sins’ and crimes onto others – classic misdirection and sleight-of-hand I’m afraid – as you can see from her ‘prophetic’ blogs.. not to mention the tortuous Court proceedings she has dragged some of us through to date..

    If you are indeed for real ‘hopesome’ – then I’m afraid you have been grievously duped..

    No worries though – you’re in very good company..

    Please check out the links provided, and contact me directly when you are ready to face the facts..


  16. Naxus permalink
    April 7, 2009 9:12 pm

    I recently had my character assassinated by Miriam on her blog and have found her to be dishonest and caught her lying. Of course to present my concerns was a useless event since she deleted my replies. If she is posting here on your blog as another then her issues are beyond a matter of slipping into sin. I hope she, if she ever was a christian comes to her senses and repents. Not with mere words but with full restitution. It would appear that she is peddling the gospel for profit and making sport of Christians.

  17. Naxus permalink
    April 7, 2009 10:22 pm

    Cause my answers were deleted, thats why! When it comes to the art of building Straw men she is gifted almost Micheal Angelo like.

  18. hopesome permalink
    April 8, 2009 3:29 am


    Wars are brought to bare in the very manner you are displaying. We want revenge, we want blood, we want !

    You are making a great assumption first and foremost about me.

    Never assume anything about anybody.
    Let them show you who they are first.

    Never imagine you are the controller of the siuation. Let them show you theirs.

    Always seek to lay down like the lamb so you can see the lions roar!

    Never ask someone for anything untill you witness the kind of price that you are expected to pay.

    Always assume that you ‘know nothing, that way you will always learn something.



    Do I think Miriam is unbalanced. No more than the rest of us.

    Am I deceived by her!

    you tell me.

    My strategy above gives me a strong position on that one Mr Manning and rahab.

    Naxus you say your answers were deleted. Many of the chapters and versus from the bible were also. We are among thieves my friend.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 8, 2009 4:47 am

      Thanks for letting me know that her criminal behavior doesn’t bother you. Wow. That’s some strategy. Sin is okay, as long as she gives us a platform to be heard.

      By the way, I haven’t deleted any of Naxus’ posts. He has posted on several different threads, so they’re not all showing here.

  19. hopesome permalink
    April 8, 2009 3:31 am

    And Mr Manning my name is just that a name.

    You will learn more from the answers I give than from my name.

  20. hopesome permalink
    April 8, 2009 4:05 am

    Strategy in any war is imperative.

  21. hopesome permalink
    April 8, 2009 12:26 pm

    I will say again.

    The law is dealing with Mrs Franklin. I don’t need to.

    You read my comment to Naxus as being about you. It wasn’t. Read it again.

  22. Naxus permalink
    April 8, 2009 9:16 pm

    Miriam deleted my posts on her blog. I am glad i came across the article of complaints about her fraudulent behavior. It answers some questions i had about her. Miriam where are you, care to share? Dear Evangelist sister i have more share on Todd Bentley and Pat King it will make your ears burn. Their spring board is Is Rick Joyner who is a Knight of Malta an Occult group. Yeah witch craft group, an Illuminist group with a bloody background. Lets see now, TB a professing former Satanist and PK a professing former Witch and RJ an Illuminati guy. Hmmmm! Something stinks!

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 8, 2009 10:27 pm

      Here is the link explaining the Order of St. John that Rick Joyner is a part of. There are a number of different sects that claim to be the one true OSJ, but this is the one that Rick is a part of:


      Again, you are saying that Todd and Patricia’s unsaved past is the present, and that is not true. I happen to have worked in Patricia’s ministry and I have had some contact with Todd Bentley. These guys are not involved in those things, but they are effective in reaching those who are.

  23. Naxus permalink
    April 9, 2009 4:40 am

    I said what i had to say in response to your Red Herring before hand in the post above your post. You skirt around this issue. If your reject the truth then you embrace darkness. It is what it is. Things are not as they appear but in this case it is. Want links to prove the Rick Joyner along with Benny Hinn[another false prophet-Tare] are in fact Knights of Malta an Occult fraternity? a very bloody one at that.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 9, 2009 6:03 am

      The problem is that there is more than one order in the Knights of Malta. The order that Rick is a part of is not the occultic one. Try reading the articles in the link I posted. Just like not everything that claims to be the church is the church, not everything that claims to be the Order of St. John is.

      Those of us who were in the occult before becoming Christians come into the kingdom with some discernment. When you have dealt with evil spirits, you can generally tell the difference between the Holy Spirit and an evil spirit. Evidently, many Christians think every spirit is evil, and they miss out on a lot of things in the Kingdom because they never learn how to live in relationship with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.” I trust the Lord to lead me in his ways.

      How can you tell His ways? Well, for one thing, they are based on love, not suspicion or fear. I have been given authority over ALL the power of the enemy. Many doctrines in the church are based on fear. If you fear being deceived, you are already in dangerous territory, because fear and faith cannot operate together. They are opposites.

  24. Naxus permalink
    April 9, 2009 10:03 am

    If i had fear i wouldnt be warring with Satanists. Faith trumps fear. I have discernment and The Toronto Blessing is a curse it operates by a fake Jesus spirit a powerful deceiving fallen spirit. John Arnott promotes all things TB, PK and such.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 9, 2009 12:55 pm

      First of all, have you ever been in a Toronto service? Have you ever met John and Carol? Or Rick or Todd or Patricia? Hard to have true discernment of someone you’ve never had direct contact with, or that is based on hearsay, or picking and choosing parts of their sermons. Have you ever listened to the entire Glory School? It’s available online.

      Second, let’s hear your works. How many people have you led to Jesus? How many churches have you planted? How many orphanages are you supporting? How many homeless children are you housing, feeding and educating? How many satanists have you brought out? How many children have you bought out of the sex trade? I want to see your James credentials. IF you are going to accuse others, let’s see your credentials. I think that’s fair. You should be doing at least as well as those you are claiming aren’t God. Though it’s hard for me to see how people who are leading thousands of people into a relationship with Jesus are demonic. That would mean satan is casting out satan, and Jesus said that doesn’t happen.

      I did my first deliverance the week I got saved. It ain’t no thing to war against evil. That’s like breathing. My daughter at five years of age was able to cast a demon out. She also prayed for the sick and they were healed. I watched her witness to her grandfather and have him in tears of conviction when she was three.

      I watched her, when she was 5, rebuke a seasonal monsoon type storm in Georgia and it left. It left a one mile circle and continued to rage all around where we were. We were going to minister to people she cared about with a BBQ, and if the storm continued, the BBQ would be cancelled and these girls wouldn’t get the chance to know Jesus. Since she wanted them to become Jesus’ friends, she told the storm to go away and it did. Everyone had to drive through it to get to where we were and commented on the fact that they didn’t understand how it was possible NOT to be raining where we were. You could watch the clouds circle and pass on each side of us. It was really wild.

  25. Naxus permalink
    April 10, 2009 12:35 am

    By grace am i saved not of any works lest i boast. “They” will say to the Son of God; ‘Lord we drove out devils and did many works in your name’ then will the dear Son of God turn to them ‘I NEVER KNEW YOU depart from Me ! you WORKERS OF INIQUITY!’ That fallen spirit that operates in TACF as a fake Jesus personally attacked me because the Lord disclosed to me what is really going on in there. The Lord does not minister with Demons. The Lord is not there. But a powerful fake Jesus spirit does operate and minister[seduce] to people who are blind and dont know any better. Rick Joyner is a Knight of Malta, period! get it? Are you going to throw me another red herring? i hope not because i am getting sick of it. If you reject truth then you are left with darkness that is your only choice by default.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 10, 2009 8:52 am

      That’s pretty much what I thought. According to James, then, you don’t have true religion.

      I know Rick is a Knight of the Order of St. John. What you refused to do is research the Order of St. John that he’s a part of and find out who they are. You have your mind made up, and the reality of scripture and the testimony of the saints makes no impact on that.

      You see, I have both faith AND works. I know Jesus. I was saved from my sins and my past was cast as far as the east is from the West. The Lord does not traffic with the self-righteous. He delivered the possessed, he healed the sick and he raised the dead, but he left the self-righteous in their sins.

      I know these people and have been around them in some cases for 20 years. I have seen the character of their lives, their faith under fire and the fact that their children are in proper submission. One of the first pastors I served under was Mike Bickle. I was a part of the Vineyard in St. Louis when Randy Clark was the pastor. These are people I knew. They are not abstracts to me.

  26. April 10, 2009 1:22 am

    wow..amazing stuff..,I will stick with this word of the Lord..if you can’t be trusted with worldly treasures who will trust you with real treasures..being a christian does not excuse shonky business practices.We all make mistakes, we all are wretches, we all need forgiveness that comes with repentance..but we forget we need to forgive as well..after all the blood was shed for the COVENANT FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS.Good on you Rahab for practicing the words of Jesus.But I can see the civil war simmers on in our blood from the comments..biggest mistake most of these guys have made..selling what they recieved freely,Jesus never told us to sell anything, but give it all away freely..Jesus never told us to copyright anything the authors got ripped off for trying to sell what they recieved freely,and copyright what never belonged to them in the first place..if your life belongs to God, your intellectual property also belongs to God.The only copyright Jesus gave us was to copy Him right.Dr.Ed.manager Holy Spirit’s workshop, Sydney

  27. Polycarp permalink
    April 10, 2009 6:31 pm

    Actually, Hopesome is not Miriam.

    And, Rahab, you want people to give Todd the benefit of the doubt and to hear his story, but you haven’t yet asked Miriam. What does that say about you?

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 10, 2009 8:52 pm

      Miriam refused to answer the questions the reporter put to her and refused to answer the court. That is why I posted this article. In all likelihood it will be the last one until the court rules.

      But Miriam has never confronted any of the people she has posted about, which is why she is banned from this blog because of her ungodly behavior and refusal to repent. My pastoral leadership pointed out that if I continued to allow her to post here after we confronted her publicly on this blog about her sin and her refusal to repent that I would be sharing in her sin.

      This is merely the latest example of her refusal to repent for her sin that she has been confronted about.

      So how can you be a supporter of her knowing that she is in sin?

  28. Polycarp permalink
    April 10, 2009 9:04 pm

    I think that I will talk you stance – the stance that you did with Todd’s – I didn’t see it and maybe there is no doctrine on it.

    In reality, I don’t enough to comment on it. If the courts find her guilty and the charges are clear, then you can count me out as her supporter until she repents. Until then, I will ask her about this and await her reply.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 10, 2009 9:43 pm

      That is a good stance.

  29. Naxus permalink
    April 11, 2009 1:45 am

    Your pastoral leadership? . So you follow man and not God directly. Its easier to let others rule you instead of the LORD. Doesnt matter what order of the brotherhood of darkness, RJ is a Night of Malta- that is a fact. Please research this matter it sounds like your letting others think for you. Whatever the Courts find on Miriam i have personally found her to be untrustworthy and dishonest.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 11, 2009 9:54 am

      I walk in partnership with leadership. I am not such a fool as to think that I could possibly walk independently of the God ordained leadership structure of Ephesians. There is a dynamic balance of revelatory gifting. All revelation is first judged against the Word of God. Second, I talk to those older and more experienced in the Lord to make sure of balance and timing issues.

      You are the one who relies on Miriam’s information for your judgments. You haven’t independently studied these matters for yourself.

  30. April 11, 2009 6:33 am

    Hi Polycarp – with respect, I would be curious to know how you are privy to ‘Miriam’s’ private information – such as Rahab not contacting her… or your declaration that you know ‘Hopesome’ isn’t Miriam..? We must assume you know Hopesome or Miriam Franklin personally – yes? But considering ‘Miriam’ isn’t Miriam anyway – perhaps we are all becoming too caught-up and distracted by Rosaland (Miriam) Franklin’s multiple personas and multiple online deceptions..

    Anyway Polycarp – I extend the same invitation to you – please contact me in confidence at, and qualify that you (and Hopesome) are NOT in fact Mrs Rosalind Franklin – thanks. As honest Christians who, I presume, only seek the truth – I’m sure you will have no objection to contacting me in private with proof of who you really are. (By-the-way, ‘Hopesome’ hasn’t contacted me as asked – no surprises there I’m afraid).

    Meanwhile, the multitudes await with bated breath to hear ‘Miriam’ Franklin’s response to your questions… which – if they ever arrive – would of course need to be qualified as well.

    Also a quick question for ‘Naxus’; you mention above, “It would appear that (Miriam) is peddling the gospel for profit and making sport of Christians.” I would like to ask if you have any evidence of Rosalind Franklin using the ‘Miriam’ blog to solicit funds? Because if you do, it could possibly be presented in support of the ongoing Court cases. At the moment, there is nothing obvious on the site to indicate she is receiving money – but given she previews and censors every post made – and given the well-established habit of Americans in particular donating to causes which they believe to be sincere – I would be very interested indeed to hear from anyone who has been approached for funds privately – or has donated to that site.

    As an incentive; if anyone can get any new information to me, you will (if you wish) get a mention in the upcoming ‘Author’s Guide to Dealing With Rogue Publishers’.. and if you actually manage to get any sincere and respectful answers from Rosalind Franklin herself (other than more deception and personal attacks) you may also now qualify for a place in the Guinness Book of Records..

    For those who are interested; we are expecting notice from the Courts soon on the next procedure in our cases – and will of course update this thread as soon as that information comes in.

  31. Polycarp permalink
    April 11, 2009 10:01 am

    Stephen, you may contact me through me through my blog. Otherwise, I really don’t have to to prove things to you.

    HS is essentially banned from my blog – due to her abhorrent beliefs about God, the bible, and Islam. As I said, if Miriam is caught up in this, and the charges are clear, it shows a great deal of dishonesty, and very unChristian like behavior. Repentance is required.

    • Naxus permalink
      May 26, 2009 7:13 am

      Polycarp if she is found guilty then it shows me that she is an astounding infiltrator. She is making what is quite apparent the Tares that are easy to pick out, all the wise covering up the infiltration going on in Christian blogs and Christian forums and the mainline Denominations. What gets me is her lack of biblical comprehension. Caught her at that a few times. She also deleted some info i posted on how i defend myself against witch craft. That to me is quite telling. I challenged her to hash it out with me on my private email, she refused. She is what she is guilty of fraud or not. She holds not credibility with me.

  32. goliath permalink
    April 11, 2009 10:59 am

    I hate to see that Miriam is defrauding others, if she is. It’s a shame. But I do thank her for exposing some of the hucksters. I guess we all must keep our eyes on Jesus. As for me, I will continue staying out of church because I’ve had it with all the lies in the pulpit. I just can’t take it anymore. I do have to say that I think Todd Bentley is a liar and needs salvation. He has lied about so many things and there is no angel Emma. There is no angel Swift. These are all lies by people associated with the prophetic movement. They are lying.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 11, 2009 1:09 pm

      Goliath, you can neither prove nor disprove angels. Angels are such a secondary thing. Revelation from an angel is not scripture, and falls under the category about debatable things.

      It’s like breaking fellowship with Calvinists or cessationists. I believe they are sincerely wrong in their belief system, but they call upon the name of the Lord Jesus, and as such they are Christians and I have to love them. That doesn’t make them liars. It just means we have a legitimate disagreement.

  33. April 11, 2009 1:31 pm

    Thanks for the respectful response Polycarp.. I assume the ‘HS’ you refer to above is ‘Hopesome’ who has been banned from your blog – and this is how you know of her?

    If you do manage to secure some response from Mrs Franklin about her various alter-egos and the related comments on this blog, please let us know.

    I hope to take a look at your blog at some point.. but my main concern is making people aware of Miriam Franklin’s true identity.. so please excuse me if I do not make a visible appearance..

    However, thanks for the prompt response all the same..

  34. Naxus permalink
    April 11, 2009 1:53 pm

    Hello Stephen, the quick answer to your question is no! But if your testimony as well as others are correct then she is a fraud and i have to ask why she is garnering attention to herself with her visions and blogs about the False prophets. What is her motivation? Is it out of love, is it out of sincerity? If no then what is it? If she is loving and sincere then why would she be defrauding others? Especially when she bares the name of Christ. I do believe she is capable of these charges because of her dishonest responses concerning me and she did lie when she says that she does not delete posts so……………………… can come to personal convolutions based on experience. If your not preaching the gospel for the sake of truth then why are you preaching it. Miriam no doubt your reading this, care to hash it out?

  35. Sandy permalink
    April 11, 2009 9:02 pm

    I knew something was wrong with this lady. She deleted most of my post also, when I explained to her that she injured souls, and that she was venom in her words towards others. I also asked her who gave her the authority to judge every persons walk with Christ and their Church.

    She accused me of making Jesus my own idol. That I had created Him to fit my own image. This was because I spoke of the love of Jesus, and asked her why she was being so mean to the Catholic Church. When I told her I would not visit her sight anymore because of her abuse she told me I was having a “childish hissy fit.”

    To me she is very dangerous and some of the so called “visions” I have read that she has had, I can learn the same things on the Fox news channel. What I have read so far as been stated for years and years and is nothing new to me. One world order etc…

    She does not understand that even in God’s “wrath” there is still mercy, and that God’s so called wrath is in actuality God’s justice.

    I feel for the many who are truly being lead astray by this lady. There is no love in her at all unless she is in total agreement with what you say, and if not, then she will delete you.

    I hope she is exposed for what fruit she is bearing. We must remember we are all known by our fruits and this lady is one fruit that is nothing but malice for lack of a better word. I can see no love in her at all, and if there is no love, there is no Jesus.

    God Bless. Sandy

  36. hopesome permalink
    April 12, 2009 12:43 pm

    Mr Manning if you want some kind of justification for your ‘problem’ then you must be sure that you look in the right place for that justification and not let your anger insight others.

