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More Back From the Dead

June 8, 2009

This is a clip from the Leadership Advance held out at Bethel Church in Redding, California in May 2009. It seems that Muslims in Indonesia have been beheading and dismembering Christians. That, however, is no deterrent to God when He decides to put someone back together again. Literally. Listen and enjoy, and let your faith be challenged to reach out for more. There’s always more with Jesus!

God is doing amazing things in Indonesia once again. The recent The Call held there drew 90,000 people. If you are from my generation, you remember Mel Tari related amazing stories from the Indonesian Revival of the 1960’s in his book, A Mighty Rushing Wind.

Who is Dr. Leslie Keegel, named as the source for these stories?

Leslie & Belen Keegel

National Leaders

Leslie was born to Christian parents and came to know Jesus at age 12. On two successive nights Leslie saw the crucified Jesus who spoke to him. Jesus told him that He died to save and heal him and that if he dedicated his life, Jesus would use him to bring many to Himself, at home and abroad. Leslie began to minister at once in the church any way he could. At 16, he became the youth leader at a church in Colombo. He later attended the Foursquare Bible College in the Philippines, where he graduated in 1981 and where he met his wife, Belen, They were married in June 1981.

In 1983, missionaries Richard and Betty Kaiser left Sri Lanka to return home. Leslie was appointed the national leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka and initiated a unique discipleship program that increased the number of churches from three to more than 1,000 meeting places and churches. Leslie and Belen have three daughters: Blessie, Julie and Rosie.

From The Foursquare Official website

The goodness of God never ceases to amaze me, especially when He just decides to do stuff to prove to those who don’t know Him that he is good.

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  1. mike permalink
    June 13, 2009 3:24 pm

    yes stories is all they are. if these “stories” were real wouldn’t the media be reporting this, oh wait that happened remember the lakeland “revival” the truth came out, zero healings verified.

    • rahabsplace permalink*
      June 18, 2009 11:28 pm

      Zero healings from Lakeland. Now isn’t that interesting? I can verify 3 personally. One is the wife of the pastor of Glorybound Ministries in Albuquerque, NM. Her name is Claudia. You can can contact them if you like.

      One is the grandmother of one of the girls in my church. She prayed for granny who was deaf enough that she could not hear her great grandson on the phone. The girl prayed for Granny on the phone (she was able to yell loud enough for Granny to hear her) and Granny can now hear and have conversations with the great grandson. I have known Granny for nearly 10 years. Granny can hear and went and told her Baptist church all about it.

      The third one is someone whom I contacted personally from the Lakeland meetings who was healed of insulin dependent diabetes. She is still healed, but she refuses to allow me to publicly release her name because, in her words, she is not willing to cast her pearls before swine. She said even though she can prove she is medically healed, those who don’t want to believe won’t and she doesn’t have time to argue with them.

      Then of course there was Valerie, the gal that was all over the news for having a heart attack, being dead (as in no pulse) when they found her, being without oxygen for an unknown period of time, having no brainwave activity for 17 hours and sitting up fully well when they were pulling her off life support to harvest her organs. That one was all over the news and if you search, I have it on this site.

      But, no, God doesn’t miraculously intervene anymore. He stopped doing that. He stopped confirming his Word with signs and wonders. In other words, He CHANGED. Hmmm. Seems that would contradict the scripture, now wouldn’t it?

      As Jesus said, God hardened hearts so that seeing, they would not see; hearing, they would not hear lest they turn with their hearts and be healed. The message of the Kingdom is for those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to turn. You could truly see someone raised from the dead and you would not believe. Jesus said the same about the pharisees in his day as well.

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