    You mat not know who I am but neither does polycarp, he used the agenda in his heart to justify mine.

  37. Sandy permalink
    April 13, 2009 6:29 pm

    I just posted on Miriams site the one where the “face of Christ is on a chushion” asking her to please post something about this on her blogs and let her followers know if she is guilty or innocent, as there are too many people who just believe every word she says. I noted to her that if she is guilty it is her followers who are going to be hurt as they believe in her so much and asked her please not to do this for their sake.

    I also told her that I do not believe her nor am a follower of hers, but these people do not need another false teacher and leader. Even though I do support the fact that anyone who is a Christian should be able to discern by a persons actions and malice what is or is not of God, I do not hold them blameless, just gullible.

    I also tried to explain to her that God is not a tit for tat God and when I do something wrong He is not going to turn then and get me. That I repent and He forgives me, and if I must suffer consequence it is at my own hands and not God’s.

    I also told her that I had chosen that sight as it had not been posted in awhile and I did not want to embarrass her as she likes to do to me.

    I also told her I do love her as a child of God as He has created all of us and that I love all human beings because He does. However that did not mean that I love what everyone does nor does God, including myself of course.

    This was the meat of the letter and it no sooner went up and it was deleted.

    I do not know of this woman’s guilt or innocence even though I do have my opinions but that is all that is. However I am highly concerned regarding those who hang on her every word.

    I am telling everyone. If it is too good to be true in any ministry or blogs etc.. it probably is not there. I beg you read your Bibles. See our instructions on how to win others to Christ. See how the Prophets and Apostles conducted themselves. But most of all see that God loves us so much that He sent Jesus and Jesus loves us so much He died for us. If nothing else does, that one thing right there should make all of us so humble. We have to remember God’s grace is free but not cheap. It requires us not only to believe His Word but to obey it also, and act towards others accordingly. Never ever should we go out and try to destroy anothers soul. If someone is doing that, then stay away from them.

    God Bless, Sandy

  38. Sandy permalink
    April 15, 2009 6:28 pm


    I hope you come back to read this, as it is regarding your statement on not going to Church. I know there are many many “evils” so to speak going on in all Churches it seems. I am Catholic and try being that in this day and age. Everything that went on in the Church hurt me more than I can say, but I am still there. You may ask why?

    Catholic/Protestant whatever one is, going to Church is not about us. It is coming together as God’s children and giving Him the Praise and Worship which He deserves. That is all we have to give to God outside of our love. He not only deserves it He commands it.

    Miriam hurt me very bad with her accusations regarding me making “Jesus my own idol.” In my anger towards this I also said some very hateful things to her, which made me no better and I had some serious repenting to do. So the first thing we have to realize is, when we hurt someone it brings forth a multitude of sins. I had to ask her to fogive me. It was hard for me to do, as I was truly hurt, and the bashing of my Church on that site never quits. That hurts me also.

    However, as bad as some of the history of the Church and what has happened recently, again it is not about me. I always ask God, “Get me out of me so you can do with me what you will.”

    The same can be said for many Churches and “people of God” today. I pray though that you find you a Church and not stay out of it. We all need that worship service with God, and with other children of His. We need it so we can fill up with His Word so we can be prepared for the things which you speak of.

    No Church is perfect. No ministry is perfect. Yes, there are many deceivers, but this has been since the Garden of Eden. Satan, spoke only two times and destroyed man and would have, had it not of been for Jesus. We also have to remember when Adam and Eve fell, God slaughtered an animal (the first animal sacrifice for sin) and made them their coverings from the skin. That is what it is all about.

    When we are among those who sin, which we all do. And we are among those who deceive, God covers us with the protection of the Blood of His Son, and His love.

    I am sick of it also as I am sure many are, but we cannot fail God because of someone elses sins and deception.

    Love in Chirst, Sandy

  39. hopesome permalink
    April 16, 2009 5:25 am

    Rahab I will say this one last thing.

    Jesus never insighted the person. He took the spirit that did.

    Jesus never hated anyone, he took that spirit that did.

    Jesus never expected anything he took the spirit that did.

    Jesus never betrayed anyone he took the spirit that did.

    Jesus emptied the vessel so that HE could fill it.

    War does not solve anything just begetes more of the same

    If you want others to love him then first let him love you.

  40. continually taught permalink
    April 16, 2009 6:41 am

    What is done in secret will be brought out into the light for all to see. I am grateful to God for leading me here today, it was a complete fluke, but predestined to be sure. I have been reading Miriam’s blog for about a year and I have learned some important things there. I had been turned off at the manner in which she speaks to and of people, it is quite judgemental and not Christlike. I believe falseness should be exposed…and am glad to have received info on her blog regarding the deception of others, however, I feel her falseness is now being revealed to those who have an ear. The Word of God is the ONLY truth. He has given His people the gift of discernment and I pray they, we, all use it. Be not deceived in these, our last days. God bless and keep us. Thank Him for you Rahabsplace.

  41. Sandy permalink
    April 25, 2009 8:30 pm

    Continually Taught,

    I as well have been reading her blogs, and I as well found some very interesting things, also. But where Miriam fails is her manner of “rebuking” as she calls it. To me it seems she places herself on the same level as Christ, and this none of us will ever be.

    If she is guilty I too am glad she is being exposed, as there are people that just think everything she says is of God, and God does not hurt us for the sake of hurting us. I believe and will always believe that even in God’s wrath there is still “mercy and love” and this is one thing she and some of her readers do not want to hear.

    I feel she needs to be stopped not for my sake and I discerned awhile back, many things she did are not of God, and some are of God. She was jumped on for offering an Easter prayer and in her defense there was nothing wrong with that. On the other side of the coin, just because I believe that Jesus is nothing but love and mercy, does not mean that I have made Him into my own “idol” as she put it. This on her part is false teaching.

    We must all come together though and pray for those she hurts and leads astray. And we must pray for those she has totally fooled, and she more than anyone needs our prayers for the deception she is doing.
    She will not be held uncountable on this either.

    God Bless, Sandy

  42. Sandy permalink
    April 25, 2009 9:16 pm


    If you are not Miriam you have got to be her twin??? You post all of this stuff then are doing and coming against Rahabsplace for doing the same, and you do it just like she does it.

    If Miriam is guilty she needs to be exposed, like any other person placing themsleves in the situation of trying to lead others to Christ.
    Why should it be different for her, then any of the others she herself slams daily?? Why should she not be held to the same standards she holds everyone else to?

    It is fine to be given a “voice.” That is what this country was built upon. But Miriams voice is not the “voice” for the world. Miriams opinions are not the opinions for the world. Miriams like/dislikes for someone or someone’s Church is not the voice for the world. Just because she states something, or bashes someone with at times the most hateful of manner, does not make it okay or true.

    If she is guilty then that is the pot calling the kettle black. She needs to be exposed and I pray she is dealt with more mercy then she gives to others, for if she is not, it is not going to be pleasant for her.

    If one is representing God, then one has the responsibility to represent God as He says to, not do it any way which we choose. We can never convert anyone to Christ by beating them to death. First we have to show not tell them how much Christ loves them, through our actions. Others have to see and hear Jesus in us. Yes, there were times Jesus was angry. There were times Jesus rebuked. But Jesus never did these things without love, and that is what Miriam has failed in. Jesus never did one thing without mercy. That is the point Miriam fails to see.

    Jesus came to show Israel the love of God, as all they could see was a very vengeful God. A god of their making. They never realized they stayed in trouble all the time with God due to their disobedience and idol worhsiping. But they did not believe Jesus and they killed Him.
    When one thinks of Jesus how one can come to any other conclusion that Jesus was nothing but the love of God, is beyond me? John 3:16 states it as well. God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for us.
    Jesus also being human did not want to die, He asked God to take it from Him. But He loved God so much that He was going to do the will of God no matter what. God wanted Him to die for us so He did.

    I am Catholic which she hates, but you know what, I might be a “dog” to her, but even I am entitled to the scraps of my Masters Table. She has no right to tell me or anyone else we are not, because Jesus said, “we are.” “Our faith is what makes us whole.”

    We do not have to love what everyone does, but we do have to love others, in spite of what they do, what Church they go to, etc…
    I will state here today, I love the Jehovah Witness, the Muslims, the Mormons, the Amish, (my husband is Menonite) the Protestants, the Catholics. Do I agree with what they all do? Of course not, but I love the person.

    Todd Bently (sigh) is not my favorite person, but I have prayed for him and his family. I have prayed for those who were lead astray by him, just like I pray for Miriam and for those she hurts.

    All I am saying is this, Hopesome. There is our way and there is God’s way. The Holy Spirit speaks to us all, not just Miriam. The Holy Spirit also gives us all a discerning spirit. We like Miriam, have the same right to agree/disagree with her method of teaching, rebuking, and if she is guilty to tell her she is wrong for not coming clean with this, and give those people what they deserve who are suing her. If she is keeping their money, this is wrong and sinful. She needs to confess this before God and man, repent, then do what is right to those people and be done. If she is not guilty, (which I highly doubt as where there is smoke there is fire) then she needs to come clean with this also.

    Miriam has done none of the above, but stay silent, and keep posting vision after vision, and beating people up if she does not like their Church, minister, they way they feel about Jesus, and any other thing she disagrees with. If she is guilty, God is not going to give her vision after vision regarding His furture. That does not even make sense?

    So think some of this through before you go beating up on Rahabsplace all the time. Make sense out of it, as we all have. All he has done is the very same thing she has done and continues to do. How you can justify the means of one and not the other is not fair nor correct?

    God Bless, Sandy

  43. rahabsplace permalink*
    April 27, 2009 4:47 pm

    Hi, kids!

    Thought I’d let you know I received a 15 part response to this article from Ms. Miram, which I’m not going to post. Until she repents of her sin, she doesn’t get the privilege of playing over here, which is what I told her 18 months ago. Me thinks, however, it’s a bit of an excessive response for one little blog post about an ongoing court case.

    I’m sure she will post it at some point on her site and you can read it there. It’s what she did the last time I refused to post something from her because of her failure to repent.

  44. Sandy permalink
    April 27, 2009 6:55 pm


    You received a 15 part response and not one “I am sorry?” You know when I told her she had hurt me, she never asked for forgiveness for hurting me. Not to toot my horn, but I did ask for it for some of the things I said to her. I was wrong, and even though she hurt me so badly, I did not have the right to hurt her back.

    We cannot make her repent, Rahab. Only Holy Spirit conviction upon her heart can do this, and this is what we must all pray for her daily.
    I worry about her soul, not saying I do not worry about my own, I do.
    I am not saying my soul will reach heaven any quicker than hers, but something is just so wrong here.

    I hope she does post it. I would like to see what she does indeed have to say. However, I thank you for not posting it, as we do not need her bullying everyone here. She has her own sites for that.

    Thanks for protecting us as well. Appreciate you. God Bless, Sandy

  45. April 28, 2009 5:40 am

    I also think it wise of you not to post the lengthy response from Mrs Franklin Rahabspace, as it is one of the techniques she uses to try to intimidate others whilst reinforcing many misleading and/or delusional claims online.

    We have seen 10-page documents in tiny font (in red ink) delivered to the courts – most of which was superfluous verbiage – which in turn was dismissed by the Judge as such. This woman is an unconscionable bully and a fraud, and simply should not be taken seriously by anyone – except for the justice system of course.

    More news on that front coming very soon by the way..

    As to her motives for running the endtimesprophecy blog – well, failing some proofs that she is somehow making money out of it, we must assume that it is simply a manifestation of her myopic self-delusions regarding her prophetic abilities…

    By the way, just out of interest I copied small segments of various ‘prophetic articles’ supposedly written by ‘Miriam’ – and surprise, surprise; they had originated on another American Christian website..

    Curious readers should see for themselves..

    The duplicity is almost unbelievable..

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 28, 2009 9:39 am

      Oh, really? Which site is that?

  46. Sandy permalink
    April 28, 2009 3:01 pm


    I am going to take your question that you meant it as a joke:>) But in case you did not, just go anywhere she has posted and sooner or later somebody is going to get it good..

    That being said though I would like to take a moment here, and thank all of you who have posted for not tearing into me like a lion. I am sure as it is with all of us, there have been times when people made or tried to make you feel so low you had to stand on your tip toes to kiss a snake’s belly for the way you worship or believe.

    If I could take a moment to glorify our Lord. God loves us all. All of us are going to do wrong things, hurt others, and make a whole lot of mistakes, or at least I do. But God has given us an out for all of these things and His name is Jesus. Another out He has given to us is to repent, make amends to those we hurt, confess our sins before God and man (as James tells us to confess to one another also) ask for forgiveness and go on. Then we have to trust they are forgiven and if consequences come along we have to bear up to those, but rejoice for the mercy and love God gives to us in spite of ourselves.

    I love Miriam as a child of God, I love Todd Bentley as a child of God, I do not care much for what they have done, but at least Todd did step down, but Miriam goes on and on and on. What hurts me more than anything is when she hurts someone, she never seems to realize how much she hurts our Lord. That is the main fruit that I see which she bears.

    I like Steve have read many of her prophecies that I have heard or read elsewhere, before. This saddens me it truly does for those who hang onto her very words.

    But you know I have found from many on this blog, the love of God. It has been given and shown to me in nothing but kindness and mercy. In these things God has shown me there is still hope for us all. I glorify Him for that and thank you.

    We are all never going to agree. I was a Protestant now Catholic. Some of you have always been Protestant and some went from being Catholic to being a Protestant. All we can do is hope whatever direction we took, it was one which we all felt God was calling us and leading us to do. The respect for one another on this blog outside of the few, shows we all can if we try. Just this in itself is a witness to the love of our Lord.

    Yes, I know there have been things stated about Miriam and some unkind things, but when someone hurts people over and over, God is only going to take that for so long, and when they are exposed those who have been hurt, are going to come out of the wood work. When things are said or posted that she has done, yes, they are unkind and may seem we are being mean to her, but it is her meaness and hatefulness which is being exposed, not ours. And as Hopesome has stated, this is where we have our voice.

    Again thank you all so much, and may we all present the love of God to those whom we are trying to win to Christ. If anything Miriam has taught each and every one of us, is how not to behave when we are presenting Christ to others, especially those who are brand new to His family. So see good things do come out of bad things for those who worship God and to glorify Him.

    God Bless, Sandy

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 28, 2009 6:48 pm

      Hi Sandy,

      I’m part of a kingdom culture that says it’s okay to disagree, but it’s not okay to hurt people. Doctrine is an attempt to explain the inexplicable. There is no one on the planet who completely understands the Trinity for example, and it would be stupid to take dogmatic positions over a mystery of God.

      Matt 22:36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[b] 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'[c] 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

      If we love the Lord, we will love our brothers, no matter how messed up they are. If we don’t love the brethren, the Bible says we don’t no God, and it’s that simple.

  47. April 28, 2009 6:21 pm

    Sorry Rahab – I don’t have the details to hand. I simply took a sentence from a particularly well-written ‘Miriam’ post and googled it.. and up the other site came.

    When I get a few moments to spare, I’ll see if I can recreate the experiment and log the details.. I did tell the original site what ‘Miriam’ was up to – hoping they might take matters into their own hands – but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

    I have so much evidence of her duplicity on file, that nothing surprises me anymore. But I’ll try to get back to you on this sooner rather than later..

    Currently reading through the info sent privately – thanks. May comment later..

  48. April 28, 2009 6:30 pm


    i think you are a hypocrite. you said you banned miriam from posting here because she violated matthew 18. what about you? did you not violate matthew 18 when you posted these lies about her without talking to her first.
    had you done that you would have found that she is not rosalind miriam franklin and this matter would have been done with.

    all one needs is a brain that works, to figure out that there is probably a lot of miriam franklins in the uk alone and the world.

    but you did not. instead you chose to attack her and falsely accuse her because you dont agree with what her ministry of exposing false prophets that you worship like todd bentley, paul cain, c peter wagner, rick joyner and the like.

    i would advice anyone who reads this post to speak to miriam for themselves and ask her about all this, before believing all these lies.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 28, 2009 9:03 pm

      She is Rosalind Miram Franklin. I actually have an email from her signed RM Franklin. I have researched this and am confident she is one and the same. People other than Stephen have done the same.

      I purposefully did not talk to Ms. Franklin because I wanted to see how she liked being on the receiving end of what she refuses to repent of. You know what? She doesn’t like it a bit. But, she still hasn’t repented.

      I don’t falsely accuse her. I posted the fact that she is involved in a lawsuit for fraud and put up a copy of a newspaper article in the UK to support what I wrote. I have made 1 post about it. She sent me an email and a 15 part diatribe over 1 post. Hmmmm. That just seems a bit excessive to me.

      You see, I don’t see in the five fold ministry in Ephesians an office of Doctrine Police. I have spotted false accusations in her posts. I know they are false, because I happen to know the people she is accusing personally. But I don’t post about those things because my Father will defend His children. The fact that she was rejoicing over Bill Johnson’s recent illness should have sent up a red flag to anyone with any discernment.

      There is a job description in the Bible for one who continually accuses the saints before God. It is the Accuser of the Brethren. The holder of that office is Satan.

  49. April 28, 2009 7:03 pm

    My oh my! Just read through that private content Rahab – good of you to send it. Now you begin to get some idea of what we’ve been going through these past months and years. This is typical fare for Mrs Franklin I’m afraid – but I won’t tie up the blog with a response that might confuse visitors who haven’t seen her latest… (was it really only 15 pages?)

    In short though – it is the same old stuff. So full of deception and false accusations.. mixed in with just enough truth to make it seem credible.. but ultimately designed to mislead the reader; falsely accuse others of her very own crimes and offences; whilst trying to divert attention from who and what she really is.

    I suppose a simple yes-or-no question to ask ‘Miriam’ in private is to ask her to make her personal contact details available, so as to prove she has nothing to hide? Or even to simply deny (as she has done numerous times in that diatribe) that ‘Miriam Franklin’ is not in fact Rosalind Miriam Franklin of Diggory Press?

    I note that I have been vilified once again unrelentingly, with particular attacks on my character and motives. So I freely invite any enquiries about any issues at all in regards to myself, my professional credentials or this court case – to email me privately (preferably with a phone number) and I will do my utmost to clarify and verify anything that is asked of me. Meanwhile, I will bring that latest entertaining document to the next Court hearing in support of my existing claims for slander etc..

    Please feel free to contact me Rahab if you need to, using an email address I can respond to.. (yours says ‘do not reply’). Otherwise, may I respectfully direct all interested parties to the hard facts and evidence on the Rogues gallery website at

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 28, 2009 9:09 pm

      To anyone signed up for email updates, you got the whole mess that Miriam sent to me. It went to my spam box and I had to approve it in order to get it out of spam, so it all appeared on the site for the length of time to unapprove it so I could retain it in my regular comment file.

      As I said, I have a comment filed away from End Time Prophetic Words that says RM Franklin on it as the sender. I am confident she is indeed the same.

  50. Sandy permalink
    April 28, 2009 7:04 pm

    Stephen and Rahab,

    Is there anything I can do to help, please let me know. Guys,this is how it is.

    We know the things she says and does are not of God as we have stated, it is her fruit we are discerning. It is not judgment, as we do have the right to discern if something is or is not of God.

    We also know most of her prophecies do not at all line up with the word or will of God. We know she is being sued, which makes her a false prophet to begin with if she is guilty. (Which why would people be suing her if she is not) She is preaching/teaching the Word of God and not obeying it.

    If there is the slightest thing she disagrees with she goes way off of the deep end. It is a plain and simple fact this woman is not a God fearing person. She places herself on the same level as Jesus, and does nothing but make the Word of God fit her situations.

    I just got off of her blog and some of the things which she post are true I will not deny that, but she leaves no room for error for any human being. She reminds me of a buzzard sitting on a highline waiting to pounce on someone while they are still alive and kicking.
    The moment they die, she swoops in immediately.

    She needs for the sake of the others who just feed off of her every word, to be exposed in all of this. Stephen if I can help you find some of these prophecies else where let me know what you want.

    Some of the things she states I have heard as I have stated on the news. I just wish I would have written them down. From now on I will be more cautious and more attentive.

    Good luck guys, and let me know how you are coming along, or if you need help. Sandy

  51. April 29, 2009 3:09 am

    Thanks Rahab and Sandy for your supportive comments, and for not giving credence to Rosalind Franklin’s diatribe.

    Just to set the record straight – and because Rahab has sent that document out to the other bloggers here – may I kindly direct anyone with any questions about my background, credentials, education, religious affiliations, or personal character.. to please visit my (slightly outdated personal page) at as well as reviewing the detail on Mrs Franklin at

    I won’t dignify Mrs Franklin’s nefariousness and personal attacks further – other than to point out that in-amongst all the evasiveness and denials – it is patently clear that the writer of that wonderful piece of prose is either a co-joined twin of Rosalind Franklin, or, lives in the same house, using the same computer, and exhibiting all the same personality traits. Furthermore, the main reason Rahab (and others) are coming under such attack now, is precisely because they are getting the message across effectively. So please don’t be dissuaded or intimidated – especially by the threats to ‘take further action’ etc. It is all hollow bluster and bullying. Practically every one of the 100+ authors who have logged complaints with me about her questionable ‘business practices’ have received similar abuses and threats at some point..

    I too received a 9-pager a couple of weeks ago – by someone claiming to be ‘someone-other-than-Miriam’ – with more-or-less the same content (except for the personal stuff against me) – but interestingly, that individual seemed incapable of identifying herself either.. but the initials ‘M. F.’ may have been an inadvertent subconscious give-away perhaps..?

    I don’t want to give the game away before our next Court hearing, but I can assure everyone that the supposed ‘prophetess’ Miriam Franklin is indeed one-and-the-same as Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin, who is currently facing multiple charges against her in the UK Courts. When the time is right, I will share those details further – but I don’t want to give too much away before the hearing – as I’m sure everyone understands.

    Unfortunately, (as usual) Mrs Franklin has reacted to our collective resolve in Court by lodging completely ludicrous counter-claims to try to stall the legal process and wear the claimants down (the latest only yesterday in fact). This is where the semi-truthful £50,000 detail came from. But an appeal to have that claim struck out has already been entered – and I feel reasonably confident that it will end up where it belongs in the Courtroom waste basket.

    [Yes Roslaind – you will receive your copy soon. It seems you were so busy vilifying everyone online, that you failed to read the Court’s instructions properly..]

    As an aside – I wonder if ‘ItsHellWithoutJesus’ above would also care to deny she is also ‘Miriam’?

    [P.S. I may get back to you Sandy about your offer to help.. many thanks.]

  52. Sandy permalink
    April 29, 2009 8:01 am

    It is Hell without Jesus,

    When I first read this I posted an email on her blog asking her to please post something regarding this matter. That if she was innocent to please address this issue, or if she was guilty to please do the same, but to let her followers know one way or the other what is going on.

    Within a moment she deleted my posting and as to date has said nothing.

    As for as posting lies what about her. She accused me of making Jesus my own idol. That she did not know what Bible I read. That because I did not see things her way, I was not wanting to know the truth regarding God. Which to me the Bible is the truth of God, not Miriam Franklin, or the way she sees scripture. Again, when I told her I refused to take her abuse she accused me of throwing a “childish hissy fit.” When I tried to respond to these things myself along with others, she would delete the postings. So to get on Rahabs case because of not letting her post things, she does the same thing, so I expect to see a posting from you on one of her blogs regarding this matter also, and calling her a hypocrite. And let me add one more thing, Miriam Franklin does not know me either and has never met me, yet she set herself up as judge and jury of my soul, and my spiritual life. Not only me but anyone else she decides to bite into. So you go and address these issues with her also, to be fair. And you get this also. She did all of this because I defended the Catholic Church and asked her why people were being so mean to the Church, and she lit into me with the fire of hell. You know why, because she hates, hellwithoutJesus. She bears the fruit of “hate” all over the place and that is not God. She hates my Church and post things regarding it, and when I tried to explain why the Church did some of these things she delted them too. Well you know what, Rahab nor these followers do not care that I am Catholic and they love me with the love of Christ.

    I too, as long as others here have asked her to come clean on this. She does not need to post anything here, she has enough places to post a response on her own. Miriam has ample time, room, and opportunity to address this matter. All Rahab is doing is keeping her from bullying people including himself on this blog, and he has the right to, because he owns this one. Just like Miriam has the right to, because she owns hers.

    That is what gets me regarding those who defend her and attacks everyone else. You justify all the hurt and pain she causes others, and when someone turns the table on her, all the yelling and screaming starts. Well now you know how we all feel and felt, regarding not her help, or trying to lead those she feels have strayed from the so call Miriam Franklin truth, back to Christ. No, she down right attacks, accuses, abuses, slanders, and is so hateful it hurts your very soul. Then when you put it back in her court she deltes you. So quit calling the kettle black okay. Go to Miriams sight to abuse and hurt the souls of others. Seems like most of the so called Christians there, accept and like it. However we do not accept or like it here.
    You get off of Rahab’s case, Stephens case and anyone elses on this blog who loves God and each other. If Miriam is innocent after all she has done to hurt others, she is surely capable of defending herself where we do not have to put up with all of her bullying. I for one do not want it here.


  53. Sandy permalink
    April 29, 2009 8:50 am

    Sorry Rahab but something just came to me and I had to post. You are accused of trying to run Miriam down, etc, etc… But you know what, if she is “guilty of all of this” no one “turned the table on Miriam” but Miriam herself. I just had to say this. Sandy

  54. Sandy permalink
    April 29, 2009 11:56 am

    Thanks for the “thanks” Stephen. You know sometimes I think this actually brings out the worst in me, but God forgive me I cannot help it. She hurt me so badly, and I try so hard to be angry and sin not, but sometimes I feel like I do not make it. All I can trust in is the mercy and grace of our Lord to forgive me, if I fail.

    I have googled on my own when time allows. I must say all evidence does point to her.

    If I come across anything will post it here. As far as wanting to know what she sends, honestly and truly I do not care, as it is going to have the same tone and character which evidently she does not feel exists. I just do not think I could read anymore of her lies or take anymore of her abuse even if it is directed to others. It just makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me sick for those who actually believe her and for our Sweet Precious Jesus. The Name above every other Name. The Slaughtered Lamb, It is thrown around like dirt, and it breaks my heart.

    You know she told me, “I do not know your Jesus.” My reply to her wss, “She was right she did not know “MY” Jesus, because He is not “MY”
    Jesus that He belongs to us all.” And it was not “MY BIBLE” it is the Word of God. Before it was all over I was in so much sin myself, I had to spend the entire week repenting and confessing my sins. That is what really opened my eyes. No one of God would lead me into a path of sin. I am not excusing myself or blaming her for my actions, but what I am saying is: This is where conversations with her lead us.
    It has to be stopped, for there are so many out there, which has astounded me, that are just like her. They feed off of her cruelty to others. It was getting hard to tell if it was her posting or others, as it was beginning to all have the same tone of her.

    Well enough. Like I said am doing some research here also. God Bless
    Stephen, and may He be with you, Sandy

    Forgive me, but I want to post this: I have read the threatening letter to the person who dared question her. The threats of it and the prayer that God would do something awful to this person. (Just like Hopesomes threat of be “careful of who you expose the same may happen to you.”) If any threat or anything happens to me because of my disagreement with Miriam Franklin, trust me there are those who know where it came from, as I am not so stupid as not to protect me and my family. I will stand and support all that Stephen and Rahab are doing, to get to the truth, as that is all I care about. But obviously the person who threatened and prayed for God to do something harmful to another human being, is unstable, and I will not take that chance with my life or the life of my family.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      April 29, 2009 12:10 pm

      I’m sorry that you were hurt by her. But hurt people hurt people and somewhere she has been hurt and has become what you see. Don’t let her make you into the same thing. Jesus heals wounded hearts and he will heal you, too.

  55. Sandy permalink
    April 29, 2009 1:30 pm


    Thanks so much for the spiritual direction given in the love of our Lord. You are so correct, sometimes I read what I post and it grieves me also. You are correct, sometimes I do feel like I am letting her make me into her, or let me put it like this, the hurt that I feel makes me into her.

    I will try and let God control my thoughts and post or stop a minute before I do, and take a breath and ask our Lord let nothing I say be not of Him. As that is what is truly important.

    I just do not want you or Stephen attacked by any of it anymore. I want the truth. I do not want to be attacked by any of it anymore. Truly I have had my belly full. You know I deal with it everyday in my daily life, just because of what Church I go to, and when the numbers on the computer are so many at times I become overwhelmed. Then when the only place I have, where I can have a voice, and it gets attacked again, it makes me angry. You do not know how thankful I am for this place. May God Bless you for it I pray.

    If you see where I am failing God please, please let me know, as I never want to do that.

    I pray that God let’s the truth be known quickly. I do not think any of us should be beaten up for wanting truth.

    God Bless, Ssndy

  56. Sandy permalink
    April 29, 2009 6:01 pm


    I hit on something reading Miriams prophecies regarding the One World Currency for the New Era. I will just share a few.

    “A man of deciet and treachery that would not stop at selling his mother.” My note: This has been taught in my country since the earth was formed, I think. The Beast has always been represented as a man of deciet and treachery. This is not a vision nor nothing new, and I have heard it in the pulpits all of my life.

    “Invisible mark going on the back of the hand for buying and selling, and I see someone putting their hand under a scanner at a supermarket for the mark to be scanned at the check out like one would a barcode or a credit card and this mark is for buying and selling.” Again since the earth was formed and the reason I know this is, because in the 1990’s my own father and I discussed this as this was on some television show, and I have also seen this repeated on some shows over the past few years, shows in regards to The End of the World, The Battle of the heavens. The barcode she is referring to is being called a “computer chip” that they say will be placed in the hand and will be scanned. It has also been taught here for years and years, that one will not be able to buy or sell anything without this mark. I have heard this since the 1970’s-1980’s. My friends and I have even discussed this. I have also heard some television Evangalist saying the same thing for years, way before this so called vision was ever posted.

    Neil Divine: I googled Neil Divine, a name used in her vision. I did not find other prophesies using this name however what I did find was the name Neil and divine used in many many blogs under hers. I can almost be assurd this is where she came up with that name. Her prophecy states: He the beast, will call himself divine, and get people to kneel before him/Neil before him, and this man would take the place of God by calling himself God’s own titles. Again since earth was made, the preachers have always taught that many would be fooled by the Beast, and people would think he was God as he would fake his own death, and rise from the dead. People will follow him for 3 and one half years, and then he will show his true colors.

    In recent years also, every television show regarding the end of the world has stated these same things. The only thing different from what they have said, and what she has said, is the name of Neil Divine. But again these two words are used numerous times under her posting. Most of these shows have been on the History Channel.

    Hope this helps, and I hope others see, at least this so called vision is nothing that has not been stated since I was young, and that was a long time ago:>) Or so my body says:>) Sandy

  57. April 30, 2009 5:11 am

    Just a quick one folks – especially for Sandy.. Please don’t let Mrs Franklin get under your skin. This is how she empowers herself – by gloating (if I may say so) over all the people out there whose lives are being affected – mostly negatively – by her own miserable and unloving activities.

    I hesitate to articulate in plain English the conclusions I have come to regarding her personality and motives, but as Rahab has implied, I am sure there are some very deep-rooted problems behind all this spite, malice, deception and delusion. As you say Sandy, probably the greatest tragedy for sincere visitors to her blog, is that Mrs Franklin will not hesitate to use and abuse any aspect of religious tradition or scripture, (including the name of Christ) to attempt to qualify her hatemongering against other Christians – indeed, against anyone who has had the misfortune of crossing her.

    Many of the supposed ‘supportive’ posts on her site will undoubtedly have been constructed by Mrs Franklin herself using other online identities. So don’t take them too seriously. Also, as more and more blogs such as this one sprout up in frustration at her destructive activities, the word will eventually get out, and her support-base will most surely get wise to what they have been unwittingly drawn into.

    There is little that can be described as ‘good, wholesome, helpful or loving’ in Franklin’s activities – and much that can be ascribed to less-than-holy influences.

    Best advice Sandy is not to be drawn in too close to Mrs Franklin. Just focus on the facts, and let as many people as possible know about her deceptive activities. In my opinion, she is no more a ‘prophet’ than the Beast of Bodmin (which she wrote a book about).. Anyway, hopefully, the Courts will be scheduling a new hearing later this week – and I hope to be bringing good news to all those who have been deceived and defrauded so far..

  58. Sandy permalink
    April 30, 2009 7:35 am

    Rahab and Stephen,

    I thank you both so much for the spiritual direction you have given to me regarding this matter. I believe God lead me to this site for the soul purpose of the two of you helping me to heal, from my hurt, anger, and bitterness, that I realized last night was slowly becoming a hate for this woman within myself. If you will indulge me for a moment here.

    Lsat night I was speaking to our Lord regarding my feelings, and the Holy Spirit came and said, “Have you resisted sin so much, that you have sweated blood?” At that moment I became so humbled in my soul, as I have always believed sin hit our precious Jesus in the garden.
    (This is my personal belief and not up for debate for anyone who wants to debate this issue with me) But I realized another thing also, this became all about me and my feelings of hurt, and it should of been about Jesus and all the wrongs being done to Him in this matter.

    Anyways, I begin to ponder the garden, the way to the Cross, and the Cross itself. I begin to think about God, Jesus and Mary on that day.
    How as parents of Jesus God and Mary were so silent on that day. (When I say parents of Jesus I mean God and Mary were the parents of Jesus “God Man.” The divine part of Him belongs to God alone.) I begin to think how hurt they were and how much grief they had on that day. Then I begin to ponder Jesus, and how the Agony in the Garden for Him, was so unbearable as the Agony was the whole entire day. How He must of wanted God to take this from Him with every cell in His body.

    Then I begin to realize how much love Jesus truly did have for God, so much He was willing to do God’s bidding so to speak and lay on the Cross and die for the rest of us. I begin to think of a line of a prayer I say which is, “Who would not venerate this Blood of such infinite value.” I begin to realize many do not including myself at times.

    When I begin to meditate upon these things, I felt the burden of hurt begin to lift, as He took this hurt I was feeling to the Cross. You are right Stephen I need to stick to the facts and not let her get to me, because this is where she had her control over me. That is a tool of the devil to keep us in bondage with pain and hurt, so that we cease to glorify God in our lives. I had cease to do this. I had made it about me and not Him.

    I do so thank you both. It does not mean that I will cease to follow up on some of her so called “visions” but the hurt is not there, and I can do this with a clear head, conscience, and heart now. I say this because I do so feel she needs to be exposed for those who just place their souls it seems into her hands. We need to place our souls in our Father’s Hands, as that is what He collects.

    But I glorify and magnify our Lord, for the two of you being sent to me, to help me through my time again, of pain, bitterness, and almost becoming hate. God stepped in and stopped me with the spirtual direction from the both of you. Thanks be to God.

    God Bless, Sandy

  59. Sandy permalink
    April 30, 2009 7:28 pm

    Rahab and Stephen,

    Has been a good good day, today. Relief, relief, relief. I just wanted to say again thanks to the both of you. I pray nothing like this ever happens to me again. It is almost scarey for me to think, how close I came to hurting our Lord, and how far I was drifting from Him. I think I will keep a better check on myself from now on. It does not take much does it???

    Rahab, I have a question for you and please do not think I am dumb. But I am trying to create a blog. I want to post it on this prophecy site. But I am having the dickens of the time of figuring out what to do.

    Do I need to purchase an upgrade or what? How did you do this? I have written and written support but their answers are of no help for what I am needing. If you can help me I would appreciate it. I have already gotten everything done on WordPress I just need to know how to blog and get it going to where I want it to go.

    God Bless, Sandy

  60. Sandy permalink
    May 3, 2009 6:04 pm


    Have fixed problem. Hope all is well with you. All is well here.

    God Bless and again, thank you

  61. Sandy permalink
    May 6, 2009 8:10 pm


    True Christians are not so damning, However, they can lead you that way if you are not careful, as I speak from experience.

    You are correct it does not add up, and therefore to me if something does not add up it is not true, as 2 and 2 are four no matter how many times you add it.

    The main thing is to as Stephen said, “Stick to the facts.” I urge you again from my own personal experience with this, do not get too wrapped up in it. The first thing you know, you are damning someone yourself.

    Stephen and Rahab helped me a whole lot and I do thank God for their spiritual advice. Since I got myself straight again, I have been addressing this issue of these so called “Prophets” but I am doing in with scripture, not with my own anger.

    I feel as if we have not seen anything yet, as to what the future holds for all of us.

    God Bless, Sandy

  62. Sandy permalink
    May 7, 2009 2:44 pm


    You are correct I did post some condemnation and this is what I meant when I said, “We can be lead into it if we are not careful.” I was not careful, I was hurt to my very being, and this as I try to point out is what happens when hurt leads to us hurting others. Nothing but absolute sin. I spent most of the week repenting, confessing sins, and asking for forgiveness, from God and from those who I said hateful things about. I am not making excuses regarding my behavior but being that stated, I also learned a lot from all of this. I blame no one for my words but myself, but I have learned through all of this, how to not respond in my hurt, and how to respond in my hurt. Stephen and Rahab helped me a whole lot.

    I know what you mean about feeling dirty, I did also. I prayed a lot also once I calmed down. But all of this is over for me and I am happy once again, and busy doing the work of our Lord. I have forgiven those who have hurt me, and I ask again forgiveness of those I have hurt.

    Irene, truly in my heart I want all of us to get along. There is a big wide gap which is going to be hard to close, but through this experience this is now what I am trying to do, but do it in love. I am also sorry if I upset you with my postings, as that was not my intention at all. I was just venting, which I need to be more careful how I vent. I did not glorify God either. I know my sins well, and have no problem confessing them to anyone.

    So we will just agree in prayer that God will help us all to heal, love, and forgive one another if that is okay with you. I am the first to admit, I am a sinner. I am a Christian, but I am still a sinner, and I thank God for Jesus that I can be a sinner and still be a Christian. I try hard not to sin, but I fail like everyone else.

    Also as far as bringing up the Face on the Cushion site I do not know why you cannot. It is on one of Miriam Franklin’s blogs. I have not posted on them at all in the past few weeks, but I will go and see what happened. She may have deleted it I do not know. You should be able to go into any one of her blogs and bring it up through the archives for April I think.

    God Bless Irene, and I am sorry if I hurt you by my words.

  63. Sandy permalink
    May 7, 2009 3:02 pm


    Since you are knew to the computer I will try and help you here find “Face on a Cushion.”

    Connect to your internet and at the top type in Prophecies of Miriam Franklin. This will take you to the web page. Click on the post Prophecies of Miriam Franklin blogs, pictures et. This will take you to her blog. You will see a posting and all of hers are done in pink and red click on it, this will take you to her posting. On the right hand side you will see something which says Search (you may have to scroll down to get to it) type in Face on a Cushion and a screen will come up on your left. Go to number 1461 and click on it and it will bring it up. I urge you not to dwell there too long, as that is what I did. I started reading everyone’s postings and I just got angry. I did not get angry and sin not. Not at all, I got angry and sinned:>)

    Do not give up my Mom has just started on the computer and she is 76 years old and is having a blast:>) I have also just started blogging myself, and have had a whole lot of trouble, but am getting it all done. It takes awhile.

    May the Peace of God be with you

  64. Sandy permalink
    May 7, 2009 3:04 pm


    When you type in Face on a Cushion, you have to click on the search button. I forgot to put that in.

  65. Sandy permalink
    May 7, 2009 8:18 pm


    First off Hi and God Bless. If you will permit me to addresss this issue one last time regarding this with Miriam Franklin and this is it.

    I know I was wrong not in my feelings but I how I handled those feelings. I have been on my face before God and have asked for forgiveness. I have also asked for forgiveness on those I hurt. So this sin is not upon me anymore, though when I open my eyes before I get out of bed, I am sure I will do or say something and a whole new sin will arise, even though that is not my intent. I am a sinner, a redeemed one, but still a sinner.

    Rahab made me see in a very Godly non-offensive way I was becoming what I was so speaking against. Stephen showed me I was taking it all very personal which I did, and to stick to the facts, and get over it more or less, again in a very Godly non-offensive way. I thank our Lord for them both, as I needed someone who would speak truth to me, but I needed no more hurt. I will forever be grateful to both of them, and will always appreciate them even though I will never meet them.

    I am now trying to help a young man who has just denounced God and Jesus for the actions of Christians and the corrupt religions and the false prophets, and the selling of God for His blessings. So there are bigger fish for me to fry in this world than to worry about Miriam Franklin and those who support her. That does not mean I do not pray for her, though.

    Again, I was wrong. I have admitted it, and this will not eat me up anymore. The first thing when I saw what was going on in that blog, I should have shut this computer off. I dwelled in sin too long and it latched on me like a leech. I behaved accordingly through no one’s fault but my own.

    The last time. Please forgive me. I am through with it. Now I must go and speak to this young man, as he is the one who has my heart at this time. God Bless, Sandy

  66. Sandy permalink
    May 8, 2009 7:57 pm

    Rahab, when and if you do email me, please post something on this blog letting me know you have done so. If you cannot do it I understand. I assure you I will never reveal your email address to anyone. I know you do not know me, but I think you know me well enough. I smell a rat and have this past week. Like I said I got a strange request today, and want to pass it by you to see what you think. God Bless and will be glad when this thing is over.

  67. Sandy permalink
    May 8, 2009 9:33 pm

    Rahab, delete my last two post please this is for Irene.


    I went and read your statement on the Face on the Cushion and I quote, “This face in a cushion/cloud/griddle and even a KITKAT now OH MY, is nothing new for Catholics. I used to think such things were funny, but not anymore, it is a SERIOUS PLOY. We have an enenmy that is taking desperate measures to lure and deceive us “true Christians” into his liar of deceit in these last days. BEWARE HE STOPS AT NOTHING.”

    1. Did you not see I am a Catholic on my post on this blog?

    2. You came against me because I wrote “condemnation” against Miriram Franklin, and tried to make me feel so bad about what I said, even to the point of telling me “true repentance is putting it right with the injured person have I done this” That “I spoke about love, forgiveness, bitterness and then wrote more condemnation. Even to the point of where I once again had to ask forgiveness. Well what about what you said about the Church I go to? Then accusing Rahab of being on a “witch hunt.” Are you going to put this right Irene. You know I am so hurt, I really do not care, at this time.

    3. But I forget I am not a “true Christian” am I, because I am Catholic? So would you expect any less out of me? Tell me what is a “true Christian?” Oh yes, forgive me, a “true Christian” are those who have it 100% correct. A “true Christian” would never be lured into the “liar of deciet in the last days” would they? A “true Christian” would never be Catholic would they? A “true Christian” would be you and Miriam Franklin.” A “true Christian” would never have sin would they?

    4. I do not know about this “Cushion” thing myself. But the griddle/KITKAT/Cloud/ and I also read about the face of Jesus being on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on that blog, and those postings did not come from Catholics did they? And look whose name they used? The name of Jesus, and they threw it around like it was a comedian on television. At least those “not so true Catholic Christians” revere it if it is there or not. Make no mistake Irene, I have never known a Catholic to do anything but hold the Name of Jesus and Jesus Himself, in the upmost of respect. He is highly loved, why do you think we bow when we go into the Church? That is right you do not know do you? We bow to Him and not a statue.

    5. Then you are “knew to the computer world” and are not we gather very young, and I am not saying you are old, yet you use terms such as links? Tell me Irene, what is a “link?” My mother would not know what a link is.

    6. It is funny but right above your post is a note to me from Sylvia, telling me to please respond to her post, and that she sent me an acknowldgement but on another site but for some reason it was pulled. That she wants to tell me something about the “truth being for me” and not against me. How much she cares about me? (Rahab if it was this blog she was trying to get to me and you pulled it, thanks)

    7. Then you wanted my help to get to the Face on the Cushion and like a dumb somebody I tried to help you. Did you know all along how to get to it Irene?

    8. You are right and correct, “the devil stops at nothing to lure us into his lies and deceit.”

    I am sorry by your standards I am not a “true Christian” Irene. But you know there was a woman from Cana, that Jesus called a dog, and she told Him, He was right, but even a dog had the right to the scraps from their Masters Table. He told her, “Her faith had made her whole and her daughter was healed.” If I do not have but one thing, that is faith in God. Faith in His Son and what His Son did for all of us, because see Irene He died for me. I mean He had to, because I am not a “true Christian” and He died for us sinners. He died for us not so “true Christians.” See He said, that He did not come for the righteous, but for “dogs” like me. Do not ever think Irene, that sinners have no right to His mercy, because that is the very reason He laid on that Cross.

    Well Irene, “are you without any sin?” Of course you have no sin, you are “true.” The only truth I know laid and died on the Cross for me. You know Rahab, I am really beginning to understand how Jesus felt, when they would not believe who He said He was. How He felt when they laughed, mocked Him, and somewhere in this I am going to feel blessed, but right now I feel used, deceived once again, and made to feel less than a dog. But Jesus said, “I, me, Sandy was worth dieing for. He said I was worth being whipped for. He said, I was worth being loved.” He said all I had to do was have faith in Him and love Him and have faith in what He did, and He would never turn me away.

    Rahab, I do not even want to here her reply at this time, please. I thought she was real,loving, and kind. I tried to help her. God forgive me, but right now I am sitting here crying, how could I be so deceived. Irene, go back and tell Sylvia, I have the truth for me and His name is Jesus. I do not need her truth nor yours either. You are right Irene, the devil stops at nothing, not even you.

    How could you and then call yourself a “true Christian?” Rahab, is there truly such a person? Am I wrong? What in the Sam hill are they doing to “God’s family?” God have mercy on us all.

    Irene, you can go and tell Sylvia I will not be lured back to that Blog. First bitten shame on you, twice shame on me. God will always protect me Irene, make no mistake of that. He always had. The only thing is right now, I am crying for Him to protect my heart.

    If I died right this minute Irene, my soul would be injured, and an injured soul would go up to God. But you know I would still ask for His mercy on all the “true Christians.”

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 8, 2009 9:49 pm

      Just so everyone knows, Irene and Chris and Richard have all been posting from the same IP address. I would have to assume, from the abusive tone taken by each of these posters in the posts I have not posted, that they are in fact Miriam. The writing style and word choices in each closely resemble her blogging style. So, I have pulled all of their posts from this site. Nice try.

      • rahabsplace permalink*
        May 8, 2009 10:13 pm

        Sandy, I have emailed you.

        Irene is an evil woman with evil intent. The fact that she attacked you proves it. I am sorry you were wounded on this blog. My fault for not paying closer attention and picking up on the fact they were all posting from the same IP address. They all started sounding like Miriam, which was the point I cut each of their posting off. I have a number of posts from each of them that I did not post. When I saw the same IP address, I just pulled them all.

        You are Catholic. That does not mean you are not a Christian. There are lots of points of doctrine that you and I would probably disagree about, but the Catholic Church guarded many doctrinal truths for many years before there was ever a Protestant Reformation. The doctrine of the Trinity was truly guarded by the Catholic Church. There were many heresies that were refuted and stopped from spreading because of the actions of the Catholic Church.

        Salvation is not found in a doctrine. Salvation is not found in a book. Salvation is found in a Person, and his name is JESUS. Scripture says that all those who call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. If you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, you will be saved. Period. That’s the Biblical qualification for salvation.

        Irene is a bitter, twisted person who needs a savior. She has a form of godliness but denies the true power of grace and the transformation of the inner man by the power of the Holy Spirit. Those who walk with Jesus grow to look and act more like him. Jesus drew people to himself. They were attracted to who he was, not what he looked like. People who walk with Jesus draw people. They don’t intentionally hurt and repel them.

        Look for Jesus in people. That will help you avoid people like Irene who can only feel good and superior when they destroy. The bible makes it clear that a bruised reed Jesus would not break. Satan, on the other hand, came to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to destroy all the works of the evil one. Look for the fruit of the Spirit in the works of people. If they do not radiate righteousness, peace and joy, they are not of God, no matter what their “doctrine” says.

        Irene’s effect on you was destructive. Her words and actions were intentionally deceptive. Those are not qualities found in Jesus. Therefore, she does not belong to him.

        Those who belong to Jesus draw you to the Father. They help you grow closer to the Lord and more confident of his love for you. The Father loves you with an everlasting love. Jesus said he would never leave you nor forsake you. Those who tell you your doctrine or your actions affect the Father’s love for you have never known the Father’s love. His love is unconditional. You were bought with a price and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

      • rahabsplace permalink*
        May 9, 2009 6:02 am

        I made an initial assumption that the person posting under different names but the same IP address was Miriam. I apologize. I have no verifiable proof it was her. The fact that deception was used, however tells its own tale about the person involved, and the fact that Sandy was injured by the actions of this person is also very revealing as to the character and nature of those involved.

  68. Sandy permalink
    May 9, 2009 11:47 am


    If anyone is to blame for this it is me!!! The Holy Spirit warned me on her first correction on me regarding “condemnation.” I did not want to listen, as I truly wanted Irene to be sincere. So if anyone is to blame it is me for not listening to God.

    I know this though, this is certainly of the devil, as God does not set traps, God does not deceive His children. God did try and warn me, so I know I have His protection. I need to sharpen my listening and obedience skills though, very much. In doing those two things, “If God is for me who can come against me?”

    Thank you for your post regarding me being “Catholic.” What I do not believe I have ever said though, is I am a “convert.” So I do not argue doctrine either, as I have been so blessed by God to have been able to worship Him as a Catholic and a Protestant. I see both sides, I love the people of both sides, and I love pretty much the doctrines of both sides. It has been a wonderful and glorious journey for me. Some day when time allows, I will tell you about it, as I look back it is quite funny, but it was not at the time, as I did not go wiillingly:>) God and I had many battles, but in the end He won the war, thank God. Trust me I did not leave the “Protestant” behind, I took it with me.

    Rahab, I know this. The devil has many tatics, but he is so done, “stick a fork in him.” He uses many people and when he does, they are hurtful, deceivers, they lie, and set traps for God’s children. They build up themselves and belittle others. Yes, they have hurt and angered me to the maximum it seems right now. You know they need the mercy of God more than anything now for doing this. I have to pray for it, because I need His mercy also. I cannot pray it for myself and not for others also. This deception and lies which have just happened, will not go unnoticed by our Lord. His will be done, is all I can say, either way.

    I did state though there would be a blessing in this hurt and it came today. I realized what Paul meant when he stated, “What was lacking in the sufferings of Christ….” (Not that Jesus lacked anything) but Paul made it clear we will suffer for the Gospel of Christ. So I took my sufferings and united them with the sufferings of Jesus, and I feel very blessed that even though I am hurt, I have had this grace placed upon me to do so. I know now a little of how Jesus felt, and that is a blessing in itself. I will never be able to feel all that He felt, but I know what it is to be mocked, beaten, laughed and sneered at. All I can do and have done is to ask Him, to please open His most Sacred Heart and let me go there, and for Him to engulf me in His love. There I shall stay until this is over.

    God Bless you Rahab, and remember, our Precious Jesus has already defeated hell and the devil.

  69. May 11, 2009 7:00 am

    Hi Folks – it seems I missed the fun these past few days.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t see the posts from Irene, Richard or Chris (Mrs Franklin in disguise no doubt) but I’m glad that Rahab has noted the fact that ‘Miriam’ (Rosalind Franklin) continues to use false identities to either hurt and attack others – or to apparently support Miriam.

    All I can say to those she is attacking, is to take a close look at how this woman operates, and just make a simple, matter-of-fact assessment of how much credibility she deserves. Although I have formed some very firm conclusions about why Mrs Franklin operates this way, I am restricted by my own sense of propriety. So may I simply draw everyone’s attention to three key facts:

    1: Rosalind Miriam Franklin has proven herself to be completely and absolutely amoral – whether as a supposed ‘publisher’ – or as a supposed ‘prophet’.

    2: She devotes practically all of her time to massive deception, duplicity, profiteering and self-delusion, and has no scruples whatsoever regarding the hurt and pain she causes others in pursuit of her nefarious aims.

    3: Perhaps most telling of all, Rosalind Miriam Franklin ‘projects’ her own ‘sins-and-crimes’ (as it were) onto anyone who challenges her. In the greatest of hypocritical ironies, people such as myself find ourselves being counter-accused of the exact same crimes she has visited upon us in the first place.

    In this regard, the latest 15-pager Mrs F posted online accuses me of a host of crimes that SHE actually visited on myself and others – and whether or not people choose to check the facts for themselves – it is clear that her intention is to try to destroy my credibility in public using any and all means at her disposal. It is offensive, and deeply frustrating to see this happening, and to have to spend all this time, effort and energy dealing with someone I would usually dismiss as being utterly despicable.

    In short – this person may deserve our compassion (or our contempt) – but certainly not our respect. Those of us who continue the fight through the UK Courts are doing all we can to try to put a stop to her activities, but when you come up against someone with such unbounded reserves of malice and vengeance, it is so very hard not to become tainted by the association. We can only continue to hope that the Courts will eventually do the right thing – and bring some peace to those of us who have been so ruthlessly and unjustly attacked – simply for trying to stand up to a bully and a fraudster.

    We should all consider that people who put this much effort and energy into projecting a false persona online, must surely be trying to compensate for their own failures in real life.

    If I may quote scripture: 1 John 4:20 reads, “If a person says he loves God but hates his brother – he is a liar..”

    Perhaps ‘Miriam the prophetess’ can qualify her hatemongering against these words..?

    Link for updates on Rosalind Miriam Franklin and her nefarious activities..

    Rahab – if I could view the deleted posts I would appreciate that – as evidence for the Court – thanks..

  70. Stephen permalink
    May 12, 2009 9:49 am

    Hi Rahab. I’ll be posting an update to the latest developments in the Court cases very soon, but in the meantime, may I ask you to email me a copy of ‘Miriam’s’ post which she signed off as ‘R M Franklin’ – just for my records.

    You’re probably aware that as soon as I direct people to a link that proves who and what Mrs F really is – she deletes that material. I have my own records of course, but as-and-when we get to see the Judge – it will be especially helpful if I can produce collaborative evidence from independent sources.

    Many thanks, and please keep up the good work in exposing the truth..


  71. Sandy permalink
    May 13, 2009 7:12 pm

    Rahab and Stephen,

    Hope all is well with the two of you. I came across this verse in God’s Word and I think it is something we all three can live with. I know it gave me strength when I read it.

    I know the three of us are very tired of Miriam and her crew. They tend to know all about everyone’s religion, how much faith they have, and the rights and wrongs of everyone but themselves. They do not mind telling us all how wrong we are, and we are destined for hell more or less at any moment. I came across this today and I think it sums it up pretty well, for those who think they are right on the money with God, have it all correct, and are so superior to everyone else. I think it also stands for those who fall.

    James 1:26 “If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, his religion is vain. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”

    So if we care about and for those who have less then we do, I do, and I am sure you do also, then our religion is undefiled and pure before our Father. You know that is what matters is what He thinks of us.

    So it really doesn’t matter what Church we go to, in all their rights and wrongs. James tells us here, our religion is not in vain. I know at times, at least for me, it is hard to bridle our tongues on this, but I do not believe our hearts are decieved and I do not believe our religion is in vain.

    I think we try very hard to keep ourselves unstained by the world, as we are not buying into any of this at all. It is false, it hurts others, and is leading God’s children down a road of destruction as it is making them very hard hearted.

    I am not saying (sigh) all of this was right with Todd Bentley, the Priest etc… that was wrong also. But you know to me somewhere people are going to have to take responsibility for who they follow and quit rejoicing when those behind the pulpit fall. After all these people are behind the pulpit teaching our Father’s Word. This to me is a very bad sin, however not an unforgivable one, like some seem to think.

    When we sit someone up higher than God in our lives, it is not going to work. This also stands when we sit ourselves up higher than God. To me this is what is happening with Miriam and her followers. The fall will come, because God will not allow it, to be. When it does happen of course it is going to be all her fault, just like it was with all the others. Somewhere Christians need to start taking their share of the blame in some of these things. It is totally clear on some of these blogs, no one is taking the time to discern regarding “does it glorify God or not.” They do not care. This hurts me, as I know how it is hurting our Father.

    The three of us have to keep on, protecting ourselves from the stain of all of this. I know it is hard, as sometimes I have been so hurt and angered I could “snatch a patch,” off of someones head, but I can’t. We can’t because the One who died for us, died for Miriam Franklin and all of hers, Todd Bentley, those Priest, and all the rest.

    This does not mean I do not think they do not need to be exposed, as they surely do. I know this,our Father honors and answers the prayers of those who pray from the heart. I think we do. So we are going to have to keep praying He will rise and stop all of this, and that He has mercy when He does.

    God Bless both of you, Sandy

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 13, 2009 7:54 pm

      The big question is what to do with those who do fall. I think those who are willing to admit they sinned and say, “Yep, it was me. I did it,” you have to restore. I have been watching the videos has put out on Todd’s restoration process and they have been interesting. Todd has had no problems admitting to the things he actually did. The problem is people refuse to believe that he is telling the truth and admitting to EVERYTHING he did. I personally believe he is, mainly because I’ve watched Rick Joyner for 20 years and trust his discernment. He is one who has always been willing to admit, “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that.”

      Galations 6:1 doesn’t give us much choice. We are to restore those who fall, period. We are to deal with them gently. It doesn’t matter what the sin is. The goal is to help them find the roots of why they have done whatever it is they did and see them healed and delivered. God is the Judge. We are the instruments of his reconciliation.

  72. Servant2112 permalink
    May 13, 2009 10:17 pm

    I agree that many of End-time Prophetic’s (ETP) posts seem acrimonious. I don’t know and can’t say whether all 1,500 of them are, because I have not read them all, but certainly, the ones I recall are pretty bad. It seems that ETP takes a certain unhealthful –and decidedly unchristian glee in exposing false teachers, when in fact, it is a tragic thing for both the deceiver and the deceived. I personally don’t subscribe to self-styled, self-proclaimed “prophets.” The tone of her articles was frequently negative and condemning, which is why I don’t frequent her sight.
    There are other discernment ministries that objectively achieve their purposes as watchmen without being unloving, course, or tabloid-esque. Still, some of the critiques and exposes’ were valid. I have done a good amount of research on some of the people she exposes, namely within word-faith circles, and she is frequently correct. EPT’s practice of exposing wolves and charlatans is not ungodly or unloving – her method is. Consider the following scriptures: 1Tim 4:1-2, 1Tim 6:3-6, 2Tim 2:17-18, 2Tim 4:2-4, Titus 1:9-11, Titus 3:10-11, 1John 4:1, 2John 1:9-11. For the sake of the less discerning in the church, we are called to examine and expose false teaching and heresy. I believe discernment ministries serve a valid and important purpose within the body of Christ (Matthew 7:15 and Acts 20:29 – 31), but we must not abandon other high biblical principles, such as love, gentleness, respect, compassion and grace towards those who are truly our brothers and sisters in Christ, and even those who are not.
    Ministers who call themselves anointed Christians, but misrepresent God’s infallible, inerrant Word, sovereignty, nature, and doctrine, and who lead other followers astray should be held accountable for their actions. They deserve exhortation and prayer. They deserve to be corrected and rebuked (Titus 1:13). They deserve to be exposed (1 Tim 5:20). If they don’t repent (and I mean really repent–not offer half-baked self-serving ridiculous excuses for their behavior), they deserve to be stripped of their ministries and cast out of Christ’s body (Titus 3:10-11). They don’t deserve to be handled with kid gloves, to be coddled and their rebellion tolerated while they lead masses of gullible Christians into the wide and extravagant road of apostasy. It breaks my heart to see so many people taken in by such delusion. I regularly pray for false teachers and their victims, that they will repent and trust God’s Word and Spirit for discernment and direction. I don’t hate them, but I very much hate what they do.
    If the allegations against Ms Franklin (whom we will assume IS ETP for the sake of this post) are true and she is found guilty of a crime, at length, she will have to bear the consequences, and this is just. If she is guilty before God, I pray that she will lay down her ministry until she repents. Her manner leaves much to be desired and she surely needs to check her heart and engage in deep, strenuous prayer if she is to continue her ministry. But if I may offer some sisterly advice, I believe that you should show her the same level of grace and compassion you would like her to show your word-faith brethren. If she is broadcasting errant biblical teaching and if she is purveying heresy, she is fair game and you are called to expose her. Certainly, she is not exempt from exhortation and rebuke if she is engaged in sin. Certainly, she ought to be barred from public ministry until she is cleared of wrong-doing or restored. But eagerly publicizing details of a personal civil matter, which has yet to be prosecuted, on-line is not loving. Returning wrong for wrong is still wrong.

    You seem like a lovely, sincere person, but I feel a couple of your posts to others warrant a response. First, one doesn’t have to sit through an entire Toronto service or through a Todd Bentley revival to discern unchecked error and in many cases, heresy. I’ve never had tea with Adolph Hitler or gone bowling with Jim Jones, but that doesn’t disqualify me from forming a reasonable opinion on the content of their characters and the rampant evil of their actions. Biblical truth is not subjective, nor is doctrine subject to interpretation. Either something is true, or it’s not; either it’s right or wrong. A Christian’s worldview is either based on scripture, or it’s based on emotionalism and assumption. It doesn’t take a theologian or someone to sit in the pews of false teachers for 20 years to discern biblical error.

    Secondly, in one of your posts, you wrote that doctrine is “an attempt to explain the inexplicable.” I don’t know what that means—I’m sure it’s something very deep and Gnostic. I find that word-faith followers have a rather loose view of doctrine. Although doctrine is not the means to salvation, it is indeed important. The Word of God has a very high view of doctrine 2 Tim 4:2 – 4; Romans 16:17, 1 Tim 4: 1-2 (again); 1 Tim 6: 3-6; Titus 1:9-11; 2 John 1: 9-11. Paul instructed Timothy to be careful of those who were teaching false doctrines. This applies to Christians today, so if doctrine was important to Paul, then it should be important to every Christian.

    Lastly, as you railed on some poor poster who apparently wrote something you didn’t appreciate—perhaps maligned a preacher you support, you countered “let’s see your works.” Salvation, as you know, is not based on works — how many people one has led to Jesus; how many churches one has planted; how many orphanages one supports, how many homeless children one houses, feeds, educates; how many Satanists one brings out (?); how many children one brings out of the sex trade, etc. I presume since these are your qualifiers and “credentials” for examining the fruit of another Christian and you are standing in judgment of Miriam and those who dare impugn your word-faith friends, then you have achieved all of these things. Good for you! But even if you have, and even greater things than these, they are but filthy rags before the Most High. Don’t forget, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works, so that no one can BOAST,” (Eph. 2:8-9, NIV). “However, to the man who does not work but trusts God who justifies the wicked, his faith is credited as righteousness,” (Rom. 4:5).

    If by chance you were boasting on behalf of one of your preachers, the same scriptures apply. A Christian’s works are attributable to God alone. It is by His grace that we are able and desire to perform good works. He equips us, He provides the opportunity, and it is He who is glorified – not the vessel, but the potter.

    I have examined the fruit of Todd Bentley and his ilk. For you to infer that they have produced good fruit is to be so taken in by their deception, that you are no longer willing or able to objectively listen. If you don’t know by now the stark error of their doctrine (oh, not the “d” word) and teachings, there is nothing this humble servant can say to convince you. Nevertheless, I choose, by the grace and love of God, to show you the respect neither Miriam nor you show to other saints (and non-saints). I thank and praise God that He is so merciful and patient with His children, that no matter how far we are down the wrong path, He would leave the 99 to save the 1.

    I’ve included some scripture that you will surely find edifying and also, a prayer for you.

    Acts 20:29-31, 1Tim 4:1-2, 1 Tim 5:20, 1Tim 6:3-6, 2Tim 2:17-18, 2 Tim 3: 2 – 9 , 2Tim 4:2-4, Titus 1:9-11, Titus 1:13, Titus 3:10-11, 1John 4:1, 2John 1:9-11, 3John 1:9-10, Jude 1:22-23, Romans 16:17, 1Timothy 1:19-20

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 14, 2009 12:21 am

      James said very clearly that he would show you his faith through his works. Jesus said that if you didn’t believe his words, at least believe the works because they testified of him. So I think asking for works is a valid thing.

      Todd Bentley’s Fresh Fire Ministry founded and still operates a children’s home in Uganda that is raising orphans in a war-torn region. That is, according to James, a very valid work of the Holy Spirt. So is healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, casting out demons and preaching the gospel to the poor.

      Patricia King purchases children out of sexual slavery and operates orphanages. Her ministry is paying the bills on at least 5 of the orphanages that Heidi Baker runs. Again, a valid expression of faith. These children are raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord. There are amazing things going on with these kids. The beauty of Jesus shines out of them.

      God is infinite. You can’t explain him. That is Paul said that we see through a glass darkly, but when we cross over into eternity, we will then know as we are known. Doctrine is man’s attempt to explain God, which is limited at best. There’s nothing gnostic about it.

      You see, I believe that the true purveyors of apostacy and heresy are those who deny the power of God. God is supernatural. There is no part of the Christian life that can be lived through man’s strength. It’s all supernatural. YOU can’t walk in holiness. Romans clearly teaches that without the empowerment of grace in our lives, we are slaves to sin. Christ Jesus delivers us from that. We have died and have been raised to a new life. Heresy is the teaching that says we can sin by faith. In other words, we have positional righteousness, not actual righteousness.

      When the Spirit of God comes to dwell in man, He raises us. We lose the propensity to sin. That doesn’t mean that we don’t sin, but rather we’re no longer professionals. Sinners sin because that is their nature. We no longer have that nature. We are dead and we are seated with Christ. That is not future, that is a present reality, and the entire Christian life flows out of that.

      Heresy is believing that any part of the Christian life is possible without the supernatural empowerment of grace. The supernatural intervention of God in my life is the norm, not the exception. Angels surround me and minister. God’s provision sustains me, not the job I work.

      I pray that God will open your eyes to the truth.

      • Servant2112 permalink
        May 14, 2009 11:12 am

        Thank you for your reply. I agree that works are a good way to discern the health of a Christian’s spiritual walk, but not the only way. Many atheist and agnostic philanthropists, Muslims, and Mormons have and continue to do wonderful things for humanity, as well. I was ministering to a young atheist last night. She vigorously defended her good works and virtue, and who am I to argue? I’m certain she’s a kind, caring, and chaste young lady. But that doesn’t make her a spirit-filled, born again Christian who is saved by grace. Regardless of her outward rectitude, she is in rebellion against God. That goes for those who call themselves Christian, as well. “Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,” shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?” And then I will declare to them, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.” Matthew 7:21 – 23

        Good works are by all means indicative of the Holy Spirit’s work in a believer. They are a definite sign of new spritual life, but not the sole, defining identifier. There are many signs of new life in every Christian. Works is a good one. Obedience to God is a good one, too. But there are other equally essential fruits of the spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that a thriving Christian should manifest.

        I also agree that God is infinite and that finite, fleshly minds are incapable of comprehending or defining Him. This is precisely why He sent us His Word, in the form of scripture and in the revelation of Jesus Christ. The bible defines what we can not, to the extent that we can comprehend. It defines the will, character, and nature of God, His Son, the Holy Spirit, man, salvation, etc. If the tenets of the Christian doctrine were left up to us to define, I would agree with you, but God has given us precisely what we need to know within the pages of scripture. The Christian doctrine is not based on guess work or man’s faulty speculation. It is based soundly on God’s Word. This is why, as I explained in my earlier post, scripture has such a high view of it. We are incapable of knowing God, but God is abundantly able to make Himself known (to the extent that man can comprehend), and He has done it through His Word.

        The purveyors of apostasy and heresy are, simply put, those who preach a different Gospel than Christ and Him crucified. “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Jesus Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other and the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!” Gal. 1:6-8

        The power of God is made manifest in what Christ did for us on the cross. Signs and wonders are one manifestation. They are biblical, supernatural happenings which no Christian can or should deny. I believe they happen today, but they are not normative and are subject to God’s sovereign will. Personally, I don’t require signs and wonders to know the power of God in my life, but that doesn’t make me a lesser (or better) Christian than those who do. God and His perfecting work in my life are more than sufficient evidence of His might. He forgave us, loves us and reveals Himself to us in specatular ways, and that(at least for me), is the greatest miracle of all.

        I agree that no Christian is capable of making it through life in this world without the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and guidance. When a sinner turns to God and is born again, this is truly a wondrous and supernatural experience. It is truly Divine. Our ability to live a sanctified life is supernatural and attributable to God, and the righteousness that we are gifted is Christ’s imputed righteousness. God works in wonderful, very tangible ways in the lives of all Christians, and it ought to always be the rule, rather than the exception.

        I appreciate the gentle and patient tone in your response. Clearly, we will not agree on all issues, but it seems we agree on some important ones. I pray also that God would continue to reveal the truth of His Word. I’ve been a born-again Christian for almost two years now (2 years in August!), and I am always learning and experiencing Him in ever more wonderful ways. What a magnificent God we have!

        Let’s pray that our hunger for God’s Word never wanes or dissipates, and that we will never stop learning from and edifying each other. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. My prayer for you remains that God’s Word would be a lamp unto your feet, that He would bless you and keep you always, and that He would continue to bring to perfection the good work He began in you.

        In Christ’s Love,

        Your servant and sister in Christ


  73. Sandy permalink
    May 14, 2009 7:48 am


    You are correct that we need to help others in restoration and we should do it in kindness, and I did not mean otherwise. It should not matter to us the sin, but how they overcome it, and if they cannot we need to help in gentleness and kindness.

    This is why I made the point in saying even though these sins seem grave, it does not mean they are unforgivable. Unforgivable sin other than blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is false teaching.

    My point I was trying to make more than anything, and perhaps I did not do it correctly, is there is a perfect religion defined by our Lord. I stated it. I did so to show others before we come against other Churches and their doctrines we need to stop a minute and ask ourselves are these people doing what is pure and undefiled in the eyes of our Father?

    The reason I brought up Todd and the Priest and whoever is because of all the bashing. At times I see people setting up others as God, and I see people setting themselves up as God. When they do and the fall comes, then some in the Christian world blames, blames, and blames. They never quit, this is proven on it’s own. I feel in my heart this is what is going to happen to Miriam Franklin and her followers. She will be getting “all” the blame, and she should for what she has done, but few will take the blame for how they followed her and hung on her every word. I was trying to make a comparison there. Which I might have failed at.

    I do feel no one wants to take the time anymore to discern and wait upon God. They want a quick answer and a quick fix. This is very seldom God’s way. Restoration is a very slow process as it should be.

    The other day I was in the shower and I told God, “Father I absolutely do not know what to pray about all of this anymore.” The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Be still then, and know I am God.” I think He said it all right there.

    I was not bashing Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Rick Joyner, or those Priest. I was trying to say, that somewhere we have to look in the mirror at ourselves and see how we ourselves view others behind the pulpit. If we view them higher than God, that is wrong, and I am sorry to say it does happen.

    I also believe that when one steps behind the pulpit, he/she is taking upon themselves a huge responsibility, they need to be sure they can endure and handle all this will entail, as they are the care takers of God’s sheep.

    But in no way did I mean to bash or make light of anyone that has fallen. I will probably fall and sin when I take my next breath. Like I said, you are correct there is a correct way to correct and to help in anothers restoration. It just seems like to me there are some in the world that do not want to take responsibility for their own sins and actions. That is what I wanted to get out more than anything.

    You know I am sorry if I offended you in anyway, form, or fashion.

    God Bless

  74. Sandy permalink
    May 15, 2009 10:22 am


    I am posting this and it is going to become a blog done in a series I would imagine, but I had to share this with you. I have been crying out to God regarding our “works counting as nothing.” I know our works of mercy are to go hand and hand with our faith, because our faith without our works is dead faith. How can we be saved/justified or whatever by dead faith? It does not make sense.

    This is between Rahab and myself.

    The Holy Spirit came today and whispered something in me, and said, “Go to the creation story and see Sandy, what I want you to see.” I did and I read it and I saw where God had made everything and “it was good.” Then I read where man was created “in the image of God” When man came into the picture all of His creation was “very good.” See everything else was created except for “man.” We were not only created we were created in His image and likeness.

    Then He asked me, “Where did I ever fail to do works of mercy? If I created man in my image in likeness man is to do works of mercy, as if He does not, a part of Me will cease to exist on earth. For they are confusing works under the law and works under grace. And this is your difference. Paul spoke of works under the law and James spoke of works of mercy under the grace. Now go to Noah.”

    I went. I went to Genesis 6:6 and there it was, “It repented God that He had made man and it grieved His heart.” Our poor Father. One who said, it was “very good” when we came along. In 6:8 “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” See we believe “grace” did not come until Jesus, but Noah found grace. It existed back then. All of this is out of KJV.

    Then He took me back to the fall of man and said to me, “See my works of mercy in all that I did.” I begin to read, and this is when the Word of God begin to flow to me. He kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden. They had to till, pain in childbirth. But He slaughtered an animal, (the first animal sacrifice for sin) and He Himself wove clothes to cover them. Works of mercy He had. They did not even have to sew their own clothes even though they had just committed “sin” and brought sin into the world.

    Noah, was to build and Ark. Take two of everything including His family. Noah had to work, to accomplish the will of God in this story.
    God Himself did a work of mercy as He did not destroy everyting did He?
    Noah through his work made it possible for God to have this mercy that all living things would not cease to exist.

    Then He begin to show me how He rained manna from heaven, and gave them water. How He took the Israelites out of Egypt. How He always spared the remnants. How He laid Himself on the Cross. How He always said, “He was a merciful God and did works of mercy. He spoke to me and said, “Where in my Word did I ever say not to do works of mercy?” Merciful works.

    Merciful works are the works under the grace. These are the works that James said, if we do not have them then our “faith is dead.” When something is dead it cease to exist. These works also go along with our obedience and our love. If we are not doing works of mercy then we have not faith, because it is gone. It does not exist because our Father’s Word says “it is dead.” If our faith is dead, then we are out here in the flesh trying to please oursleves and man, not God.

    Paul uses the word “faith” over 200 times in the Bible, and never puts the word “alone” with it. Paul teaches in Romans 3:28 “that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.” It is the same in Gal. 2:6

    James says 2:14 “What does it profit my brethern if a man says he has faith but has not works? Can his faith save him?” No, because his faith is dead, he doesn’t have any.

    Works of mercy go along with our faith. These are our works under the “grace” not under the law. If satan can get us to believe that our works count for nothing, then He will accomplish through our Father’s children, in totally destroying a part of God on earth.

    We are made in the “image and likeness of God” and God very many times did works of mercy. But what is happening here, is God is being created a God of wrath, where there is no mercy. That is exactly how Israel felt about Him in the OT and that is what Jesus came to show them, that God loved them. That even in His wrath their is mercy and He still does works of mercy. This is why Jesus made the statement, “I came for Israel.” He came for the world, but He came to show Israel the love of God, as they had made Him into a god of their liking. Wrathful, that if you squeaked you were damned.

    When we take works of mercy out of the equation, we take a part of God out also. The devil may have his bidding when we do.

    So everyone can think what they want. I am going to help the poor the needy. I will pray for those who have fallen and who will fall. I will pray for those who follow false teachings. Make no mistake our God is a merciful God, and if you do not believe it, look at the work on the Cross. You see He worked that day, He did a work of mercy to His Death.

  75. May 17, 2009 3:28 am

    To Miriam Franklin of ETPW, Miriam, it would be easy for you to prove that you aren’t Rosalind Miriam Franklin, simply scan the photo ID page of your passport and post it on your blog, or here. If you don’t have a passport, a driver’s license or something would suffice.

  76. Stephen permalink
    May 17, 2009 8:30 pm

    Two brief comments regarding (Rosalind) Miriam Franklin and her online deceptions:

    (i) After posting the 15-page diatribe removed from this site onto another blog, (supposedly ‘proving’ she was NOT Rosalind Franklin), ‘Miriam’ then went on to mercilessly vilify those of us who have dared challenged her identity and motives

    Naturally – and as usual – it was full of a great many ‘projections’ of her own dark nature.. deception, intimidation, fraudulent activities etc..

    (ii) This weekend I updated the Rogues Gallery with several undeniable proofs of who and what Mrs Franklin is – and what she is up to – and then drew the host blogger’s attention to that site.

    Thankfully, the blogger immediately removed the slanderous diatribe – which can now be presented to the Courts as evidence, without facilitating Mrs Franklin’s devious activities online.

    Please see for yourselves folks..

    Her incredible duplicity and malice is made all the worse by her sophisticated and calculated attempts to portray herself as a supposed ‘Christian prophet’ – a narcissistic and disturbing self-delusion that will undoubtedly lead many astray..

    Please don’t let this woman get away with this any longer. Enough damage has already been done..

    Meanwhile, thanks to all for the messages of encouragement and support..


  77. May 18, 2009 6:01 pm

    The only fact that has been categorically proved to date is that Rosalind Miriam Franklin lied about her identity, denying that she is Rosalind of Diggory Press.

    If anyone here looks to Rosalind as a spiritual leader, know that this is a fact, she has been caught lying, and has not admitted it, but has further lied by denying that she lied.

    The charges of business fraud are impossible for anyone, not conversant with the facts, to prove. The court process will reveal the truth. Personally, i consider her innocent until proven guilty concerning that.

    Rosalind has accused me of slander, by email, for reporting on my blog that she has been sued.

    Rosalind, If Todd Bentley or Peter Wagner had been sued for anything, surely you would have reported it on your blog pronto without first checking with them?

    I would normally have checked with you first, but i read some of your diatribes to others and reasoned that you would send just another diatribe, which you did anyway.

    Would rejoice to see you deal with this honestly, admit you lied, publicly state that you are the Rosalind Franklin who is being sued, and if you have defrauded anyone, see to it, and if you haven’t then you have nothing to fear from the court.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 18, 2009 7:13 pm

      I personally reported this just so Ms. Franklin would get a very small taste of what she has been dishing out to others. She has been squalling like a scalded cat since this first began appearing. Obviously, she does not like receiving what she has been giving out. That fact, however, has not stopped her from posting inaccurate information on her site about others. She claims that Jessa Bentley is in one of the videos on her site and Jessa is not.

  78. Sandy permalink
    May 18, 2009 8:24 pm


    Well I see the battle continues. Been catching a lot of it myself today. I was told I made someone “sick.” Then accused of slaggering ETPW with you and Stephen, and have not mentioned anything about them at all, as far as name goes. All more or less that I have posted is that if you want to post your views that no one would get drug through the mud.

    Then someone posted something on my blog regarding some beliefs they had, and the name calling begin. Of course I did not post any of it, and blocked Defender of Truth. I did however respond to it.

    I have never seen in all my life, such nasty people. So anyways I just wanted to let you know I am now “slaggering” with you and Stephen. I have not even mentioned either of you, as my blog is about those who want to be nice to one another, and more of a discussion type blog. I am not saying you do not have a nice blog, I am only saying as far as being in partnership we have a three way one. It is one built on “slaggering.” (Where do people get these words:>) (I had to look it up:>)

    Take care fellow partners and thanks for posting updates. Love to you all.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 18, 2009 11:14 pm

      Welcome to the wonderful world of “Christian” bloggers. It never ceases to amaze me that people will say things in a blog comment that would get them escorted from the building if they said it to someone in a church face to face.

  79. Sandy permalink
    May 19, 2009 2:53 pm


    You are right there regarding the “escorting.” Regarding your comment on “Christian Blogging” forgive me, but I thought we were in hell:>)

    Have a good one. God Bless

  80. May 19, 2009 5:32 pm

    Hi Rahab..

    Just received an ‘interesting’ email from a certain ‘Richard’ who had a great deal of intimate knowledge about the ongoing dramas with Rosalind / Miriam Franklin.. and who believes you and I are actually the same person.. wait for it.. that I am a cross-dresser (amongst other things).

    If you’d like to see a copy, with my response, just let me know..

    I invited ‘Richard’ to prove he was not Rosalind.. but only silence since I’m afraid..

    Best wishes


    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 20, 2009 1:11 am

      This is the IP address that “Irene”, “Chris” and “Richard” were posting from:, just so you can check and see if it’s the same “Richard.”

      I have found it very interesting that Miriam won’t allow a breath of this to touch her site, but she has gotten furious when others have blocked her messages about it on their sites. If she has nothing to hide, post it on ETPW, refute it and be done. But it does seem to me that she can’t do that because she can’t refute the charges. Daddy used to tell me that if you see enough smoke, you can be sure there’s a fire there somewhere. The question is what’s the purpose of the smoke? Is it a sign of a fire or is someone purposefully trying to obscure the battlefield? SInce Miriam has refused to confront the charges head on on her site, one would have to assume it is the latter.

      She acts guilty and as if she has something to hide. Now, me, I have lots of disreputable stuff in my past. That’s why I needed a savior. My leadership has always known about my antics. I discovered a long time ago if you have no skeletons in your closet, they can’t be used against you. Put your cards and the table. That way when someone throws up something you’ve done, you’re free to say, “Yeah, and? Your point is?” They have no weapons to use against you.

  81. May 20, 2009 8:41 am

    Thanks for the IP address Rahab.. Yup ‘Richard’ is one and the same I’m afraid..

    I think I’ll post that on the Rogues Gallery as evidence as well – and I will now check the other suspect emails I’ve received from various sources too..

    I really can’t understand why Mrs Franklin is still trying to brazen it out. There is so much evidence against her now that even she must realise she doesn’t stand a chance in Court.. But still she persists in spreading lies and false accusations.. denying everything.. and doing her best to undermine me in particular.

    She seems to think that by trying to assassinate my character – it somehow negates her crimes.. when in fact it only compounds them. Anyway, I’ll bring her latest highly-personal attack before the Judge to show how thoroughly wicked she really is. We should remember that she has formally accused the claimants – and myself in particular – of ‘death threats, religious persecution, conspiracy, blackmail, extortion, fraud, deception, and generally being mentally unsound’ etc – when all the time this is exactly and precisely what she has been up to under her various disguises. What incredible duplicity and arrogance!

    Then she has the audacity to label ME ‘the accuser’!

    I noticed a few sites that were hosting this saga have puled all related posts. I only hope they haven’t been intimidated by Mrs Franklin’s usual pseudo-legal threats.. or her various calculating deceptions.. especially the one I’ve seen circulating recently that accuses me of being an occultist with dark and devious reasons for wanting to destroy Miriam’s godly work… Oh give me a break Rosalind.

    Note to ‘Miriam’: Grow up Rosalind! Do the right thing. Come clean and apologise to all those you’ve defrauded, deceived and insulted – and who knows – maybe there might be some forgiveness still left. But keep going the way you are, and you only make yourself look increasingly foolish and malicious, and steel our resolve.

    It must be plain enough even to you now, that we’re not going away.. and you are going to be held accountable..

    By the way, thanks for the messages of support folks.


    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 20, 2009 9:07 am

      As I have said in other posts, this is not about you, it’s about what Diggory Press has been accused of doing. It doesn’t matter if you were Satan himself, it would still be wrong to defraud you. Period. It’s like Miriam is saying because you’re a bad person, it’s okay for her to be a thief and a liar. No, it’s not. Fraud is sin. Theft is sin. Lying is sin. Period. If you are guilty of doing these things, you are in sin. How hard is this?

      Anytime someone’s defense consists of attacking the accuser, that is, in my book, a defacto admission of guilt. If you are not the person accused, prove it. If you didn’t defraud someone, submit proof of delivering what was contracted within the contractual time. This is not rocket science people. If you are innocent of fraud, you should be able to easily show it.

  82. dutch permalink
    May 20, 2009 2:39 pm

    This woman needs to be stopped. She’s got people thinking she’s the mouthpiece of God, and all she’s doing is fueling hatred. Aparrently of all the men that walk this earth, she is the only pure soul, dispensing people to hell like normal people would order a happy meal.
    It’s the hypocrisy that makes this stink so bad.
    Because of her I have a friend who won’t even go to our church anymore because ‘the prophetess’ said our pastor was a deceiver of man, and a collector of men’s souls for the devil. Nice!
    Anyway, this woman needs to repent! I’m just sick of all of it.



    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 20, 2009 11:45 pm

      Hi Dutch! I’m sorry that your friend has fallen victim to Miriam’s deception. Scripture has lots of things to say about people who cause brothers to divide, and few of them are good. It has even nastier things to say about self-proclaimed prophets who say, “Thus saith the Lord,” when the Lord has not spoken.

  83. Karen Butler permalink
    May 21, 2009 12:26 am


    Are you the same person as Joseph who I debated on the Witchcraft in the Church thread on ETPW? You have the same voice. If so, I acknowledge the truth of what you were saying then, and now I have to take back all my words defending Miriam Franklin. I have just sent her a post urging her to repent, and come clean. I am deeply saddened for Miriam, and for the people like Sandy that she has so deeply wounded.

    • skeptic permalink
      May 21, 2009 10:12 am


      Joseph/skeptic one & the same here or on any other message forum I post in. No need to be covertly anonymous in the world of internet commentary. It is no different than speaking out loud. There is the element of increased boldness for the timid & the unfortunate abuse from cyber bullies using avatars/pseudonyms, but since I don’t have my own blog/website I have no reason to be inconspicuous. I have no soapbox to carry around with me wherever I post. No agenda or “message from God” to promote/peddle…

      Not sure how long or how involved you were with Miriam’s EPTW site/teachings/rants. What was it that attracted you there in the first place? I think some of the errors, excesses, abuses Miriam addresses on her site valid concerns. I do not have any reason to believe Miriam is a prophetess or a gifted seer, herald, watchman, etc. She dismisses many of the high-profile types while using the same arguments they use for their supposed power/prestige/position. Claiming to be a ‘true’ prophet pulling down ‘false’ prophets no less self-promotion & an overinflated sense of self-importance than those she rails against. If it weren’t a serious issue it would laughable. Too funny. And so obvious to those interacting with similar people through message forums like this. I don’t see how her supporters could take her seriously. But she must have some influence over others or else she would not be the topic of this conversation.

      I was actually enjoying my repartee with her once she ‘pounced’ on me regarding my tongue-in-cheek description of her being the proverbial fox guarding the prophetic hen house. She can get worked up over even the slightest remark/implication that she is less than what she wants others to think she is. Once my posts were responded to by her alter-egos, evil twins, etc. & then future posts deleted, I knew she was simply blowing smoke. I enjoy making an appearance for the sake of exposing the true nature of self-appointed prophetic types. I was surprised to see just how venomous she could be.

      I do recall your response to one of Miriam’s alter-egos/sycophants ‘Princess’ calling me a ‘troll’. Thanks for your more thoughtful comment. But really, I was doing what I did for effect & the responses only convinced me & other people reading them that all is not well in ETPW land…

      I was not one injured by her posts/accusations. I know what Miriam represents & her yip much worse than her bite. I was not part of any legal misdealings though, so those that are seeking recourse through the court system do have my sympathy. If you want to continue the convo here I will respond. Thanks for commenting.

  84. WantingTheTruth permalink
    May 21, 2009 12:28 pm

    My post has vanished – has it gone through or not?

    Rahab, please email if you did not get it and I will try reposting it again.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 22, 2009 1:49 am

      Your post was not approved because you made a list of demands which showed me you have not read any of the documentation that has been put up on any one of a number of sites that has been liked to on this blog. Go conduct your research and maybe we can have a conversation.

      • rahabsplace permalink*
        May 25, 2009 2:24 pm

        By the way, I have run checks on IP addresses on some comments that I have not approved, but which sound suspiciously like ones posted by others that I have removed from the site and lo and behold, they belong to, which is a site that allows you to cloak your true IP address. That is not in and of itself evidence of anything. I’ve cloaked my IP address on occasion myself. I just find it very interesting.

        I am not going to “prove” anything to anyone. I reported an ongoing lawsuit. It is up to the court to decide whether the evidence has merit or not. If anyone has evidence that shows Miriam Franklin isn’t Rosalind Miriam Franklin, I’ll post it. I have an email from the owner of End Time Prophetic Words that comes from RM Franklin.

        If you are one of the authors whom Diggory Press has allegedly defrauded, I’ll be happy to post your story. I’ve read stories by other authors other than Mr. Manning on other sites. The fact that there are 100 authors involved in the current suit says something. If they were not real people, the UK Courts would have already dismissed the case. So we have complaints from multiple sources, not just Mr. Manning.

        I have posted the allegations. Every “defense” I have received all brings up the same points – an attack against Mr. Manning. I’m not going to post them. Either the allegations are true or false. It doesn’t matter who and what he is. This is about Ms. Franklin, not Mr. Manning. If his suit was frivolous, the courts would have already dismissed it. The issues involve Ms. Franklin, not Mr. Manning. So if you have a defense that doesn’t involve an attack on Mr. Manning, I’d like to see it.

        It’s really simple. Either Diggory Press delivered on it’s contracts or it did not. Either royalties were paid or they were not. Either books were removed from Diggory’s site at the request of the copyright holders or they were not. Either Diggory is honest or it is not. Either Miriam Franklin owns DIggory Press and Kingdom Come Publishing or she does not. Those are the issues.

  85. Sandy permalink
    May 21, 2009 5:32 pm


    Thank you so much for your concern. Yes, she did hurt me and made me mad, but I am doing fine now. Rahab and Stephen helped me a lot also, so God took care of me when it came to the spiritual direction I was needing.

    You know though to me this situatioin is bad and sad. But in that I have found some humor in it anymore. Some of the things she will attack you with are just so ridiculous you have to wonder where she comes up with it all.

    I know because I believe in correction in love and patience she told me I was going to okay “witches and the occult.” It truly made me laugh, as I was like and “where did this come from?” I told her that was just flinging it out there and no one said one word about a witch but her. Then she wrote in big letters, ‘GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED!” I told her she was not God so she could keep her threats. (I say it was her, it was either her or one of her followers who knows:>)

    Like I said I anymore respond to it as best as I can with humor as it is just so unbelievable. It is truly crazy to me. You know people who are desperate do desperate things, and I would imagine with all of this closing in, she is getting more and more desperate to hang on.

    I hope she left your post up regarding her repenting mine went down the minute it went up. The only thing that is going to make her repent to me is, when she becomes so desperate she is going to have to call out the name of “God.” Sometimes we have to hit the bottom of the barrell before we do this. I have many times in my life.

    The sad thing to me really though, is God is not in this at all with her. I am a firm believer if there is not love, God is not there.
    I see no love at all. To me that is really sad, as she is the one who does not understand she is making God, a god of her own making. I just do not see how anyone can speak of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit and not speak of love and mercy. You cannot make her see that even in God’s wrath there is still mercy. That is truly sad and I do hurt for her on these facts, as I cannot imagine living life without believing in the love and mercy of God.

    Well take care and thanks again. Hello Rahab, and Stephen if you need any dresses, panty hose etc… let me know:>) Love to you all, Sandy

  86. Sandy permalink
    May 21, 2009 8:25 pm


    I know this gets us all so run down at times, and we are all tired and sick of it. Trust me I just shut down my entire blog, I could not stand the hate anymore. It was robbing me of my peace with God.

    But we have to remember God’s timing is perfect and not ours. God is never too late, nor ever too early. We have to trust in His timing and not ours.

    I am sorry about your friend also, and this is so sad when something like this happens, and this is why it is so important that as Christians we put into use our power of discernment. As you can tell by my previous post, God did try and warn me, but I did not listen and I got deceived and tricked. As I posted after that, that was no one’s fault but my own, as I let it happen. The Holy Spirit was telling me not to respond to “Irene” and I did it anyway, because I wanted to see what I wanted to see.

    My best advice to you is when the fall comes and it is going to, trust me, God will not let this go on forever. When it does come you have to be there for your friend like Rahab and Stephen were there for me. They were the one’s who brought sanity back to me, as I was so mad and hurt, and your friend is going to be the same. They helped to bring the peace of God back to me and this is what you are going to have to do also.

    In the meantime get on your knees for your friend. Ask the Holy Spirit to go and convict her and ask our Lord to let your friend hear it in their heart not their ears. I will do the same.

    God Bless

  87. May 22, 2009 8:07 am

    Just a quick one for Sandy in particular, and anyone else who believes they have been contacted by Mrs Roslaind Franklin either as herself, Miriam the prophet, or one of the other guises. Please, please send me copies of those email messages or online posts, and if you can identify the IP address(es) that will be even better.

    We’re making another move in Court to try to stop her dragging this out ad-infinitum, and the more evidence we have of her relentless duplicity – the stronger the case. I have one that also states ‘GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED’ from ‘Richard’ at IP – so it would be helpful to get some collaborative evidence.

    Please remember that she is basing her defence on scandalous accusations against defrauded authors; claiming we are all conspiring against her, telling lies, and generally being wicked, deceptive, untrustworthy and malicious.. engaging in religious persecution, slander and defamation.. extortion and blackmail etc..

    Yes I know, incredible that she would lodge these very accusations against the very people she is doing all this to..

    Anyway, please send whatever you have, and I will keep all details confidential upon request – so only the Court needs to see the contents in other words. I’ve had quite a number of things said about me lately that are designed to cause maximum upset, and create doubts about my character and integrity – so I do understand the need for confidentiality whilst we tackle this unbelievably devious and unscrupulous individual.

    Also noticed another prophetic site that won’t accept my comments.. with some similarities to ETPW and Mrs Franklin.. can anyone shed more light on ?

    Love to see the posts I missed from ‘Irene’ and ‘Chris’ too if possible?

    Thanks folks – and don’t let her get to you..

    By the way – if I sometimes use a different name such as ‘Teacher’ or ‘STM’ – it’s only because my usual username sometimes gets zapped for some reason.

    My email:

  88. May 26, 2009 8:52 am

    Having received a copy of the latest from ‘WantingTheTruth’ (thanks Rahab) – I will simply respond by first of all congratulating Rahab for being discerning enough not to facilitate Mrs Franklin in yet another attempted disguise.

    Secondly, (for those who may have received a copy of that disingenuous post); all of the questions asked are either answered on the Rogues Gallery page – or via links to my other (now somewhat outdated) website.

    Obviously, I am not simply going to hand over all the evidence to anyone who asks, especially not to someone who is almost certainly Mrs Franklin trying to find out how much we can actually prove in Court. But having said this, if anyone has a specific question and can show they are not Mrs Franklin – then I will do my best to clarify..

    Interesting that those posters who write in apparent defence of Mrs Franklin can either be traced back to Rosalind Franklin of Liskeard, Cornwall – or are using technology to ‘cloak-and-mask’ their IP addresses..? If they have nothing to hide, then why would they do this, one wonders?

    It is practically a full-time job trying to keep up with Mrs Franklin’s increasingly sinister activities, so please excuse me if I am sometimes slow in posting the latest discoveries.. but hopefully by this weekend there will be a pretty comprehensive document entitled ‘Truth Test for Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin’ which tables most of the known deceptions and frauds ongoing – as well as more links to more of the same..

    Keeping up the pressure on Miriam / Rosalind is obviously having some effect – otherwise we wouldn’t be coming under such persistent attack. One can only hope that the word is slowly getting out there..

    Thanks for the support folks..


    • Joseph permalink
      May 26, 2009 3:23 pm

      Having received a copy of the latest from ‘WantingTheTruth’ (thanks Rahab) – I will simply respond by first of all congratulating Rahab for being discerning enough not to facilitate Mrs Franklin in yet another attempted disguise.

      Obviously, I am not simply going to hand over all the evidence to anyone who asks, especially not to someone who is almost certainly Mrs Franklin trying to find out how much we can actually prove in Court. But having said this, if anyone has a specific question and can show they are not Mrs Franklin – then I will do my best to clarify..

      Interesting that those posters who write in apparent defence of Mrs Franklin can either be traced back to Rosalind Franklin of Liskeard, Cornwall – or are using technology to ‘cloak-and-mask’ their IP addresses..? If they have nothing to hide, then why would they do this, one wonders?

      Keeping up the pressure on Miriam / Rosalind is obviously having some effect – otherwise we wouldn’t be coming under such persistent attack. One can only hope that the word is slowly getting out there…


      How often do you think Miriam or one of her sycophants slips over here to peruse the most recent post about her antics/behavior? And is there a perceptible exodus of some of the posters on her site as they become more aware of the ongoing controversy?

      Because of the common practice of deleting posts on her site she either does not agree with or cannot rebut, is this one of the more active sites that allows other people a voice to speak up about her kooky claims?

      To deliberately cloak/mask their IP address as well as use a multitude of aliases/pseudonyms is a very obvious symptom of sly, fox-like behavior that I mentioned on one of my posts over at ETPW. It must vex her terribly that there is no way to post openly here since she will be quickly cornered & forced to address her claims/behavior. Same with any of her toadies…

      Here is what one of her more ‘insightful’ attack thugs wrote:

      Ignore the “Joseph” troll.

      Yes, that’s what he is, a troll, an internet wolf in ’supposed’ sheeps “Christian” clothing.

      He is a disinformation specialist-just another form of “witchcraft” (that this very same article discusses) EXCEPT, he is doing it on the internet, on a legitimate Christian’s website (YOURS)

      I have seen these same “tactics” over and over again…aka: they try and veer the subject matter off course, and “disrupt” the jist of what the article or person is trying to say- in this case, David Wilkerson’s article, about witchcraft in the church. Well look, it’s in full display right here on your website, get it?

      So, dear readers and Miriam, use discernment and see what he is trying to do.

      But remember, you can learn from these internet wolves, just from what he writes, how they operate and how they disrupt and distract. Man, they really HATE the truth in all forms so they go about trying to discredit it.

      Hee-hee. What a giveaway—using the same tactics others accused of! Too obvious, but good evidence of the delusion they live under. Here is some more of EPTW propaganda/spin:

      More on troll tactics:

      P.S. they try to discredit the subject matter, and THEN, they go after the person who posted the article so as to suggest that that the poster is somehow not credible because of “what” they posted…..noticed how they started attacking the subject matter, aka: David Wilkerson’s article, and then YOU Mariam?

      As I wrote before, they HATE the truth in all forms and will go after it with a vengence. The David Wilkerson article was truthful and I discern that you are also Miriam. Not perfect, but truthful as all true Christ followers are trying to do: Love the truth.

      Mr. troll on the other hand, does not. He’s just a stirrer.

      Ohhhhh…Mr. Troll is going to resort to using the same strategy we have perfected! “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!” How dare he attempt to get away with the unlawful use of our methodology! Isn’t this like the Scientology manner of keeping their members in line…?

      What a bunch of cuckoos in the hen house over there. I remember some other reference to this approach as being the same one ‘cults’ use. Yeah. Miriam actually wrote that. How’s that for the proverbial Freudian slip…

  89. C. KingHisglory permalink
    May 29, 2009 10:41 pm

    Well, I think most of Miriam’s posts are really good. I like it that she exposes con men. I do think that Bentley and King are crooks, though. I say this because of some of their teachings. I think Todd is a big liar in the pulpit. Now I say this knowing my own sins, which are many. But Todd has leavened me really. Ever since I started listening to him a lying spirit has overcome me too. I think the guy is a con man and a wolf big time. Rick is not hearing God concerning him. He can’t just divorce to marry Jessa and then be in the ministry. And all his lies are crazy. He’s a big liar. God took him down from Lakeland and tried to show the NAR people that they LACK DISCERNMENT but they didn’t listen. They are distracted by weird fake angels and gold dust. That is the error of the movement, which started out clean. The repentance should start there, and as for Miriam, I do thank her for her good posts and exposure of darkness. I say praise God for her. But if she is defrauding people she’s sinning and needs to repent. Miriam, if you read this, I love you and ask you to clean things up by the grace of God. Do this because He loves you and you love Him. I love you. As for you Todd Bentley, God loves you too. But you don’t fool him or me. I know you are a liar and a deceiver. Snakes in the pulpit. Yuck.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      May 31, 2009 10:43 pm

      Why do you think her posts are good? Even when Jesus rebuked the churches in Revelation, He spoke of the things they were doing right. Miriam commends no one.

      Do you know Patricia King or Todd Bentley? Have you asked them about the accusations she has brought against them? I worked with Patricia’s ministry and I have been in touch with the Bentley family. I’ve been around some of these people, such as Mike Bickle and Rick Joyner for over 20 years and know how they live. Do you know how Miriam lives?

      Todd Bentley led over a million people to Jesus before he was 30. Have you? Does satan lead people into a born again experience? God TV says they estimate another million came to Jesus through the Lakeland broadcasts.

      You may not agree with their teachings, but they have biblical basis for everything they teach. Patricia has been married to Ron for 30+ years, and has set some of the highest standards for integrity in how the ministry is run. She does not live an extravagant lifestyle. One of the passions of her life is in buying children out of the sexual slave trade. Her ministry teams have been ministering to prostitutes in Thailand. She foots the bills for 5 or more orphanages in Africa. They are caring for the homeless in Phoenix. Those are all things that James points to as being evidence of faith. Her life reflects the character of Christ.

      Please tell me what unbiblical teachings you believe Patricia espouses, and don’t quote Miriam. Miriam is merely quoting others. I would like to know what it is you find so unbiblical.

  90. June 2, 2009 2:23 pm

    Thank you for sharing this information. It is excellent confirmation.

  91. Frustrated permalink
    June 5, 2009 8:15 am

    Rahab, you have been truly taken in by Manning havn’t you? You have seen what has been revealed about his disgusting behaviour and lies, and you are being accused of being his equal. Speak out and clear your name. We have all been duped at one time or another in life, that is how we learn and there is no shame in that, but to remain silent shouts out that you were NOT duped, but have wantonly joined forces with this vile (anagram for evil) man.

    Please speak out for your reputations sake.

    I am repeating this request on Sleuthfortruth just in case you block it. I am still not disguising my IP as I have nothing to hide.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      June 5, 2009 8:35 am

      Nice try, Frustrated. The issue is not Stephen Manning. It doesn’t matter if he is Satan himself, as I have said before. The issue is whether or nor Rosalind Miriam Franklin defrauded authors. The lawsuit, which has been upheld by the court as having merit, is about HER, not him.

      The issues are very simple. Either Diggory Press honored its contracts or it did not. The character of the authors who are claiming they were not paid royalties matters not at all. There are multiple plaintiffs bringing charges in this case, not just Mr. Manning. I have read multiple stories in multiple forums from different authors telling the same basic story. Diggory Press does NOT have a good reputation in self-publishing forums.

      It is the tactic of the guilty to make the crime the victim’s fault. Defense attorneys used to use that tactic to defend rapists. It’s not the rapist’s fault he raped you. You were asking for it. Even if Stephen Manning were a liar and a cheat, it does not make it right for you, Miriam, to commit fraud and theft against him or against any of the other authors who are a part of the suit.

      I could careless about “my reputation.” That was a silly convention I got over a long time ago. Anyone who serves Jesus will be numbered with the thieves and harlots, even as He was. Jesus was perfect and without sin, yet the religious devils crucified him in the name of righteousness. If you serve the god of reputation, you need to repent of your idolatry.

      • skeptic permalink
        June 5, 2009 2:50 pm

        Just by their aliases seems both “Frustrated” & “WantingTheTruth” part of Miriam’s posse?

        I happened to peruse the “Sleuthfortruth” site; I needed a good laugh! And I wondered why Miriam had not been posting the past 4-5 days @ her EPTW site. Seems she was busy redirecting her delusions to that site, which ironically enough, was recently shut down by WordPress for violating terms of service. Of course, such propaganda only was going to be read by what, a dozen or so of her most ardent toadies/sycophants?

        Here is another proverbial Freudian slip:

        …We have all been duped at one time or another in life, that is how we learn and there is no shame in that, but to remain silent shouts out that you were NOT duped, but have wantonly joined forces with this vile (anagram for evil) man…

        Pot, meet kettle…again! My, my, my, what a funny (as in crazy) world of words being bantered about in message forums addressing the issue of false prophets & their boorish behavior…

        I think the old maxim is true: a lie, repeated often enough, will end up as truth, especially to those willing to believe the one spewing it forth. Here is AriseMyLove’s most recent example of such broken record fawning:

        Bless you and pray for me and Miriam. Remember, it takes a true prophet to tear down the false prophets, and that is what this website is all about. Miriam was told before Lakeland that it was a farce, amongst a myriad of other things prophetically. [comment June 5, 2009]

        Where do these people get their truth from? The side of a cereal box? So much effort being exerted to convince gullible/naïve types that their dear soothsayer has got something special? Like, maybe, more purple marshmallow wizard hats per serving? Maybe it is a requirement to be an insider or to move up in special anointment ranking over at the EPTW site. Sheesh…

      • rahabsplace permalink*
        June 5, 2009 8:21 pm

        Frustrated, Chris, Irene and Richard were all posting from the same IP address. I thought it was a pretty pathetic comment, but I let it through because it made my point here for me. Guilty people attack the messenger rather than provide proof of innocence.

        We are not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed here, folks.

      • June 6, 2009 5:25 am

        Just a very quick one folks.. I am very happy to confirm that the deviously-contrived ‘sleuthfortruth’ website has indeed been shut down by WordPress due to violations of the terms of service.

        I wish to publicly thank them for their discernment and swift action.

        Meanwhile, I received something in the region of 70+ messages into my personal email these past three days – many of them threatening – and all of those, plus screenshots of the contents of the sleuthfortruth blog will be brought to court – showing once again, Mrs Franklins incredible capacity for deception, malice, and counter-projection.

        If anyone has questions for me on any of that content, please feel free to email me direct..

        Thanks again for the support folks..


      • June 7, 2009 3:38 pm

        Oh dear. I spoke too soon it seems.

        Just as I was celebrating the prompt actions of WordPress staff in banning Franklin’s latest devious website – news came through to me that the industrious Mrs Franklin has cloned the whole ‘SleuthForTruth’ website and uploaded it to another free hosting service..

        One new and unwelcome development is that I cannot view that cloned version (which has already been banned by WordPress) – because the calculating Mrs Franklin has somehow managed to block access from my IP address.. and wouldn’t you know it – she is now registering taunts on that site asking “why doesn’t Manning respond..?”

        My Court-related email service was also blocked for about 16 hrs – until I contacted the help department there.. But no categoric explanation for that just yet. But the very fact Mrs F even mentioned the hacking issue gives me grave cause for concern.. and suspicion.

        If anyone feels like helping in any way, may I simply ask that screenshots be taken of the SleuthForTruth pages (the more ‘entertaining’ the better) and then forwarded to me at so I can put them in the Court file. Thanks.

        Meanwhile, I have of course forwarded a complaint to the new web hosts, and hope they too will be equally incensed at Mrs Franklin’s nefarious activities – and ban her from there as well.

        I’m taking the password off the Rogues Gallery too – because there is little point in overt discretion when dealing with someone of this calibre..

        See for multiple proofs illustrating the pristine virtue of this ‘ethical publisher’ and self-proclaimed ‘prophet-of-God’..

        Anyone with questions may email me direct at


      • skeptic permalink
        June 9, 2009 9:15 am

        More statements from the sleuthfortruth site erected as an ostentatious idol to self-promotion, sniveling justification, make-believe martyrdom, smoke screen deflections, smoke-and-mirrors prestidigitation, constant side-stepping & snake oil peddling intended to appease the gullible…

        Pot, meet kettle…

        You also accuse me of being out of order on your blog – I have the post here which shows I was not nasty etc as you claimed. You banned me – and you know it – for the simple reason I was showing your people up. I was not in sin and had nothing to repent of in this post! See this post here –

        Boy-oh-boy…such braggadocio. Certainly this must one of the fruits of her spirit as she understands it? She employs the same tactics at the ETPW site & then complains about it here? What gall. Talking out of both sides of mouth with forked tongue once foot is extricated? Yup, another good example of fine Christian behavior/ethics…

        Are these the actions of someone who loves money? Who is intending to be a fraud? Why would I not do a Todd Bentley and do some false prophecy and simony leading people to donate hefty sums so they can be blessed. Think about it. If I were such a crook I would be on the side of Lakeland, the popular side. Yet instead I teach people to think, to come out of spiritual abuse, and discern and test everybody, including me. Go figure Rahab what I am then! Use the brain God gave you.

        Amen Miriam. God’s discernment along with just a dash of plain ol’ common sense all that is needed to see the real wizard behind the curtain (oh yeah, replete with purple pointy hat)…

        Also unlike your prophetic friends, my words consistently come to pass, and so God is my witness I am not the fraud your friends are.

        Oh my, more self-promotion along with song-and-dance self-affirmation. Also notice the insipid tactic of blanket guilt by association. Tsk, tsk, tsk. How obtuse…

        Many of the things ETPW has prophesied since she began blogging have already quickly come to pass and been proven to be true. She’s given clear and specific prophecies since 2007, some in great detail. There’s a lengthening list of her fulfilled prophecies including fulfilled prophecies on the economic crisis and current political crisis. Not one word of hers that I’m aware of has fallen to the ground.Her prophecies also (crucially) agree with and testify with scripture. That’s a track record and it indicates the woman speaks for God.

        Eeeeyooo. It is getting thick in here. Such brash allegations…

        Mighty gutsy of her don’t you think? But that is a telltale sign of self-proclaimed soothsayers. They posture themselves as being God’s mouthpiece spewing forth stuff that has not even entered His mind yet they claim infallibility+100% accuracy. Yikes!

        And this her own dire prognostication? Or an accurate example of the condition of her vindictive heart? Certainly not very Christian is it?

        …Until the day, perhaps, that someone even more foul does it to them…

        She alone exempt from God’s admonitions or what He alone claims to be His sole right?

        Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody.

        Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.

        Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

        I am sure God not at all impressed with such self-aggrandizement. Don’t know why others would be so enamored by it…

      • rahabsplace permalink*
        June 9, 2009 10:49 am

        One of the reasons that I posted about this lawsuit in the first place is because I wanted Miriam to know how it feels to be treated like she treats others. Obviously, she doesn’t like it. She has started a myriad of sites over ONE post. ONE. I have made a comment on another board, and I think the board owner has since eliminated the entire thread. Other than that, I’ve not been involved in this debate and I have no dog in this fight.

        She is furious that she can’t control and spin the comments over here. And I seriously doubt the comments she has on sleuth for truth are legit. Why? Well, I’m a blogger and I do SEO. She had comments up on her site before Google had time to list her board, so those comments weren’t from people who “found” her site through a search. Even now, if you do a search for sleuth for truth, her site isn’t on page 1 Google. So just how are all these people finding her board to comment on it?

        Update: I just tried to access her site and yet another blog site has suspended her site for violations of TOS. LOL! But I have faith in Miriam’s viciousness. I know she had another site up with the same information up on it already. Let’s see if she can stay ahead of the account suspensions.

      • skeptic permalink
        June 9, 2009 10:58 am

        I would like to request once again prayer for Miriam Franklim!

        [content removed by editor – sorry, I don’t allow Miriam to post here and I don’t allow curses on those opposing the prophetess posed as prayers]

        Sheesh. Someone call the whambulance! Poor prophetess Miriam being persecuted for the truth??? What a martyr. And only Miriam capable of dishing out accusations & threats with impunity? Guess God is not coming through for the self-proclaimed seer because of such unchristian behaviors…?

        On another peculiar note: Why is it only women seem to be part of Miriam’s posse? Either they are entities of dissociative identity disorder or unruly women Paul warned Timothy about:

        “…they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying things they ought not to.”

        Oy vey! Things sounding very dire over there @ the ETPW site. Could be all the bile being spewed forth from there causing quite a bad case of heart burn to be sure…

  92. June 6, 2009 8:55 am

    Sorry folks – forgot to insert my email address above:


    Just for the record folks – the contrived ‘SleuthForTruth’ website had seven supposedly ‘independant’ contributors (including ‘Frustrated’ above’) – some of whom outrightly denied being Rosalind Miriam Franklin – but curiously, each had intimate knowledge of the court cases and Diggory Press ‘business activities’. As usual however, none of them would qualify their identity when asked.

    Rahab, IanVincent and Joseph also came in for quite a bit of flak from that site.. but thank goodness, the staff at WordPress have taken the right action.

    Those of you who viewed the contents there should be getting a clearer image of the type of character who will do anything she can – no matter how devious, false or malicious – to undermine anyone who threatens to expose her, or her various deceptive activities. Unfortunately, Mrs F seems to know how to manipulate the internet pretty well..

    That whole blog was a calculated and premeditated attempt to destroy my good name in particular, and wreck my modest little publishing enterprise. Interesting is it not, that the central issue in Mrs Franklin’s counterclaim against myself and others is that we ‘fraudulently conspired to destroy her good name and wreck her business’… So more projection it seems.

    Under various guises, she even accused me of ‘consorting with demons’, and of being a ‘vile man’ who is ‘utterly evil’ – of more-or-less being Satan incarnate. I would suggest this too is more projection on Mrs Franklin’s part of course. And did anyone see the list of eight different IP addresses I have supposedly been posting from..? This was supposed to ‘prove’ that it was me, and not her who was using multiple false identities. Incredible isn’t she?

    Interesting too that at the onset of our Court cases, Mrs F was operating another WordPress site under the heading ‘Self Publishing News’ where she basically tried to mislead unsuspecting authors by making false comparisons between Diggory Press and her main competitors; Lulu, Winepress, etc etc.. Somehow, she’s managed to block archive access to these sites now. Oh well, we’ll just have to apply for a court order to get that information I suppose..*/*/

    I think ‘skeptic’ above seems to have the most objective grasp of who and what Mrs Franklin really is – and he/she articulates the situation with some much-needed humour. Thanks for that ‘skeptic’.

    There is some satisfaction in knowing Mrs Franklin must have spent the best part of a week compiling all that dross and misdirection… only to see it disappear into cyberspace. For once, the dark side has not prevailed..

    Again, just for the record; Mrs Franklin’s ‘SleuthForTruth’ website was pulled for being ‘defamatory and libellous’ because it was deliberately deceptive and injurious. The Rogues Gallery on the other hand (as well as this blog) carries provable facts and truths about Mrs Franklin’s own deceptive activities. So any damage to her reputation comes simply and directly from her own underhanded activities. Ultimately, she has no-one to blame but herself.

    Meanwhile, I have added a password to the Rogue’s Gallery webpage for the time being, whilst I research the legalities of keeping that information online whilst the court case is ongoing. Please email me at if you need access.

  93. June 9, 2009 11:37 am

    Thanks for the supportive input Skeptic and Rahab.. I’ve been doing my darnedest not to be sucked into the provocations from Mrs Franklin.. and have simply and systematically informed each of the blog hosters who ‘Miriam’ really is – and what she is up to on her ‘SleuthForTruth’ identical blogs. (3 so far).

    Two of the blog hosts have now pulled those malicious sites – and once again, I would like to thank Bravenet and WordPress for their swift and considered action.. Now we’ll see if the third blog comes down before Mrs Franklin gets up a fiendish head of steam there as well.. or launches another diabolical enterprise..

    If anyone does wander onto those caustic blogs – please allow for the fact that Rosalind Miriam Franklin literally knows NO bounds of conscience or morality in her quest to destroy others’ characters, and veil her own inhumane activities.

    In particular, Mrs Franklin has peppered her site with numerous taunting requests that I respond to this-or-that accusation.. and then she refuses to allow my posts.. And wait for it..! She then repeats the taunts, giving the impression I have not tried to respond.. Well – just to show the truth of the matter, I just took screenshots of my responses before she could delete them – and that too is now on show at the Rogues gallery..

    With all the furtive identities she is using – and with all the lies and deceptions piling up.. and with all the people she is offending and attacking.. I simply have no understanding at all how she claims to be speaking on God’s behalf..

    I think Skeptic has called it right..

  94. skeptic permalink
    June 9, 2009 12:29 pm

    Stephen & rahab:

    I also don’t have a dog in this fight. And simply being a commenter without any blog to support/defend allows me to state my opinions without any need to be sensitive to subtle nuances behind the scenes. But I must admit the degree of self-importance & vindictiveness demonstrated by Miriam/Rosalind Franklin clearly reveals the least bit of Christian charity. She vehemently responds with venomous retorts that no real prophet of God would ever consider. She is so deluded in her role playing she cannot deal with any perceived disagreement or less than haughty opinions of herself others may voice. Such hypocrisy, defensiveness, vindictiveness, arrogance, insensitivity, bluster, self-preservation, etc. simply symptoms of an individual seeking constant attention/affirmation in an unhealthy fashion.

    She continues to publically post at the ETPW site & her sleuthfortruth propaganda mills believing she is immune from public scrutiny? Everyone expected to play by her rules? If she can’t stand the heat, then she should get out of the kitchen post haste! The fact that she is out to prove she alone is right while the rest of the world in error is all that is necessary for me to parody such a stance. The level of self-righteousness so blatant just messing with the title-holder actually a distracting past time. Any real Christian would respond differently, & any prophet worth its mantle would simply be non-confrontational due to God’s assignment/expectations. Since it seems each negative comment from this & other sites only makes Miriam more livid, the temptation to crank up the response-O-meter mighty hard to resist!

    If indeed God is on her side & this is the best He can come up with as His infallible seer/spokesperson, I would think He must have purposed all this brouhaha as a means to purify His vessel in the crucible of transmogrification. From my perspective then, it seems He needs to crank up the heat more. Apparently she is nowhere near done…

  95. Sandy permalink
    June 9, 2009 8:12 pm

    Hey Rahab,

    Well I have been gone for awhile as I had some family members to take care of due to surgery, but it seems I sure have missed some things. I had to shut blog down due to not having time for it during the past several months, and when I went to see how things were going I first came here. All family members are back on their feet again, Praise our Father.

    I have read all the postings but the one that truly gets me is CKingHisGlory dated May 29. Stating that since listening to Todd Bentley a lieing spirit has overcame him/her. Give me a break and Laugh out Loud, really loud….

    We are all tempted at one time or another in our lives to lie. It does not come from Todd Bentley it comes from the devil. It is pure and simple “temptation.” CKingHisGlory, if you have lied it is not because of who you listen or do not listen to, it is because you fell to temptation. Plain and simple. Stand up and take the blame for your own sins, and do not blame others.

    I am not saying I am in or out of Todd Bentley’s corner, but my lands if I go out here a rob a store, and get caught, I guess I can always tell the policeman it was “Todd Bentley’s fault:>) That because I listened to him “I was overcome by a robbing spirit:>) Yeap, that will fly.

    This is what is getting me. Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, nor anyone else has nothing to do with this lawsuit regarding Miriam Franklin. They are being used to rectify what Miriam Franklin has done to others. There is no connection between the two. You cannot tear someone else down, to bring someone else up. Her supporters just kill me to the point of laughter how they see things.

    Another thing regarding CKingHisGlory is he states how much he loves Miriam and how she needs to clean things up. (Bless her little heart, she does in all honesty) But when it comes to Todd Bentley, “God loves him too but he is a liar and does not fool CKingHisGlory nor God.” So does this mean since CKingHisGlory loves Miriam Franklin she does fool him and God, and is not a liar? This only holds true for Todd Bentley? You cannot help but laugh at statements such as this.
    If both of them are “liars and deceivers” you cannot love one without loving the other.

    You know Todd Bentley has been used for a “whipping boy” for every single person who has a “beef.” I am not saying what Todd did was right, correct, or even falls under the heading of being a Christian. But I will say this, if there is no hope for Todd Bentley there is no hope for any of us. If he has repented with a contrite heart do not ever think, you will not see him in heaven. If Miriam Franklin repents and ask from those she has hurt their forgiveness the same holds true for her. To my knowledge Miriam has done nothing even to the liking of such an act.

    Frustrated: let me tell you this, if you are in the saddle with Miriam Franklin it is you who needs to clear your name, not Rahab. She exposed Miriam Franklin is all she did, and all of a sudden this cannot be!!!! But go to Miriam Franklins blogs and you will see over 1700 postings and comments ripping the very souls out of people, and this is “okay.” Those of us with clear minds, are we the only ones who see the logic of this??? Thank our Lord that we do.

    I am sick (sigh, sigh, sigh) of hearing about Todd Bentley. What are people going to do when that man can no longer be their witness for sin, especially their own? Talk about glass houses. I mean I was lead into sin when I was on Miriam Franklins blog, but that was my fault, not theirs. I got angry and sinned.

    Well Rahab and Stephen, my partners in “slaggering” hi to you both. Stephen keep up the good work, and I did not email you the IP address as I did not have them as I deleted them out. But the name was “Defender of Truth,” who wrote “GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.”

    May God help us all.

  96. skeptic permalink
    June 10, 2009 10:18 am

    I appreciated the most recent list of aliases posted on the roguesgallery site. It doesn’t take a prophet to recognize some of the alter-egos I had encountered during my brief posting history on ETPW & the Francis Frangipane forum. I ‘knew’ they were not different people when engaging with them. I recognized at least 10 of them. After reading the list I must humbly retract my over-inflated estimation of her supposed followers/sycophants. I believe I gave Miriam too much benefit-of-the-doubt regarding the range of her influence & amount of traffic she gets…

    It is all a deliberate ruse to puff up the poor dear. I also wondered why there has not been more outcry on the internet, but now have concluded her sites/claims/content relatively unknown in cyberspace. I can imagine most internet surfers would simply say, “Miriam who?” if asked. “Another supposed prophetess?” “She claims what?” “Sounds like just another internet nutbar…”


    I don’t think very many people care about the entire affair let alone are aware of it. Other than those involved in the publishing legal entanglements, the prophetic-rhetoric/religious clap-trap more annoyance than substance. Could be the entire effort a grand diversion to keep any interested parties distracted? But in spite of all the prestidigitation & smoke-and-mirrors the scope of her efforts are quite astonishing…

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      June 10, 2009 1:14 pm

      I have spoken to some of the people whom Miriam has denounced on her site (I’m not saying who because I don’t have their permission to talk about our conversations.) They knew about her legal problems and the multiple aliases and all the junk we are talking about here months and months ago, but they never said a word about it. They did not choose to attack her the way she has attacked them. They have simply lifted the situation up before the Lord and asked for His justice and mercy. They have never defended themselves against the accusations she has brought against them.

      So who has acted more Christlike?


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